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Past events[]

Date Events Source
~2080 Heinrich Hammond is born on Earth. [1]
2122 Sheffield's asteroid impacts Saint Louis, Missouri. Heinrich Hammond survives exposure to a powerful unknown element inside it. [2]
2127 Heinrich Hammond founds Hammond Engineering. [2]
2131 Heinrich Hammond founds Hammond Robotics. [3]
2187 Hammond Engineering unveils the world's first interstellar jump drive, allowing for the colonization of other planets in the Core Systems. [2]
2192 For 100 years, Hammond Engineering sneakily coordinates business mergers and acquisitions of most other major corporations in the Core Systems. This results in the creation of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. [2]
2292 The discovery of the Frontier sparks the New Space Race. The IMC sends many colony ships across the distance and the ones that make it found the first settlements in the Frontier. [2]
2300s The Outlands is discovered and colonized. [4]
2356 Kaleb Cross is born somewhere in the Outlands. [5]
2400 Kaleb Cross is killed by Bob Woods in Zaldana City, Gaea. His corpse is subsequently rushed to a Hammond Robotics facility for preservation. [5]
2420 Revenant's brain is uploaded into a simulacrum body for the first time. Hammond higher-ups disregard potential stability issues. [6]
2442 The Corporate Wars begin. The IMC goes to war in the Core Systems against rival corporations and is forced to leave the Frontier to its own devices. [2]
2445 The company AI Logic is founded in Angel City, Angelia. [2]
2525 The Search and Rescue Association of Solace (SARAS) is founded by the Gibraltar family. [4]
2609 Mary Somers is born on Psamathe.
2613 Ashleigh Reid is born somewhere in the Frontier.
2640 Olympus is constructed with funding from billionaire Lillian Peck. [7]
2643 Project Iris was founded. [note 1]
2646 Dr. Mary Somers and Dr. Reid successfully extract Branthium from a black hole. Dr. Reid then disconnects Somers' tether and leaves her to die. Somers manages to escape, but where she only experienced 246 days, 87 years had actually passed. [8]
2655 An energy crisis affects the Outlands. This same year, the Witt family comes to own the Paradise Lounge in Solace City. [9]
  • February 4:
    • Pathfinder is assembled and activated by the scientists of Project Iris.
  • December 25:
    • An attempted theft of Branthium resulted in the Phase Runner accident in Olympus, causing the demise of the scientists working on Project Iris and created a massive rift to appear on the floating city, eventually rendering it unfit for habitation. Pathfinder's earliest memory of Dr. Amélie Paquette occurs here.
    • All at once, large amounts of Branthium are discovered around the Outlands. These deposits are then used to prevent the energy crisis.
2671 The Titan Wars begin. The IMC returns to the Frontier and attempts to reassert control, but faces resistance from the Frontier Militia. [2]
2680 Walter Fitzroy is born on Salvo.
2685 Alexander Nox is born in Hollygrove, Gaea, on February 25. [14]
2687 Jack Cooper is born on Earth.
2692 The Titan Wars end. The IMC overpowers the Militia and leaves only one fleet left. [2]
2695 Anita Williams is born on Gridiron.
2699 Loba Andrade is born somewhere in the Outlands.
2701 Renee Hope Blasey is born on Typhon.
2703 [15][12]
2704 Kairi Imahara is born on Angelia.
2707 The Frontier War begins. With new intel on the IMC, the Militia can rebuild its forces and strike back. [2]
  • Obi Edolasim is born on Boreas, as a meteor collides with the planet's moon.
  • Revenant murders Marcos and Alanza Andrade at Tenmei in Olympus. A shard of glass stuck in his neck causes his Ego Retention System to fail, allowing him to realize he is a simulacrum. Both Loba and Pathfinder witness this event.
2709 Ajay Che and Octavio Silva are born, both on Psamathe.
  • The events of Titanfall's campaign take place. The Militia destroys the Demeter Gateway, leaving the IMC's forces stranded in the Frontier without backup.
  • Kuben Blisk fights his last fight at the Thunderdome.
  • Bloodhound's uncle Artur dies fighting a Goliath. Bloodhound slays the Goliath, but in the process suffers lung damage from inhaling coolant.
  • Natalie Paquette is born on Solace. Her mother dies before her first birthday.
  • The Frontier Corps is founded.
  • The IMC begins to pull funding and personnel from the Outlands to focus on the Frontier.
  • Bloodhound meets Boone and later witnesses his death to the beast they caught.
  • The events of Titanfall 2's campaign take place. The planet Typhon is destroyed when the Militia sabotages the IMC's Fold Weapon. Several Apex Predator members are killed.
  • A communications blackout occurs in the Frontier.
[10][note 2][1][4]
2716 [18]
[21][22][note 3]
  • The IMC leaves Solace, the final planet in the Outlands they had been operating on, and the Thunderdome is closed.
  • Solace Military's transport vessel Crimson went down over Gaea. On board was all of Mirage's three brothers, all of whom were pronounced MIA.
2720 The Blackout reaches the Outlands. [4]
2721 An attack on the Hestia II resulted in the presumed death of Jackson Williams. [23][note 4][24][25]
2722 Salvo rejects the Mercenary Syndicate's offer to join Syndicate Space. [26]
  • The Outlands Civil War ends. Planets that sign the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty become Syndicate Space; those that don't become the Fringe Worlds.
  • As part of the treaty, the Thunderdome Games are to be revived in Kings Canyon. Luc Paquette is hired to build the new games' power grid.
  • In Zaldana City, Gaea, Dr. Franklin Humbert discovers Alexander Nox's experiments and confronts him. Nox kills Humbert and burns the laboratory down, faking his own death in the process. Pathfinder witnesses this.
  • Pathfinder and Victor Maldera get in a fight with several mobsters in Malta, Psamathe. Pathfinder discovers his own memory logs of Dr. Amélie, but the files are damaged before he can learn much.
  • June 10: Seer found an Arenas match and fights his first match.
  • Wraith escapes the Kings Canyon facility she was imprisoned in by switching dimensions with her alternate self. In this dimension, the Apex Games are being constructed on the surface.
  • Jackson Williams, Bangalore's brother, is last known alive in this year.
  • Wattson tests her prototype for The Ring in Kings Canyon. Lightning strikes the generator and burns the surrounding forest down. She is saved by Wraith.
~2729 The Apex Games begin. Luc Paquette dies a month prior, and Wattson's work on The Ring is completed. [32][note 5]
  • While working as a contractor for the Apex Broadcasts Monitoring System, Tae Joon Park uncovers a prediction algorithm for the Apex Games. His foster sister, Mila, was then abducted and he was framed for her supposed murder.
  • Fuse becomes the oldest competitor to qualify for the Bonecage at 51.
  • Valkyrie gets a smuggling job from Kuben Blisk to retrieve her father's Northstar.
2733 Seasons 1-7
2734 Current year.

Current events[]

Date Events Source
Season 1
  • The Apex Games notes an unprecedented 60% increase in new competitors registering.
  • Octane and Wattson try out for the Apex Games.
Season 2
  • Crypto sneaks into Kings Canyon mid-match and detonates an EMP to take down the Repulsor tower, flooding the arena with local wildlife.
  • The Mercenary Syndicate has a "run-in" with a rival organization on Talos.
  • Octane constructs his gauntlet in Kings Canyon.
  • Wraith unearths Singh Labs and recovers several documents about her past life.
  • Crypto continues to damage the Kings Canyon's infrastructure, causing the Syndicate to consider new arenas.
Season 3
  • Crypto sneaks his credentials into the Apex Games' systems, under the name Hyeon Kim.
  • For the first match in World's Edge, Crypto and Mirage are put in a squad together, sparking their rivalry.
  • Pathfinder accidentally enters the beta plane shadow dimension and meets an alternate universe Revenant.
  • Mirage parks his party boat in World's Edge.
Season 4 [3][44][45]
Season 5
  • Jaime and Loba discover that Revenant has joined the Apex Games, and begins infiltrating Kings Canyon facilities to gather information.
  • Loba destroys a warehouse full of Revenant bodies, destroying Skull Town in the process. Syndicate and Hammond officials immediately welcome her into the Apex Games.
  • Loba enlists the help of the other Legends to acquire pieces of an artifact from the beta plane that is ruled by Shadow Revenant. Caustic leaks information about this to the current Revenant.
  • Mila Alexander sneaks messages to Crypto via Kings Canyon's excavated IMC bunkers. She assures him that she's safe and hiding.
  • Upon finding all pieces of the artifact, it turns out to be Ash's head. Now rebuilt, Ash initiates the Games' transfer to Olympus.
Season 6 [47][48]
Season 7
  • After Mirage accidentally puts all of Rampart's stuff on the Arcadia rocket, the two chase after it and arrive early to the new arena in Olympus.
  • Horizon returns to Psamathe and joins the Apex Games to fund her time travel research.
  • Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Octane attend a Chevrex charity event to get a battery for a century-old MRVN. The party is attacked by Creighton Sawtelle.
  • The battery activates a MRVN found in Hammond Labs with a recording of Dr. Amélie.
  • Loba finds Revenant's source code and decides to throw it into a phase runner.
  • Crypto reveals to Wattson his identity to mend their relationship.
  • Horizon finds recordings of her son Newton that confirm her time travel research will be successful.
  • Pathfinder interviews his fellow legends to figure out who his creators were and what he was built for.
  • Salvo, under new leadership, retracts its previous agreements and becomes the seventh planet under Syndicate jurisdiction.
  • Mirage's party ship is parked in Kings Canyon.
Season 8
  • Current year is now 2734.
  • Thanks to Fuse's success in Salvo's Bonecage, he is accepted into the Apex Games. Enraged, his friend Maggie blows his arm off with a grenade.
  • During Fuse's welcoming ceremony, Maggie hacks into Fuse's ship and causes it to fire on the crowd. She then detonates several explosives in the mountains, and the ship crashes north of Artillery.
  • Maggie publicly demands the legends bring her Fuse's other arm. Fuse, Lifeline, and Bloodhound go to confront her. They ended up leaving her hideout in Kings Canyon.
  • Caustic gets approval to rebuild Water Treatment into his own toxin refining laboratory. He makes plans for an experiment that will affect all of Solace City, but is thwarted by Wattson.
  • Maggie hijacks control of the Games and causes Ring Flares throughout matches.
  • After another confrontation between Fuse and Maggie, Maggie committed suicide by falling off a rooftop.
Season 9
  • Events in this season happen around April 2734.
  • Mirage crashes the Mirage Voyage into Kómma, a city on Solace. Ash obtains the area and uses it for the Arenas.[56]
  • Pathfinder's role in solving the Outland Energy Crisis was made known to public, and a dedication ceremony is held on Olympus.
  • The Icarus Fleet docks on Olympus. Huge, apparently indestructible vines come out from the ships in the fleet, spreading a mysterious deadly illness.
Season 10
  • Seer, one of the most famous fighters in Arenas, joined the Apex Games.
  • After months of aggressive mining by the Harvester, World's Edge is overmined, overburdened, and pushed to its limit, resulting in tremors, landslides, and increased amount of lava fissure. Hammond is scrambling to contain the damage they’ve caused. They’re using weather controlling machines to rapidly cool the area to sub-zero temperatures at the Climatizer, and built a Lava Siphon to stabilize the caldera.
  • Horizon forcibly awakens the human identity of Ash.
Season 11
  • Apex Games expanded to Gaea's Storm Point
  • Ash decided to join the Apex games in her search for more of her past, as well as to confirm to herself that she had casted aside her human side.


  1. This assumes that the info from Pathfinder's Quest Chapter 11 about Project Iris being on its fifteenth year of work in 2658 is true. Notably, this conflicts with info from Chapter 4 about it being founded on 2654. Due to the nature of Chapter 11, this timeline will be using the info from there.
  2. Manny Hagopian confirms an error in Fight Night - Typhon's destruction is in 2715, not 2658.
  3. The events of the Gridiron cinematic were said to happen five years before Jackson's fall, which is presumed to be in 2721. See note on the aforementioned event for the 2721 dating.
  4. Bangalore said in 2734 that she's been looking for Jackson for 13 years.
  5. Assumes this was written just before Wattson's 18th birthday.


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