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Torres Silva
Torres Silva
Real Name Torres Silva
Alias Eduardo Silva
Gender Male
Age 90
Relatives Eduardo Silva (son, deceased)
At least four ex-wives
Octavio Silva (grandson)
Homeworld Psamathe
Occupation Syndicate Leader
CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals
Status Deceased
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances The Legacy Antigen
The Perfect Son
Family Business
Kill Code

Torres Silva was a major antagonist in Apex Legends. He was the grandfather of Octane and the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals under the name of his son, Eduardo Silva.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Torres Silva was born in 2645 on Psamathe. He was one of the many rich and powerful individuals who heavily invested into Peck Foundation's projects. When Branthium was discovered and refined, he acquired necessary funds to aggressively grow his business and secure a near monopoly on his products. Records indicate that he is the creator of Stim Stim, and he uses a special strain of the product to maintain his health and youth, which is usually stored in his cane. This allows him to look young despite nearing the age of 100.[1]

At some point, Silva had a son, Eduardo, whom he cherished and made sure to take time to care for despite his packed schedule as a CEO. Sometime later, Eduardo was diagnosed with an unknown terminal illness. Attempting to save his son, Silva founded Silva Pharmaceuticals and concocted a formula that eventually became Stim as the illness's cure. However, Torres took drastic, brutal measures to secure this end, hurting many innocents in the process and causing Eduardo to fear the man his father had become.[2] After Eduardo's death, Silva assumed Eduardo's identity, with the latter publicly becoming the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. Eduardo's death certificate was hidden in a safe in the Silva family estate.[1]

Silva regarded his grandson, Octavio, with coldness, viewing his use of what could have cured his son as a sports stimulant with great scorn,[2] and was often abusive toward him. He additionally remarried often. During his wedding to "Number Four," Octavio performed one of his more famous stunts, much to the annoyance of Silva.[3]

At some point, Silva befriended Ballistic.

Family Business[ | ]

In 2729, Silva was alerted to a break-in at a Silva Pharmaceuticals facility. Looking at the security footage, he was aggravated to find his grandson as one of the perpetrators. He contacted his close friend Cherisse Che, whose daughter, Ajay, acted as Octavio's partner in crime.

Silva and Che tracked the two down to a field hospital run by the Frontier Corps, intending to kill all of its patients as a lesson to the two's errant children. However, this was interrupted by a livestream by Octavio. The two departed, with Silva making sure to brand his grandson as a disappointment as a parting shot.[4]

Family Portrait[ | ]

Silva, seeking to seize control of the Mercenary Syndicate, orchestrated a series of attacks to weaken the Syndicate's image. This began in 2733, when he hired a band of Salvonian terrorists, led by Creighton Sawtelle, to attack a Chevrex benefit dinner in Malta, Psamathe. Prior to the attack, he warned Octavio of the events to come.[5]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

In 2734, Silva redirected the Icarus fleet, a scavenger fleet active around Typhon,[6] to dock at Olympus. The fleet was carrying masses of Medusa vines, whose spores acted as an antigen causing a deadly epidemic that Silva intended to engineer a cure for to artificially inflate his reputation. Prior to the outbreak, Silva enlisted Octavio to remove the logo of Silva Pharmaceuticals from the flagship, the ICS Icarus.

One night, he returned to the Silva estate to find Octavio, who was drinking alone. Silva takes the time to berate his grandson, labeling him a disappointment to the Silva name. Octavio threw a bottle at the door, and Silva struck his son in retaliation. He attempted to leave, but was met by Ajay Che, who had been investigating his true deeds. He quickly departed, however, entering a Trident with Cherisse Che.[7]

After the outbreak ended, the Silva Pharmaceuticals logo was placed back on the Icarus by Ajay and his grandson. After he was confronted about it, Silva brushed it off as a distraction from the many problems plaguing the Outlands, stating its need for new leadership.[8]

Season 11[ | ]

Silva Pharmaceuticals sponsored a podcast titled "Unraveling the Syndicate," hosted by Lisa Stone of Outlands TV. In it, Silva announced his campaign to run for the position of head of the Mercenary Syndicate council.[9]

Judgment[ | ]

Furthering his plot to paint the Mercenary Syndicate as weak, Silva sought to use the Salvonian warlord Mad Maggie to his advantage. Immediately before her execution, Silva convinced the Magistrate to cancel her capital punishment, leading to her being forced to enter the Apex Games.[10]

Season 12 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Durado v3

Torres Silva without his emerald-tinted glasses

During Maggie's first Apex Games match on Olympus, a platform opened, causing her to fall into a chamber where Silva manned a computer console. There, he activated the "Defiance" program, activating the Phase Driver to teleport the floating city right above the skyline of Malta. Maggie was quickly blamed for this, firmly establishing her as a "villain" in his plot.[11]

The Perfect Son[ | ]

During an attempt to find information on his "father," Octavio attempted to break into the safe containing Eduardo's death certificate. He was soon interrupted by Silva, as he had been audibly talking to himself about the Legends' plans. Silva proposed that his son endorse his campaign to join the Syndicate's council. Octavio initially and immediately refused. However, after listing several demands to probe whether or not his father was serious - including a pet flyer and passage to the surface of Tartarus - he agreed, wanting to use this opportunity to gain insider information. Silva happily leaves, calling his son "Octane," much to his's pleased surprise.[12]

Silva soon requested that Octavio infiltrate the Frontier Corps headquarters in an attempt to glean information about the Syndicate. Using a drive given to him by Silva, he successfully obtained the intel. Much to Octavio's surprise, Silva then remotely took control of the computer, transferring a large sum of money to the Corps as a donation from Silva Pharmaceuticals.[13]

Eventually, "Eduardo" was elected as the "One Voice of the Syndicate", replacing the Syndicate council. During his acceptance speech, he announced that the Frontier Corps were to be rebranded into the more militarized Syndicate Corps, a statement which disturbed Octavio. Silva attempted to rationalize the decision, additionally stating that Cherisse Che was to be its new leader. Feeling betrayed, Octavio pressed into the man, bringing up the death certificate and asking who he truly was. He revealed that Eduardo Silva is in fact dead, and the man bearing his name is his's grandfather. Giving an ambitious plan for the future of the Outlands, Silva and a defeated Octavio gave a toast to family.[1] After this, Octavio would act as a spy for Silva, reporting on the growing relationship between Lifeline and Maggie.[14]

Season 13[ | ]

Silva gave an interview inside of the carcass of the Downed Beast after it was defeated on the shores of Storm Point.[15]

Season 15[ | ]

After a disastrous interview on Outlands TV, Seer wished to show that he truly did care for the future of his home. After a protest on Boreas and a discussion with Rampart, he approached Silva, proposing that a new arena for the Apex Games be constructed on Boreas to bring greater economic and cultural stability to the world. Silva agreed, and Seer and Octavio set to work designing the new arena.[16] Hope, a settlement on Cleo, Boreas's crumbling moon, was overtaken for this purpose, much to the ire of the Cleo Recovery Council and its members.[17] Seer attempted numerous times to contact Silva regarding his misdirection, but he ignored each call.[18]

Reflections of the Moon[ | ]

Soon after the acquisition of Hope, Silva directed the Syndicate Corps to conduct mining operations across Cleo's surface.[19] After protests broke out in response, he relocated Seer's parents to a safehouse.[20]

Eventually, Octane set up a meeting between Silva and Seer. During this confrontation, Seer alleged that Silva's lies regarding his plans for Boreas had led to public anger boiling against him, leading to his parents being attacked and disappearing. Silva defended his actions, stating that the Apex Games' arrival on Cleo had garnered it much-needed media attention and resources, and that his stabilization efforts would additionally result in an end to Boreas's seismic events. He then told an unconvinced Seer that a little chaos in his personal life would be a worthy price for saving his homeworld.[19]

After their argument ended, Silva brought Seer to the safehouse to reunite with his parents.[20]

Season 16[ | ]

In 2735, Silva hosted a celebration for the anniversary of the Apex Games, commemorating the occasion by adding a Team Deathmatch event to the Games. During one match won by Lifeline and Maggie, he expressed interest in their camaraderie.[21]

As part of the festivities, Silva hosted a party at his estate. Unbeknownst to him, both Lifeline and Crypto attended in an effort to extract incriminating evidence from his office. Walking down a hallway, he noticed that his office door was open, and moved to investigate, only to be stopped by a quick diversion from Octavio. He reprimanded his grandson and left promptly, not noticing Lifeline clinging from his balcony.[22]

Encore[ | ]

After Nathaniel Phua qualified for the Apex Games, Silva was confronted by Ballistic, who had rampaged through a Mercenary Syndicate facility for a meeting with him. Ballistic placed a gun to Silva's head, telling him to place him in the Games instead of Nathaniel, his son. Seeing the return of a Thunderdome legend as a potential ratings boom, Silva agreed.[23]

Kill Code[ | ]

At some point, Silva began overseeing new research into Revenant and constructing new bodies for the simulacrum.[24][25]

One night, Silva bypassed the security in the Brinkman estate, wishing to speak with Ballistic in his lounge. After dissuading Ballistic's instinctual threat of violence, Silva asked Ballistic how far he would go to protect his son. Recounting his efforts to save Eduardo's life, the two spoke about the troubles of fatherhood. Silva then left, thanking Brinkman for giving him the strength for what is to come.[2]

Silva later ordered Mila Alexander to observe the efforts of Lifeline, Maggie, Loba, Valkyrie, and Crypto as they investigated his plans.[26] He then recovered Revenant's source code from a strike team of Legends at a Hammond Robotics facility in Malta.[27]

Later, the Legends followed the trail of a tracker placed on Octavio, finding the Silvas at one final facility. After a threat from Revenant, Silva returned his source code to the simulacrum. Silva additionally revealed the full extent of Revenant's upgrades to him: he was able to control any other manufactured shell as if it were his own body. Relishing the newfound control over his life, Revenant stabbed Torres, later tearing him apart with the assistance of some additional bodies.[28]

Appearances[ | ]

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Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Torres hid his stim inside the walking stick; or more precisely speaking, the entire walking stick is his stim injector.[29]
  • As of Season 17 Season 17, Lifeline, Octane, and Ballistic are the only characters who know that Torres assumed Eduardo's identity.
  • Silva's life-extending stim has a purplish hue compared to the green color of standard stim.[30]
  • Silva owned a time gauntlet.[30]

References[ | ]