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Torres Silva
Torres Silva
Real Name Torres Silva
Alias Eduardo Silva
Gender Male
Age 99
Relatives Eduardo Silva (son, deceased)
At least four ex-wives
Octavio Silva (grandson)
Home World Psamathe
Occupation CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances The Legacy Antigen
The Perfect Son
Family Business

Torres Silva is a major antagonist in Apex Legends. He is the grandfather of Octane and the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals under the name of his son, Eduardo Silva.


Torres Silva is Octane's grandfather, and one of the many rich and powerful individuals who heavily invested into Peck Foundation's projects. When Branthium was discovered and refined, he acquired necessary funds to aggressively grow his business and secure a near monopoly on his products, allowing him to start Silva Pharmaceuticals and let both Eduardo and Octane live easily. Records indicate that he is the creator of Stim, and he uses a special strain of the product to maintain his health and youth, which is usually stored in his cane. This allows him to look young despite nearing the age of 100. Prior to the events in Season 12, Octane had never met him as his grandfather. After the death of the real Eduardo, Torres assumed his identity and control of Silva Pharmaceuticals.

As Eduardo, Torres orchestrated two major incidents in Syndicate space: the terror attack on a Chevrex benefit dinner in Malta, and the outbreak of the Medusa epidemic on Olympus. Despite basically not caring about his grandson (and even abusing him at times), he still nonetheless warned Octane of the gala attack. However, when confronted by Octane, he instead becomes dismissive toward the Legend as a disappointment, while he is going to achieve greatness. He further revealed to Lifeline, who had discovered he was the one that sent the Icarus fleet, that it was Octane who scrubbed the name of Silva Pharmaceuticals from the Icarus fleet, forcing Lifeline to back down. Nonetheless, Octane and Lifeline eventually painted the company's name back on the hull of the ships. When confronted, Torres stated that it's one of the many conspiracies to distract from the failures of the Syndicate, and suggested that it needs new leadership. Lifeline believed that Torres is trying to take over for himself, to which Octane agreed, as many of his schemes made the Syndicate look bad.

His company then sponsored a podcast hosted by Lisa Stone, purportedly unraveling the truth behind the Syndicate. He also has extensive intelligence network, which allow Syndicate Magistrate to apprehend Mad Maggie.

Shortly before Maggie was set to be executed, Torres intervened, telling the Magistrate to cancel the operation. As a result, Maggie was conscripted to compete in the Apex Games as penance instead. During her first Apex Game on Olympus, Torres utilized the "Defiance" program on a Phase Driver apparatus to transport the entire floating city above a land-based city. However, Maggie does note that it was odd of "Eduardo" to do such dirty work himself, when he should have plenty minions to pull his scheme. When Octane went to his study to search for clues, he was instead confronted by Torres, who directed him to infiltrate the Frontier Corps, allegedly to get info on the Syndicate. After accessing their files, Torres transferred a large amount of money to the Frontier Corps as a "public display of good will".

Eventually, both Lifeline and Octane found out the real Duardo's death certificate within the safe of Torres' study, indicating that the Duardo they know is an imposter. However, Octane also found a video of Torres speaking fondly of his son, presumed to be the real Eduardo, and thus rejects Lifeline's plan to expose Torres. Octane then destroyed the death certificate, removing any evidence that the real Eduardo is dead. Eventually, Torres become the head of the Syndicate council and reformed the Frontier Corps into the Syndicate Corps.


There is no concrete evidence of when Torres replaced the real Eduardo. There are 2 possibility

Evidence that support it is likely to have been extremely early in Octane's life (around 2710):

  • Octane never met Torres as his grandfather prior to Season 12, implying Torres became his father early.
  • From Season 9 Transition "Call Your Next Witness...", where the court transcript is set years in the future, the witness remembered the defendant (Torres) sent the fleet out at 2715, implying both the person on the stand and the person sent the fleet out some 20 years ago are the same.
  • From the video discovered in Torres' study in The Perfect Son:
    • "Eduardo" claims one of his greatest creation is Stim, which was in use for a while, at least back to Titan Wars some 70 years ago.
    • Octane recognized the "Eduardo" within the old video as his father.
    • "Eduardo" claimed to love his son, despite much evidence that showed he doesn't love Octane for most of his life.

Evidence that support the changes occur before the terror attack on a Chevrex benefit dinner in the year 2733 (it cannot be later than that due to same evidences):

  • In the continuation comic for "Family Portrait", Octane stated he and Duardo just do not talk, and they stay out of each other's life; Octane also considered his father "a long way from killing his two hundred of his closest friends"
  • From Season 8 Transition "Tea For Two", which contains Cherisse's letter to Torres, Cherisse brought up the Gala incident and mentioned "Eduardo" "been so quiet lately" - and the last time they met was before Octane's gauntlet incident, implying there is a change in behavior since.
  • Should one intepret the warnings and hitting of Octane as a different way of caring, ie "tough love", it can be thus intepret as "Eduardo" suddenly care about Octane, but these take place starting from the Chevrex benefit dinner incident.

The same letter from "Tea for Two" implies Cherisse knows "Eduardo" is actually Torres, as she was wondering how he keeps up with Octane "at [his] age", implying she knows about his stim uses.