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A town takeover is a section of the map that is modeled after a Legend. Town takeovers come in either Themed or Collection Events. Sometimes, Stories from the Outlands is released with town takeovers.

When a new town takeover is about to be added, red flags can be seen around the location where it will be placed.

List of Town Takeovers[ | ]

Town Takeover Map Features Event
Octane's Gauntlet
(Octane's TT)
Kings Canyon
  • Jump pads
  • High tier item in the ring of fire

Iron Crown Iron Crown
Singh Labs
(Wraith's TT)
Kings Canyon
  • Redeploy phase portal

Voidwalker Voidwalker
The Mirage Voyage
(Mirage's TT)
World's Edge
Kings Canyon

Party Crasher
  • Party time (two high tier loot balls emerge)
  • Disco loot ball (variable rarity; chance for a Vault Key Vault Key)

Holo-Day Bash Holo-Day Bash
Mirage a Trois
(Mirage's TT)
World's Edge
Storm Point
Broken Moon
  • Party time (two high tier loot balls emerge)
  • Disco loot ball (variable rarity; chance for a Vault Key Vault Key)

4th Anniversary 4th Anniversary
Bloodhound's Trials
(Bloodhound's TT)
World's Edge
  • Prowlers (PvE enemies)
  • Locked high tier loot (unlocked by killing the prowlers)

The Old Ways The Old Ways
Crypto's Map Room
(Crypto's TT)
Kings Canyon
  • Map scan (shows the next ring & all players in the game)
  • Screens that display the number of nearby hostile squads

Lost Treasures Lost Treasures
Pathfinder's Fight Night
(Pathfinder's TT)
  • Boxing ring (melee only)
  • High tier loot balls inside the ring

Fight Night Fight Night
Caustic Treatment
(Caustic's TT)
Kings Canyon
  • Toxic floor
  • Locked high tier loot (unlocked by draining the toxins)

Chaos Theory Chaos Theory
Rampart's Big Maude
(Rampart's TT)
World's Edge
  • Vend-it machines (sells fully-kitted modded weapons)
  • Modded weapons (faster reloads, paint rounds)
  • Material canisters (always spawn)

Evolution Evolution
Lifeline's Clinic
(Lifeline's TT)
  • Med-bay with a high tier loot item
  • Care Package console (once per game)
  • Disco loot balls (variable rarity)

Awakening Awakening

The Mirage Voyage[ | ]

Main article: Mirage Voyage

The Mirage Voyage is a very special Town Takeover because it can move from map to map. It was first added on December 12, 2019, as part of the Holo-Day Bash Holo-Day Bash event, originally hovering over Spring's End in World's Edge. It was removed from World's Edge in Season 6 Season 6 and was moved to Kings Canyon in Season 7 Season 7, above Skull Town's sunken remains. It was removed again in the 8.1 Update. Finally, it became one of the Arenas Arenas custom maps as Party Crasher after Mirage crashed it in Kómma.

Eventually, Mirage bought three more of these barge, named them Mirage à Trois, and place them at World's Edge (Spring's End), Storm Point (Fish Farm), and Broken Moon (The Divide) during the 4th Anniversary 4th Anniversary

It is Mirage's party boat, a lavish hovercraft similar to a Supply Ship. When it was intact, several decoys can be found on the boat enjoying the hot tub, dance floor, and grilling pork chops on the grill. It also includes a painting called "Mirage o' Lust", which is also featured in the book Pathfinder's Quest. On one of the higher decks, there is a panel that activates fireworks, loud music, two cargo bots, and three large dancing decoys. All these no longer function on the original Voyage when it crashed, but still works in the Trois versions.

Kings Canyon[ | ]

Main article: Kings Canyon

Octane's Gauntlet[ | ]

Replacing West Settlement in western Kings Canyon, Octane's Gauntlet was added in the 2.1 Update as part of the Iron Crown Iron Crown event.

It is a racecourse filled with Launch Pads and a ring of fire in the middle, inside of which there is a piece of epic or Legendary gear.

Singh Labs[ | ]

Replacing the complex in the Nesting Grounds in Kings Canyon, Singh Labs and Singh Labs Interior were added in the 2.2 Update as part of the Voidwalker Voidwalker event. It is based on the "Voidwalker" short.

An underground laboratory previously used for Project: Wraith during the IMC occupation of Solace. Most of the facility is entirely underground and contains a large Dimensional Rift, one end of which is in the deepest room while the other end is in the sky above the labs. Exiting the portal will make the player skydive as though from a jump tower. A tunnel connecting Singh Labs Interior to the ARES Capacitor was added in Season 5 Season 5, along with an expansion to the exterior camp.

One hard-to-access room contains an audio log from Wraith before the project began:

Senior Science Pilot Renee Blasey, first report. The grant to test our new Phase Shift tech has been approved by IMC's ARES Division. My colleague, Dr. Singh, has his suspicions about them... But honestly, all I care about is whether or not it's true... That our dimension is not the only one. Now we just need some volunteers... Or, I'll have to do this thing myself. There are a lot of roads out there - who knows where they lead? Project Wraith... Active.

In the lead up to Crypto's release, this same room contained a teaser where you can see Crypto hacking until his drone spotted you, after which they'll both leave into a non-accessible room.

Crypto's Map Room[ | ]

Replacing Landing Pad area, south of The Repulsor, Crypto's Map Room was added in the 5.1 Update as part of the Lost Treasures Lost Treasures event.

On the bottom floor of this building is a holographic map of Kings Canyon, and a console that can be activated to show the location of all players (while other teams are show as orange, the champion squad will marked with yellow) and the next ring location on the holographic map. Enemies near the building will see "SATELLITE SCANNED!" on their HUD. Your own HUD map will also briefly be marked with other legends as well as have the next ring location marked for the round.

Caustic Treatment[ | ]

Replacing Water Treatment, Caustic Treatment was added in the 8.1 Update as a part of the Chaos Theory Chaos Theory event.

It is a large laboratory that has buttons that will drain the toxin and open the cages with high-tier loot, but after a while, the toxin will fill back up. Anyone can activate them. You can walk through the toxin to the cages if you wish to. There is also an observation room, that can only be accessed by Caustic or Wattson, where you can listen to a voice message left by Caustic. This is what he says:

Just a few modifications and this plentitude of gas has the potential to expand my field experiments well beyond this trite game. A larger sample size, such as Solace City, would yield more reliable, compelling results. The only snag is Maldera… but let him find me. Now that Ms. Paquette knows the truth, this charade has lost its luster.

On the outside are fan towers that have a slight updraft, and will cause you to float slowly up.

Caustic Treatment served as a Control map during the Warriors Collection EventWarriors Collection Event.

World's Edge[ | ]

Main article: World's Edge

Bloodhound's Trials[ | ]

Located under Sniper's Ridge in World's Edge, Bloodhound's Trials was added in the 4.2 Update as part of The Old Ways The Old Ways event. It is based on the "The Old Ways" short.

It is a cave with several panels that release prowlers that attempt to kill the player. By killing all the prowlers released, the player can access high-tier loot. Around the takeover, there are multiple exhibits placed here, such as a skull of a flyer, their uncle Artur's helmet and shield, and a hologram of a Charge Rifle. While playing as Bloodhound, the player can activate these items, and Bloodhound would narrate about them. Here are all of them:

The Weapon
▶️ Through this weapon, I learned the truth of the old ways and the new. They are two vǫrr that propel us onward. I taka this journey without fear.
The Hunt
▶️ The skull of a flyer - The second creature slatra by my hand. It is traditional to claim the skull of the first, but... That is lost to the winds.
The Guide
▶️ This helm and shield were borne by my uncle, Artur. He now dines in Valhalla as his memory guides our felagi people. I wish I could speak with him today. About Boone. The óséður . The promise that drew me to these games.

Rampart's Big Maude[ | ]

Built besides Lava City, Rampart's Big Maude was added in the 10.1 Update as part of the Evolution Evolution event.

It is Rampart's personal shop and it includes a nearby paintball course. The shop contains Vend-it Machines where players can use Materials Crafting Materials to purchase Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapons (fully kitted weapons of various tiers). The modded weapons have the Splatter Rounds Splatter Rounds hop-up: they shoot paint-loaded rounds and they reload faster.

In addition to these features, the bridge of Big Maude has two mural paintings on the wall of the Legends from preseason to Season 10 drawn by the community artist Sombras. Each legend from Preseason to Season 10 have unique voice lines when pinging at the murals. Also, there's Rampart's phone near the bridge's windows with recordings from Francis, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Blisk, Mirage, Valkyrie, and Seer.

Olympus[ | ]

Main article: Olympus

Pathfinder's Fight Night[ | ]

Constructed between Docks and Turbine, Pathfinder's Fight Night was added in the 7.2 Update as part of the Fight Night Fight Night event. It is based on the "Fight Night" short.

It is a boxing arena with loot rollers inside, filled with high-tier loot. Players who enter the ring cannot use their weapons or abilities; in other words, they can only melee. Special animations are played while inside the ring. Any outside projectiles, abilities, or Holospray Holosprays will not enter the ring.

Lifeline's Clinic[ | ]

Replacing the area behind Gardens, Lifeline's Clinic was added in the 13.1 Update as part of the Awakening Awakening event. It is based on the "Family Business" short. In lore, it is setup by Syndicate Corps, and Lifeline refuses to comment on this.

It is a clinic with a med-bay that will continuously heal any Legend standing inside. It has a limited healing pool, but recharges while not in use. Additionally, a high tier loot item will spawn in the center. Around the med bay are 3 examination rooms, each containing 2 medkits; and 2 zipline shafts that leads to the roof. At the Emergency Platform in the back, there is a Care Package console that can be used to call down a Care Package once per game. At the lower floor, there is a room with Lifeline's music instrument that can be interacted, and two disco loot balls.

Storm Point[ | ]

Main article: Storm Point

Wattson's Pylon[ | ]

Replacing Antenna, Wattson's Pylon was added in the 19.0 Update as part of the Season 19 Storm Point map update. In lore, Wattson received help from affiliates from the neighboring Gaean city of Suotamo to construct the facility after a storm decimated Antenna, the electric power source to Suotamo.

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