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Training is the tutorial for the game Apex Legends. In the Firing Range while playing as Lifeline, players learn the basics on how to play the game from Bloodhound and Pathfinder. All players are required to complete training before they can play any other game mode.

Basic Movement[ | ]

Upon entering, you will start with 75 HP. You will be greeted by Bloodhound, who will then give you your first tasks:

Welcome to Apex Legends. I am Blóðhundr, you can call me Bloodhound. Let us begin the basic movement. Complete the checklist on your HUD.

After that, the player will be prompted to:

  • Walk/Move forward
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Crouch
  • Slide

Once all of those tasks are complete, Bloodhound will then prompt you to follow them to the next location:

Follow me. Sliding down hills increases speed.

Loot[ | ]

Once Bloodhound gets to the bottom of the hill, they will then tell you:

Remember you start with nothing and must seek out supplies on your own.

Ordnances and Healing Items[ | ]

Once you get to the bottom of the hill, you will find two supply bins. You will then be prompted to open the supply bin on the right, which containins a Thermite Grenade Thermite Grenade, a Frag Grenade Frag Grenade, and a Syringe Syringe.

Inside the territory, you can find supply bins that carry weapons and resources you will need to survive. Open one.

You will then be prompted to pick them up.

Strong work. Grab your supplies.

Once you grab all of the supplies, you will then be prompted to:

  • Use your syringe
  • Throw an ordnance
  • Switch ordnances
  • Use the ordnance wheel
Your HUD will show what you have equipped. Follow the checklist to access and cycle through your inventory.

Weapons and Ammo[ | ]

After all of the previous steps are finished, you will then be prompted to open the second supply bin, which contains an R-301 Carbine and 80 Light Rounds Light Rounds.

Inside this supply bin, you will find a weapon and ammo. Arm yourself.

Once you picked up the weapon, you may then start shooting the targets.

The battle calls upon you. Slátra as many targets as you wish.

After a few seconds, your HUD will then prompt you to:

  • Pick up a second weapon
  • Switch weapons
  • Replace one weapon with another
Each shot is important as well as the weapon you hold. Grab a second weapon. The field is full of choices. Remember, you can carry only two weapons. To equip another weapon you must swap out the one you are holding. Choose your new weapon.

Pings[ | ]

Main article: Ping

Once you have finished the previous steps, Bloodhound will then give you new directions:

A powerful key to becoming an Apex Legend is communication with your brethren. You can ping different locations, objects, and enemies depending on where you are looking. Follow the checklist to cycle through your pings.

Your HUD will then prompt you to:

  • Ping a location
  • Ping an enemy
  • Ping a weapon
  • Ping ammo
  • Use the ping wheel

Once finished, Bloodhound will give you one more message:

The Allfather blesses you. Pathfinder will continue your training. I will see you again my félagi fighter - we may even shed bloð together.

Once the message is finished, Bloodhound will disappear and your HUD will then prompt you to:

  • Talk to Pathfinder
  • (Optional) Holster your weapons to run faster

Teamwork and Abilities[ | ]

Upon meeting Pathfinder, he will then greet you and introduce your "teammate", a DUMMIE.

Hi, Friend. I'm Pathfinder. I'm excited to fight you in the Ring, but first, let me give you some helpful tips. Working in a squad is very important, and very fun. Here is your squadmate: a Digital Utility Mock Man Intelligent Example, or DUMMIE for short.

Reviving teammates[ | ]

The DUMMIE will then pretend to be knocked down. When the DUMMIE gets knocked down, you will then be prompted to revive the DUMMIE.

During a match, you and your teammates can get knocked down. But don't worry, with skill, everyone can have the chance to get revived. Just approach your DUMMIE and hold the prompt button on your HUD to revive them.

After the DUMMIE is revived, Pathfinder will say:

Great! Welcome back, Dummie!

Tactical ability[ | ]

You will then be prompted to use your tactical ability, D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. Heal Drone, to heal the DUMMIE.

Now here's a good thing to know. Each one of us has a unique tactical ability. You are Lifeline and you have a health drone that distributes health to anyone next to it. Give it a try and heal your friend. Just hit the tactical button on your HUD.

If the drone is out of range (too far away) from the DUMMIE, Pathfinder will tell you to try again. The 45-second cooldown will reset if the drone is too far from the DUMMIE.

Looks like you're a little far away. Try again a bit closer to your friend.

Respawning teammates[ | ]

Once the DUMMIE is fully healed, Pathfinder will then remind you:

Great job. Helping out your Squad is the best, but sometimes they die.

The DUMMIE will die and a Death Box will appear with a banner card. You will grab the banner card and take it to a Respawn Beacon Respawn Beacon.

Don't worry too much. You still have a chance to bring your friend back. Approach Dummie's stash and grab their banner.

Once the banner is retrieved, Pathfinder will say:

Great. You can use that banner to bring back your friend through any active Respawn Beacon.

A Respawn Beacon Respawn Beacon will appear near you, which you will use to bring back DUMMIE. It takes 7 seconds to use.

Approach the Respawn Beacon and, when prompted, hold for activation.

While using the beacon, Pathfinder will warn you:

Be careful, it takes some time to contact the dropship, you could get shot. That wouldn't be good.

A dropship will then appear in the air, which contains the DUMMIE.

You did it. Here they come.

15 seconds later, the DUMMIE will then exit the dropship with full health.

Welcome back, Dummie.

Ultimate ability[ | ]

You will then be prompted to use your ultimate ability, your Care Package Care Package.

Here's another thing. Like our tactical abilities, each of us has an ultimate ability that you can use when it's ready. As Lifeline, your ultimate calls in a Lifeline package that delivers Loot from large health kits to high-tier body armor. Looks like Dummie needs some stuff - call in your Lifeline package to help them out.

Once you call in the package, it will create a blue area of effect marker, signifying the location of where it will drop. 15 seconds later, the package will land.

Here it comes.

After it lands, the Care Package can be opened.

Approach it and open it up. Grab what you need or ping items for your friends.

End Training[ | ]

Once everything is finished, Pathfinder will say goodbye and automatically disappear.

That's all from me. Great work! Remember, each one of us has different tactical and ultimate abilities, so give us all a try. I get to use ziplines to reach high places and move quickly. See you in the Ring! Bye/Woo-hoo!

20 seconds later, training will end and you will go back to the lobby. You are now ready to play Apex Legends. Have fun out there, friends!

Trivia[ | ]

  • Until the 3.1 Update, Training was the only way players could practice, and they couldn't practice with teammates. The addition of the Firing Range made it so that players could practice shooting, etc. without having to go through the whole training process and allowing teammates to play with them.