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Transitions are a type of unlockable cosmetic item introduced in Season 2 Season 2. Unlocked transitions can be selected individually, set to Random to select a random image each match, or set it to Default to use an image appropriate to the map.

Default Transitions[ | ]

These transitions are used by default. Some of them can also be obtained for permanent use.

Battle Royale[ | ]

Arenas[ | ]

Other[ | ]

Seasonal Transitions[ | ]

Battle Charge

These take place after "A Father's Letter" and the Battle Charge Launch Trailer.

Image Description Earned
Transition Kings Canyon
Season 2 Battle Pass Kings Canyon - Classic
Once a simple settlement on the planet Solace dating back to the earliest expeditions to the Frontier, the island known as Kings Canyon didn't thrive until a century later, when the now-defunct IMC built several outposts centered around scientific research and development. In fact, it's rumored that the IMC conducted experiments using phase shift technology here, although explorers have yet to find any evidence that proves this. To blow off steam, IMC soldiers stationed here would compete in gladiator-esque combat in an area they nicknamed 'Thunderdome'. Years later, when the Syndicate commissioned the rebuilding of the island of Kings Canyon as the home of their newest bloodsport, they insisted Thunderdome remain untouched - a tribute to the earliest known predecessor of what we know today as 'The Apex Games'
Transition Kings Canyon MU1
Season 2 Battle Pass Kings Canyon - Battle Charge
Native to the Frontier, Leviathans roam the majority of planets that contain rich vegetation. Although classified as omnivores by the IMC’s Animal & Wildlife Research Division, these 400 meter tall creatures mainly consume fruits and vegetables as their primary diet. The majestic Leviathan may seem intimidating due to its gigantic size, but they are hardly aggressive; considered only dangerous when in close proximity to highly populated areas due to overwhelming power of their movements. To protect research facilities, cities and colonies near Leviathan territories, the IMC developed Repulsor Towers (Dog-whistle towers) to emit high-frequency sounds that only Leviathans could hear, which kept the creatures at a safe distance. However if a tower were to fall, please evacuate quickly - your life may depend on it.
Transition Tip of the Spear
Season 2 Battle Pass Tip of the Spear - Gibraltar
Being an Apex Legend takes courage, strength, and confidence...or as some call it, ‘Just being Gibraltar’ heh heh… We all put passion in our matches and fight like each day depends on it; my work with S.A.R.A.S. taught me that. You need to love what you do, care about what you do, and believe in your ability to do what you do; my parents taught me that. Finally, brothas, trust in those around you, protect those around you, and never forget that no matter how big you are, the world is always bigger; the Apex Games taught me that. Let’s go change a life!
Battle Pass Level 04
Transition Ravenous
Season 2 Battle Pass Ravenous - Bloodhound
It is a gift to be an Apex Legend, but the true test is in the eyes of the Allfather. Each day brings me closer to honoring my felagi fighters who put have their lives ahead of my own. For them, I am prepared to face every challenge no matter what form the beast of the night chooses to take. As the prey stalks, the hunter hunts. Trust in nature, trust in yourself - that is the path to victory.
Battle Pass Level 14
Transition Me, Myself, and I
Season 2 Battle Pass Me, Myself, and I - Mirage
Why did I become a Legend? One reason: women. I kid. Real reason? Beautiful women. Sorry. They say I use humor as a defense mechanism, but hello... self-deprecation is my defense mechanism. Humor’s my crutch. Or maybe my fallback? I don’t know, one of those. I guess at the end of the day, the Games give people a reason to cheer. Aren’t a whole lot of those left in the Outlands these days. Cool to be part of that. All I have to do is die young. So…yeah…anyhoo, I’m just pulling your leg, it’s totally for the babes.
Battle Pass Level 24
Transition Blackheart's Rage
Season 2 Battle Pass Blackheart's Rage - Caustic
Yes, I’ve heard about criminals posing as Legends, and they’re as derivative as they are pathetic. Take this prison break. I admit there are similarities to my modus operandi, but the cloud formations… that’s where they went wrong. My gas wafts through the air as if dancing with death. Not like the spray of some hick fireman’s two decade old extinguisher, as shown here. Anybody with a tenth of my brain power can see this for what it is: amateurs playing dress-up in a desperate attempt to gain notoriety. But considering your banal, lackluster brand which you dare call ‘journalism’? A tenth of my intellect is giving you far too much credit. Do you have any more questions that might illuminate your ignorance? Very well. Enjoy your day.
Battle Pass Level 34
Transition Liberation
Season 2 Battle Pass Liberation - Wraith
I’ve seen a world where I’m not a Legend… and I’ve seen a world where I am. We all make choices in our lives, every second, every day, and those choices...they define us, but they don’t control us. We are our future, not our past. No matter what choice you make, the world you’re in is the world you chose… Accept it. One day you’re a Legend, the next you’re something else. So be it, nothing will control me.
Battle Pass Level 44
Transition Inventive Spirit
Season 2 Battle Pass Inventive Spirit - Wattson
After the funeral, I stood in our kitchen, and it was so... quiet. I had dreamt of quiet like that, but now that I had it, I was terrified. And alone. I sat on the floor, and I know how silly this sounds, but I hid under the table. That was where they found me. Anita. Makoa. Ajay. Even Dr. Caustic, and he hates everybody. They’d just as soon stab each other in the back. Or the front. But they put that all aside. To support me. The electrician’s kid. I thought I knew what family was. But my equations were incomplete. My family is here. At the Games. And now it’s my turn to support them. With every last charge in me.
Battle Pass Level 54
Transition Seeking the Creator
Season 2 Battle Pass Seeking the Creator - Pathfinder
I’m Marvin, but my best friends call me Pathfinder. I love being an Apex Legend because that means my banner is on display for everyone in the Outlands to see, especially my creator whoever they are. Competing alongside so many skilled fighters each match is really cool and it makes me very excited to know that I am everyone’s favorite squadmate to fight with; my friend Mirage told me that. He also said that I don’t get sarcasm, which was also nice to hear...I think.
Battle Pass Level 64
Transition A Hero's Fall
Season 2 Battle Pass A Hero's Fall - Bangalore
I call him Jackie, but he’ll slap you sideways if you print that. Stick with Jackson. And he’s not gone. Always equip your Jump Kit first... That Pilot was a stickler for protocol, to the end. Not that it’s the end. I just hope he found some peace. Maybe settled down. He was always great with kids...taught me everything I know. He said sometimes you only have time to chamber a single round. So you have to know how to do it right. The last thing I said to him was he’s worried about nothing. Four and a half seconds later, I’m watching him-- he’s in skyfall. ‘Worried about nothing.’ Do you know how insufferable that boy will be, sitting on ‘I told you so’ for over a decade? I’ll never hear the end of it. Actually, know what? Print ‘Jackie’. It’ll drive him crazy. But this way, he’ll know it’s really me. Sometimes you only have time to chamber a single round. Got to do it right.
Battle Pass Level 74
Transition Paying Forward
Season 2 Battle Pass Paying Forward - Lifeline
They call us Legends… that’s good for them, but I couldn’t care less. I’m not here for the title. After the war, many people were left with nothing. If you ask me, it doesn’t matter what side they were on. We all had our own part in the war. No one is truly innocent, so we all deserve help. Like I said, I don’t care about the title, but don’t let that fool you, I am here to win...for them. The Legends are out there...they just don’t know it yet.
Battle Pass Level 84
Transition Record Breaker
Season 2 Battle Pass Record Breaker - Octane
Where did you get this photo? I’ve never seen this before. Do you know, I remember everything about this moment. Know what I’m thinking here? Not ‘I can’t feel my legs’ or ‘are those my feet dangling by the bone?’. No, I’m thinking how cool it is that thousands of people are cheering for me, and they’re still not as loud as the heartbeat in my ears. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. That was the moment I realized: life isn’t worth living, if you don’t know this feeling. Mind if I keep this, compadre? I love this shot. This was the single greatest day of my life. Mi cumpleaños. The day I was born.
Battle Pass Level 94


These take place after "Forever Family" and the Meltdown Launch Trailer.

Image Description Earned
Transition Humble Witt
Season 3 Battle Pass Humble Witt - Mirage
It’s always: Mirage, what do you put in your hair? Mirage, how many trophies do you have? Mirage, will you marry my whole family? They love you! But this is the first time I’ve been asked about my pork chops. It’s an old Witt Family dela...delacass... um - food recipe; passed down from my great grandfather Gryz Witt. Start with the glaze: 80ml dijon mustard, 100ml honey, 30ml maple syrup, 15g cinnamon, 15g ground cloves. Mix that baby up good. Take the pork chops and salt ‘em, pepper ‘em, add light cayenne, then sear those sweets in hot oil. Next, smother them darlings in the glaze and pop those lovelys in the oven at 190 for 10-12 minutes and you’ve got my mom’s favorite meal. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a family secret....
Battle Pass Level 02
Transition Streets of Suotamo
Season 3 Battle Pass Streets of Suotamo
[Excerpt From The Outlands’ Journal] -
Disgraced computer technician, Tae Joon Park, was believed to be spotted back on the streets of Suotamo on Gaea. Third-party security teams, given full authority by the Syndicate council, have been dispatched. Mystik, Joon’s former caretaker at Ticacek Orphanage, was briefly taken into custody for interrogation, but has since been released and is not considered a person of interest.
Battle Pass Level 07
Transition A New Dawn
Season 3 Battle Pass A New Dawn
Dearest Brigida,
We landed on Talos, and despite the horror stories my brother told about volcanoes, it’s beautiful here. The coolant system helps you forget there’s molten lava outside your front door, and outside my office are these amazing geysers. I can’t wait for you to see them in person. You, or our young one. This is a new beginning for us, Brigida. I promise.
Love, Johann
P.S. The rumors are true. My brother has given up electricity. I know, I know. But it’s only for a few weeks until the house is ready, and I want to respect Artur’s wishes. I love you. And I can’t wait to start our life together...
Battle Pass Level 15
Transition World's Edge – Meltdown
Season 3 Battle Pass World’s Edge – Meltdown
The once uninhabitable world of Talos became a hotbed of IMC activity when a rare mineral compound was discovered beneath its surface. Heat-reducing towers were built to super-cool its natural lava flows, and the town of World’s Edge grew around them.
Decades ago, an explosion in one of the towers covered the surrounding area in a lethal flash freeze. Today, World’s Edge is deserted, its borders inhabited by a small community of hunters who reportedly spurn modern technology
Battle Pass Level 23
Transition Mirage's Worst Day
Season 3 Battle Pass Mirage's Worst Day - Mirage
It was probably the worst day of my entire life… When I found out that they were missing, I feared they’d be gone forever. I called my mom and we cried for hours. We grew up together, took care of each other… it was the first time I truly understood what love was. When I was a little kid, I remember we snuck into one of the last Thunderdome games before they shut down and out of nowhere came torent...torre….it began to rain a lot. My first reaction was to protect those little guys. Sure, it’s just rain, but I didn’t want them to get soaked. I thought I could protect them forever… but I failed. It’s my fault. I let those pieces of hair get seared by that explosion, and now….and now my little babies may never return… I could go bald! I got to go...sorry
Battle Pass Level 31
Transition Send in the Clowns
Season 3 Battle Pass Send in the Clowns - Bangalore
Numbnuts! That’s what Mama used to call guys like that. You know the type. Big jokes, big trucks, big wallets...they need all that big to cover up what’s small. I got four brothers. Real gentlemen, raised with respect. They don’t have to woo-hoo their way through a battlefield like it’s a joke and they’re the punchline. Sorry, Laughtrack. The only punchline is you’re going home in a box.
Maybe Silva isn’t so bad. He’d take a bullet for anyone… mostly ‘cause he’s already fifty paces ahead, charging in with no game plan and even less strategy. Witt’s had my back more than once. And whatever, he’s gotten a chuckle out of me. Occasionally. Maybe they’re good. For morale, I mean. I mean… I just need them to stay out of my way.
Battle Pass Level 39
Transition True Warrior
Season 3 Battle Pass True Warrior - Bloodhound
Hmm, he appears to be a competent ally in this photo. That is a pleasant surprise. He has fought at my side before and I have never met such a miklimunr.
But perhaps I am being unkind. He has survived his share of slatra. His tricks of the eye are a blessing to the hunt. In the heat of battle, he vinna. Hap this is an image of the true warrior hidden within him.
Battle Pass Level 47
Transition Books and Covers
Season 3 Battle Pass Books and Covers - Crypto
Mystik -- I survived my first match, with only two broken ribs. Being as safe as I can, and keeping my distance. Unfortunately, the others are already asking about the Tower. The one Legend you love confronted me on the dropship. I thought he had evidence, but it turns out he’s just an idiot.
There are two others here who are BIG guys. Like your son. Very intimidating. I’m sure one’s a sociopath, but I may have judged the other too soon. His name is Makoa Gibraltar, and he’s here to help Legends survive. I always chalked the Games up to neanderthals trying to prove something. Turns out some of them have a strong code of ethics. Ironically, the only neanderthal I’ve met trying to prove something… is me.
Burn this letter as soon as you receive it. Will write when I can. Family forever. --TJP
Battle Pass Level 71
Transition Rose Colored Legends
Season 3 Battle Pass Rose-Colored Legends - Gibraltar
I hear all their nicknames. Jolly-Gib. Chuckles. Mr. Sunshine. They poke fun at my disposition, but Gibraltar has his bad days too. The secret to life ain’t happiness, brother. It’s knowing the unhappy times won’t last forever.
You know who gets that? Pathfinder. Boy, we’ve had some showdowns in the Games. Ones I thought for sure would end with him in the trash heap. But that scrappy little MRVN always comes back, with an even better attitude. He could be one bullet away from being recycled, and still find the bright side in it. The others all think he’s nuttier than my Uncle Jerret at a peanut farm… but that robot lives better than most humans I’ve met. Reminds me of… well, let’s just say he reminds me of someone else I used to know…
Battle Pass Level 79
Transition Codename Crypto
Season 3 Battle Pass Codename Crypto
Apex Approval Report: Hyeon Kim, codename Crypto
Status: Cleared background check, passed all evals. Fresh angle. Ready for deployment at season initiation
Notes: Honestly, something feels off. He’s spotless – no warrants, no enemies, not even a truancy notice. Who stays that clean their whole life, then joins the Games? Put him in, but you should probably keep an eye on him.
Battle Pass Level 87
Transition Pathfinder the Poet
Season 3 Battle Pass Pathfinder the Poet - Pathfinder
Hi! I’m Marvin and I love everything. I’ve learned a lot from so many talented people, like how to dance, cook, wash dishes, to swing on a trapeze, to fly a ship, to construct buildings, to fight, and almost how to write poetry. Here’s one!
There once was a robot crusader.
Who searched the universe for his creator.
He’s worked every job,
loves corn on the cob,
and has no idea how limericks work.
Battle Pass Level 95


These take place after "Up Close and Personal" and the Assimilation Launch Trailer.

Image Description Earned
Transition Hammond Robotics Draft1
Season 4 Battle Pass Hammond Robotics (Draft1)
(PRESS STATEMENT - DRAFT 1) "From the Core Systems to the Outlands, Hammond Robotics has been at the forefront of innovation since its foundation by Dr. Heinrich Hammond in 2131. Our new Hammond Robotics is committed to leading the Outlands in extraordinary breakthrough solutions in colonial manufacturing, transportation, and security. Today, we are proud to introduce our new advanced development in energy distribution: the Hammond Robotics Planet Harvester." (PR Note 3-B: Don't be afraid to be boastful. We need to proudly remind the public the discovery of the Outlands wouldn't have been possible without HR. It is important to strategically deflect HR's involvement in the war and focus on the positive contributions. We must earn the public's trust. It's the only way to continue our [Transcription Damaged].
Battle Pass Level 08
Transition Dining with Dino
Season 4 Battle Pass Dining with Dino
Tenmei, the Outlands' most anticipated restaurant high above Psamathe, nestled in Olympus' fine dining district, has opened to an absolutely staggering amount of positive reactions - so I went to see what all the fuss was about. The atmosphere was warm and inviting; a cross between modern conceptualism, and au natural decor including a functional spring water reserve that runs throughout the restaurant (doubly surprising, considering Olympus' location). With exotic delicacies like Leviathan Stew to comfort food like Solace's Pio Burger, Tenmei delivers flavors even a tongueless robot would kill for. My friends, my readers... I think we've got ourselves a 5-Dino Bambino! My only warning is that this place caters to the higher-class clientele - even I'm probably going to have to place a few bets at the Thunderdome to afford my next visit. Kuben all the way!
Battle Pass Level 17
Transition Seasonal Special
Season 4 Battle Pass Seasonal Special - Pathfinder
Today I was hired to work as a cook at the restaurant Tenmei on Psamathe (approximately). Exciting! I gave the chef a special Leviathan Stew recipe I learned from some nice soldiers on Solace. She says it is "provincial," which is correct – we were in the desert. I hope she lets me make it soon! Cube 1kg of leviathan meat and coat with a mixture of 30g flour, 5ml salt, 5ml pepper, and a pinch of cayenne. Brown the meat, then set aside. Chop and cook 450g bacon, then set aside. Cook 2 cloves minced garlic and 1 chopped onion in remaining fat, then deglaze pan with 60ml water. Add all ingredients, plus 475ml beef stock and 8ml brown sugar to a pot. Bring to a boil, then simmer for one hour. Add 3 medium cubed potatoes, 150g dried plums (customers don't like it when you call them \"prunes\", even if it is accurate), 5ml thyme, 5ml basil, 8ml rosemary, and 2 bay leaves. Simmer for 30 minutes until potatoes are soft. Garnish with fresh parsley.
Battle Pass Level 36
Transition Exhibit C
Season 4 Battle Pass Exhibit C
[Recovered from an unregistered transmission device possessed by one Marcos Andrade (deceased)]
051657: Mi vida 051657: I know you are going to argue 051657: But you can't argue with a surprise 237951: ... 237951: Marcos 237951: What did you do 051657: You remember that beautiful restaurant? The one on Olympus? There is a table for three waiting for us at 20:00 237951: !!!!! 237951: Thats too expensive 051657: But you know we can afford it 237951: Right NOW 237951: But what about tomorrow 051657: We have plenty to spare after that last job 051657: My girls deserve something special 051657: And my beautiful wife deserves a new dress 237951: ... 237951: <3
Battle Pass Level 42
Transition Just Business
Season 4 Battle Pass Just Business
[Excerpt from the "Word of Olympus" daily newscast] - Two of the victims have been identified as the evasive criminal couple Marcos and Alanza Andrade. Although there are few official records relating to the Andrades, arrest warrants from Gaean police officials and witness accounts obtained by the Word suggest that the Andrades were involved in a variety of robberies and burglaries throughout the Outlands. Their operations escalated in scale over the last decade, and officials claim that yesterday's violence was a result of a business deal gone awry. The assailant fled the scene and remains at large. Olympus officials are currently seeking information about the perpetrator's whereabouts, and have asked citizens to come forward with any information that could lead to their arrest.
Battle Pass Level 48
Transition Mirror Images
Season 4 Battle Pass Mirror Images - Revenant
(1/5) Your first horrific thought is: where's my tongue? Never mind the piece of elevator in your neck, or the fact that you're not in any pain. Why don't you have a tongue? And that's when you see it. A blip at first. Like static in the air. A glitch. And within the glitch... a face. A new face. No. Not new. It's the face that chases you in your nightmares. The face that leaves you twisted in sweat-soaked sheets. Except this isn't a nightmare. It's a mirror. And that's not your nightmare. It's your reflection. This is the moment the program breaks down. When you realize what you are. And the next thought you have sends a bolt of ice down your spine that will stay with you forever: who gives a crap about not having a tongue, when you no longer have a mouth...
Battle Pass Level 57
Transition Lies
Season 4 Battle Pass Lies - Revenant
(2/5) Everything you know is a lie. The toothbrush on your sink. Lie. The coffee on your nightstand. Lie. The bacon in your fridge. Lie. Is anything real? Yes. Lots of things are real. Like that time you drowned because no one heard you banging against the ice. Or when that bomb went off and you learned what it felt like when your eyeballs melted in their sockets. Or the time you refused to beg for your life, even as the knife plunged into your chest, and you heard the sound of your own skin tearing, and the blade scraping against the bone inside you. Hitmen don't die peacefully in their sleep. Hundreds, thousands of these horrific deaths crash into you all at once. Someone must pay. Must suffer. That's when you know your first stop. That's when you go to the Syndicate...
Battle Pass Level 62
Transition The Program
Season 4 Battle Pass The Program - Revenant
(3/5) His name is Lowell, and he's sniveling about his kids. You'd roll your eyes, if you had eyes, because now you understand. They're just bags of blood and tissue. Goop, dressed in suits of skin. They're nothing. Like you were nothing. You dip a finger into the open wound on his leg, and run a finger along a tendon, like a bow on a violin string. He screams that he'll tell you. You lean in, his tears sparkling from the glow of your eye sockets. It was the cleanest kill, he blubbers. Just enter the mark's name in the program. Day later, they're dead. Completely untraceable. The perfect crime. You break his nose on the H on your handplate. And Hammond?! Lowell whimpers that they made the parts. That's all. You decide to teach Lowell a thing or two about parts… starting with delivering Lowell's to his kids personally... before moving on to Hammond Robotics...
Battle Pass Level 73
Transition The Cycle
Season 4 Battle Pass The Cycle - Revenant
(4/5) You break the Hammond technician's spine on a bed of honeysuckle. He told you everything. How you're uploaded into a new shell upon death. Memories wiped. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Except hard drives are never really erased. And everyone knows, when you make a copy of a copy? Quality breaks down. Blood trickles from the tech's mouth. You've been there. Except you don't have blood. What was it then, that tasted like pennies when you took a right hook? You snicker. Of course. Your faceplate. It's copper-plated. Hah. Now that's funny. You ask the tech how long it's been. He points to a bloody file nearby. You scan it. Earliest Revenant upload was in 2420. 288 years ago... Your Dr. Frankensteins have been dead for over two centuries… a luxury you're not allowed. This is hell, and you're eternal. You wake the tech up. You're about to take 288 years of pent-up rage out on him. It's no fun if he isn't conscious...
Battle Pass Level 78
Transition No More Lies
Season 4 Battle Pass No More Lies - Revenant
(5/5) Now there are no more lies. And soon, no more Hammond. You target one Hammond facility after another. And the skin suits are too busy waging war to care. They blame the Militia, write the dead off as casualties of war. It's not really a lie. It's someone's war... just not theirs. When you slit the last employee's throat… now what? Whatever your heart desires, I suppose… except you don't have a heart, and all you desire is what you were programmed to do in the first place. Ain't that a bitch. Question: who gets to die next? Answer: Anybody you want. This is the Outlands, baby. There's no law. No order. And you're the boogeyman. Or, at least, you will be. Soon enough. So when somebody vanishes without a trace? That's you. When a murder goes unsolved? That's you. Your revenge isn't aimed at one person. It's aimed at every person. It's aimed at any person. An endless supply of skin suits, and so much time to kill. What are you waiting for, little simulacrum? Get to work...
Battle Pass Level 96

Fortune's Favor

These take place after "Legacy of a Thief" and the Fortune's Favor Launch Trailer. They are followed by "The Broken Ghost" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Kings Canyon MU2
Season 5 Kings Canyon - Fortune's Favor - Gibraltar
Remember we got caught in the cage? You took all the blame, and when I asked why, you whispered in my ear: 'For you.' And right there in the 'dome, you kissed me. And now the 'dome is gone. Like it was never here. I didn't think it was possible to turn around, and find something you love isn't there anymore. You'd think I'd have learned at least that by now. But I'm thick in the head, as you used to say. And when the time came for me to step up? Do something for you? I chose wrong. And I'll regret that decision until the day I die. The accident's behind you now. I get that. But in case you heard about Kings Canyon, and your life flashed before your eyes like mine? I wanted you to know: You're still here, Nik. At my side. In my heart. In my ear. On the tip of my tongue. And you always will be. Hope to hear back. Understand if I don't. I hope you and Michael are well, and I pray you found peace, Nik. That, above all else, is what matters the most. All my love, Makoa
Transition Mean Girls
Season 5 Mean Girls - Bangalore
(1/3) You want my opinion of the FNG? I'm fresh out of those. Got some facts though. What... you think just ‘cause I've only known her a day, that I don't know this girl? Trust me. I have four brothers. I. KNOW. THIS. GIRL. Slinks in through a crack in the wall, talks their two-faced way in and out of anything. Half of her's always in shadow, no matter how well lit the room is. "Gee, was that light red, Officer? Gosh, the sun was in my eyes..." First she blows Revenant to kingdom come, then barks orders at us. I did what I had to do: I detained the target. Even with my Peacekeeper at her head, she says she can "explain everything". I'm sure she can. Then I got Mirage saying "go easy on her". Men. If they had half a brain, they'd be considered gifted. The dropships arrive. The Syndicate rep with a platoon of Spectres on one side. Hammond's head legal eagle with her entourage on the other. Bat those lashes at someone who actually cares. ‘Cause it ain't those men made of metal, it ain't the mercs whose island you just blew up, and it sure as shinola ain't me. You think I'm going to help you up? It'll be a cold day in Hell before I ever help a common criminal like you...
Battle Pass Level 04
Transition Qualified
Season 5 Qualified - Bangalore
(2/3) I'd debrief the reps on what went down, but Syndicate Boy says it's not necessary, and... helps the perp up?! He calls her "Ms. Andrade", treats her like royalty, he even apologizes. HE APOLOGIZES TO THE LUNATIC WHO JUST BLEW UP HIS ISLAND. Corset's speaking a mix of a few languages, to confuse things. I ask Octane to translate what he could. He says she's a jewel thief. An underground celebrity. As she attempts to sweet-talk him, she smiles and purrs and touches his arm. The woman from Hammond says Corset's lying. Finally. Some much-needed estrogen. She asks her assistant for a file, and reads from it. Turns out Eye Shadow's family was murdered. She wants revenge. This part is true. You can tell from the fury in her eyes. Eyelashes slams the file shut, as Octane translates. She wants to know how Hammond knows this. They speak in whispers, while File Girl keeps looking at me and Octane. Hammond's doing their homework. Wonder why? Hammond addresses us Legends, announces Loba Andrade as the newest Apex Legend. THE HELL SHE IS! I realize I just said that out loud. All eyes are on me now. You only got time to chamber a single round, Anita. Get it right...
Battle Pass Level 09
Transition A Declaration of War
Season 5 A Declaration of War - Bangalore
(3/3) I respect authority, but I'll be damned if this laced-up pair of thigh-highs is rewarded for an act of terrorism. It took our blood, sweat and tears to get here. She commits crimes, bats her baby browns, and now she's in the Games?! I expected this from Syndicate Boy and both of his heads, but woman to woman, I expected more from Hammond. Loba's smirking, and I want to slap it off her face so hard her teeth'll land on Talos. Hammond explains Ms. Andrade has a loyal cult following, and watching her exact revenge is ratings gold. If I have a problem with Loba, I'm free to express that during our matches... as violently as I want. I can feel the rage rushing to my face, as Loba and her grin approach. She says we got off on the wrong foot. May the best woman win. She holds out her well-manicured hand, and if she thinks I'm touching that thing, she's crazier than I thought. I walk away, past Octane, who's been cornered by File Girl. He's saying something about being thirsty, but I don't pay attention until File Girl pulls Loba aside, says her name's Yoko. Her boss knows what Loba's really after. And they can make a deal. That's when I realize the battle may be over, but the war's just begun. This is my house. My rules. And my new mission is clear: send Loba Andrade back under the rock she crawled out from...
Battle Pass Level 17
Transition Sleep with the Fishes
Season 5 Sleep with the Fishes - Revenant
(1/2) Here's a fun fact: if you think you're dying, it can kill you. It's true. If that squishy sack of meat you call a brain is so convinced of it, you can die of shock, even if the rest of you is shambling along just fine. I "drowned" like that once: my brain telling me a skinsuit can't survive underwater that long, and my organs freezing up, paralyzed in fear. Organs I didn't really have anymore. Still felt it, though. Lucky me. I know better now. This time when I wake up at the bottom of a lake, I'm just wet and pissed off. There's a lot of "me"s down here – copies of my body, most of ‘em crushed under rubble and lizard bones. Right – Skull Town took a tumble, and I guess there was a whole factory full of me under it. I've found spares in weirder places, usually when I wake up in one. But how the hell did I get down here? ... Heh. Right. The girlie shot me.
Battle Pass Level 34
Transition Like Father Like Daughter
Season 5 Like Father, Like Daughter - Revenant
(2/2) Yeah, I remember her. Took a minute – I have a lot of footage to sort through up here. So many targets. But she's got dear old daddy's eyes. Had a good look at ‘em when I snapped his neck and dropped him ten stories. And when you're mostly a computer, you can do a nice side-by-side comparison. She's not the first to come looking for revenge. I've had plenty of skinsuits throw their lives away "avenging" their precious loved ones. Oh, they try, their voices cracking and hands shaking while they hold a gun on me and rattle off their whole pathetic life story. Make a corpse, and you'll get some flies. They're all easy to crush. ‘Course, most of ‘em don't destroy half an island trying to get to me. Only a couple of ‘em knew about my spares, and none of ‘em ever made me slide into one. She's a fragile little fly, just like the others. I'll pull her wings off eventually. But for a day or two? This could be... interesting.
Battle Pass Level 41
Transition It Takes a Liar
Season 5 It Takes a Liar - Crypto
You can only trust those who you know are liars. I used to think differently back when I was working as a simple computer engineer. A straight-edge job with no bumps - I would go in, do what I was asked, and leave. I rarely doubted the loyalty of those who worked alongside me, I didn't really care, until the contract came in... a service order from: Q.W. Initials. That's all I know of the person who took my life away from me. And that is why I am here now. That is why I did what I did to get into the Games. But my skill is why they let me remain, and it appears the same is true for you, Loba. Joh wah. So tell me, one liar to another, what brings you here?
Battle Pass Level 49
Transition Felagi Fighters
Season 5 Felagi Fighters - Bloodhound
The strength it must taka for a child without their kin to survive alone is mighty. This tale is fylla with sights of mitt own. I am not without a minute absent the thoughts of Johann and Brigida, no matter how small. There are many trials one must face throughout their journey to valhalla's end. I can see it in your eyes that you, Andrade fighter, have the courage to slatra the veikr and climb to your rightful place over those who wronged you. It would be an honor to fight alongside someone with the passion of fire that burns a thousand suns. Demonio is your path, mine is my own, and only in battle are we tested. We may look different, we may be different, but with bloth and sand, we are the same. I welcome you to the fight. Shall we meet again.
Battle Pass Level 57
Transition Stalking Prey
Season 5 Stalking Prey - Loba
(1/2) When you're after a big prize, you don't just walk in and take it. First, you have to do the legwork. I can't say I was pleased with how deep Jamie dug into my past – a lady deserves her privacy, and her secrets. But I can't argue with results. He found out so much about this – thing. This demonio that took all I ever loved from me. Not enough, and a lot of it made no sense, but it was enough to get started. So, I followed the demonio to Talos. I stayed hidden, watching his every step. He's worse than I remembered – somehow. He uses some dark power to change others into his shadowy slaves, and all the little friends he's made are happy to oblige him. I kept watch. I followed the leads Jamie dug up. I made a plan, then I made my move. It isn't easy. I just make it look that way.
Battle Pass Level 65
Transition Take It In Stride
Season 5 Take It In Stride - Loba
(2/2) Unfortunately, some jobs don't go according to plan. I was... careless. Too attached. I found what I was looking for, but in the heat of the moment, I didn't think about extra security. By the time I realized what I'd done, the prize was gone, and my hard work went with it. But Loba Andrade doesn't run with her tail between her legs. I've been invited to join the Games. I must admit, since I've been here, I've noticed some lovely treasures just waiting to be snatched. Destroying the demonio one pile of scrap at a time isn't practical, but it will feel good. And I just received a very interesting proposition...
Battle Pass Level 73
Transition Arms Race
Season 5 Arms Race - Mirage
Okay. Okay. Seriously? You think I couldn't take down Skull Town? I mean, it's a skull already - it's practically half dead. I just chose not to because I'm considerate. It's a nice place and I didn't want to ruin Kings Canyon, but now she's got all the attention. Everyone is all up-and-arms... or is it up-in-arms? Up-or-arms? Hm... What's the saying? Let's figure this out: if I'm "up-and-arms" that means I am standing up AND my arms are up. Right? That makes total sense. "Up-in-arms" means that I am up and... inside an arm? That can't be right. Unless... Hm. Let's take a seat, this might take awhile. Can I get you a drink, Ms. Stone? I mean this is my bar, after all - The Paradise Lounge. The Witt family has owned this place since the ‘55 crisis, so I don't really have to pay for it. No? Cool, so where were we? Something about arms? Oh yeah, I could have totally destroyed Skull Town with just one arm. And you can quote me on that.
Battle Pass Level 84


These take place after "The Endorsement" and the Boosted Launch Trailer. They are followed by "The First Ship" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Destination Unknown
Season 6 Icon Destination Unknown - Crypto
Hmm, isanghanae. Hammond built a shuttle on World's Edge during the seasonal hiatus - but why. The security on their flight logs is a joke. It is called the Arcadia. Flight clearance signed by Peck, Lilian - looks like a generic authorization. Coded BRANT PII. The ship has no offensive capabilities, but a long manifest. Looks like they're moving scientific equipment and supplies. Destination... mwo? That can't be right. I need to dig deeper. Aish... doh-um johm bah-das sse myun johk ghet-dah.
Battle Pass Level 23
Transition Self-Destruct
Season 6 Icon Self-Destruct - Bloodhound
I pay no mind to the gjalla that run beneath the surface of the Games. The personal grievances of utanaðkomandi do not interest me, and it distracts from the hunt. Yet, I am saddened this day, for I have come to respect some caught in this mire.
They rend and gnash over mere squabbles. Where once they were felagi, they are now bitter andskoti. They are the source of their own . Such wasted energy. I will expend none on this petty venture. My focus remains on a much greater goal. I cannot be distracted.
Battle Pass Level 31
Transition Aftermatch
Season 6 Icon Aftermatch - Gibraltar
I did what I thought was right, bruddah. Caustic did wrong putting Loba in danger, tricking Wattson and blaming Crypto for what he did. They had a right to know. Everybody did. But the gang split up, and the next time we're gonna meet, it's gonna be at the end of each other's guns. Still, I had to try, you know? Talkin' to Crypto ain't gonna happen. Never sticks around after a match, and never lets on where he's goin'. Loba was easier - hounded Anita a bit last time met at lil' Ramya's and got her number. Loba talked like she thought it was funny - can't say I feel the same, bruddah. But she thanked me and said she'd "tuck that away for safekeeping." Then it was just Wattson - remembered where to find her easy, like we did back when her pa passed away. But when she saw me at her door, she stopped me. Said she didn't want to hear anything else, and needed time to think. It weighs on me, bruddah, but - gotta respect what she wants. Just gotta give it time.
Battle Pass Level 47
Transition The Referral
Season 6 Icon The Referral
Yeah... I've heard of her. Those with fight in ‘em... they're not hard to miss. But I really don't care what kind of weapon you use. You can soup it up, mod it up, hell, put bloody rockets on the damn thing, it all comes down to who you are and what you can do with it. The war might be over... but the fight ain't. Never is. Can't let your guard down because if you do, someone better will take advantage of it. In the end, you're left with a polished pistol on display and a hole in your head. I know from bloody experience... I've put a few holes in heads. Heh. Gonna be off the grid for a while - but I'll keep an eye on your girl - see if she's got more than just a shop full of toys. If you're right... I'll add her to the list. Thanks for the tip - and the drink. Legend, eh? Heh... it's just a bloody name.
Battle Pass Level 56
Transition Midnight Pint
Season 6 Icon Midnight Pint - Rampart
Right, mate. I've been knocked down, taken out, hit from both sides hundreds of times - and that was just in a one gauntlet run on a Thursday. But this... this one was a blast! Big Sister's crap of a gang blindsided me at the shop. I mean, do they think they're from the bloody Fringe Worlds? They ain't that tough. I'm just sayin', if ya gonna throw a party at least book a DJ... or a band if you prefer real music, but don't just show up causin' a ruckus and expect not to get a punch in the bloody face. Those plonkers were just pissed that I ran circles around them in the club - cleaned ‘em out pretty good if I don't say so myself. But I ain't stayin' down. Never do. And now, I'm in the bloody big leagues. No more brawlin' for coin against small town street gangs - Ab aur nahin. My shop may be gone, but the name 'Rampart' ain't. I reckon only one thing left to do... go out, make it Legendary, and be back in time for a midnight pint. Now THAT's a Thursday.
Battle Pass Level 74


These take place after "Promise" and the Ascension Launch Trailer. They are followed by the "Family Portrait" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Gossip Boy
Season 7 Gossip Boy
Greetings, Chico-dees! Chico Sawtelle here, with the latest Apex gossip. Last week, we reported on the mega-blowup between Wraith and Mirage... hot off the cold shoulder roommate Rampart was giving him, which crushed my Ram-rage loving heart. (And before you come at me, age is just a number, true love knows no bounds, and let’s face it... he’s 30 going on 21 anyway, mm’kay? Mm-kay.) Well, this morning I hear Elliott is mending fences and turning over new leaves. He gifted Rammy-Ram a set of wrenches (whatever floats your boat, sweetie), and he gave Wraith a... birthday?! (Girlfriend didn’t already have one?!) Now he’s back in the good graces of both ladies, so let the shipping wars begin! (Here’s hoping that inner bad boy returns because “Adulting Witt” is très lame. Sorry, but I prefer the black sheeps of the family instead. Which reminds me: if you’re reading this, Cray, Mom is worried sick! Turn yourself in!) Tomorrow, the full scoop on Cutie Crypto and Nattie... will they ever reunite...?!
Battle Pass Level 55
Transition Me, Myself & Regret
Season 7 Me, Myself & Regret - Horizon
HORIZON: Ah, Dr. Reid is it? Nice to meet ya, darlin’. Have a seat.
“DR. REID”: Oh, hiii. I’m a big, fat bloody liar who’ll eat your secret recipe scones then leave you to die in space.
HORIZON: I must say, this resume of yours is mighty impressive. A degree in Deception, a masters in Double-Crossing. Any chance, dear, you’ve a doctorate in refining all that branthium ya stole from me? You’re gonna need it.
“DR. REID”: Uhhh, no. But I got my First Aid training...
HORIZON: Ah, I see that here. Must come in handy patching up loved ones after you stab them in the back? You have references?
“DR. REID”: Oh yes. First one’s the devil, second’s a flesh eating disease, and I imagine the third one’s just me doing a funny voice because have I mentioned I’m a bloody liar?
HORIZON: Lovely. Well, I dinnae see why you widnae be a great, unregrettable hire. Now go boil your head in a pot of stew, and we’ll be in touch.
Battle Pass Level 60
Transition A Change in Character
Season 7 A Change in Character? - Crypto
Witt is on his hands and knees, cheek to the ground. Against my better judgment, I ask what he’s doing. Mirage says this floating city is a masterpiece; its whirs and purrs are an inspiration to him. Right. He’s an idiot, but he’s still an engineer. He offers his hand, says he owes me an apology. Hmm. I’d heard rumors he’d turned over a “new leaf”. Not entirely sure I trust it. He asks me to listen with him. “Genius to genius.”
Curiosity gets the better of me. Not there, he says. Here. I cross to where he’s pointing, press my cheek to the metal floor. I hear nothing...but my face is stuck. An invisible adhesive. “PSYCH!” he exclaims. Witt places a foot on me and snaps a photo as he tells me not to worry. The adhesive will wear off in a few minutes. I ask about his supposed “new leaf”. I watch his boots walk away as he high-fives a dupe. “I’m growing as a person,” he chuckles, “but I’m still me, old man...”
Battle Pass Level 65
Transition The Peck Foundation
Season 7 The Peck Foundation
History of the Outlands—Excerpt from Chapter 4: The Peck Foundation
In 2640, billionaire humanitarian Lillian Peck built Olympus, a city in the sky, where people of all socio-economic backgrounds could work and learn together. It excelled in areas of science, mathematics, music, literature, and the arts. Olympus produced a number of breakthroughs for the Outlands including developments in eco-friendly Jump Drives for short-distance vessels, a Phase Technology for immediate transportation called the Phase Runner, and drone technology for health and security systems. All were welcome, hoping to usher in a Golden Era for the Outlands, but instead, these researchers made a troubling discovery: all energy resources throughout the Outlands were on a rapid decrease - in less than twenty years, they would be non-existent.
Battle Pass Level 65
Transition “Pas Me Dat Suga” Cookies
Season 7 “Pas Me Dat Suga” Cookies - Lifeline
When I was a bitty thing, da made cookies with me. He and ma were always busy, but now and again we’d march down to the kitchens, shoo off the cooks and make a batch or two. On Olympus we got fancy ingredients picked right outta the gardens. When things looked down in the Corps, I made ‘em again. Now I can get all the fancy chocolate and sugar Psamathe’s got – but it just doesn’t taste the same.
Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix 3.5 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp baking soda, and 1 tsp salt with a fork in a large clean bowl, bucket or helmet. In another, cream 2 sticks of softened butter, 1 cup granulated sugar, 1 cup light brown sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla extract with a fork. Listen to yuh favorite song - mixes better when yuh got a jam in yuh! Add 2 large eggs, mixing after each egg. Gradually beat in flour mixture until it’s uniform. Add 2 cups chocolate chips. Bake balls of dough on ungreased baking sheets for 9-11 minutes until golden brown, then serve ‘em up. Ah, and ‘member, put plenty of love in ‘em. That’s what makes ‘em the best.
Battle Pass Level 70
Transition Legal Eagles
Season 7 Legal Eagles
Ms. Parekh -
Attached is the final contract for your perusal.
We added the “Emotional Damages” clause, which includes the storefront you requested to open the second location of Rampart Mods on Olympus, as well as the safe return of all personal belongings retrieved from the Paradise Lounge on Solace last month. In return, Rampart Mods agrees to drop the civil suit against Hammond Engineering, and modify the Trident to our specifications in time for the new season.
We also reviewed your request to move Mr. Witt’s locker room to... and I quote your eloquence... “any bloody barn full of cowpies”. Unfortunately, finding “cowpies” on a floating city proved difficult, but we did find a compost heap that will be transferred to Mr. Witt’s quarters on the Drop Ship immediately. We hope this will suffice.
And on a personal note, Ms. Parekh, it’s hard to believe you’re only twenty-one. In all my years practicing law, nobody has proven to be such a challenge in negotiations. It was lovely to have met my match. May our paths never cross again.
All due respect, Cheryl Amacci, Chief Legal Officer, Hammond Engineering
Battle Pass Level 73
Transition History's Rift
Season 7 History's Rift
WALDORF: “This is The Talkin’ Legends Podcast with Norma and Waldorf and we’re talkin’ Olympus. Now, wasn’t that place supposed to bring the Outlands into a golden age? Instead we got the slaughter at Tenmei, weird experiments by the IMC, and then there’s that dangerous bubble-rift thing.”
NORMA: “You know, the rift was actually created back in the late 2650s. Some friends of mine have convincing evidence that it’s connected to the energy—
WALDORF: “Oh here we go with the energy crisis again. That never happened.”
NORMA: “Classic ignorance. It doesn’t matter unless it affects you. But, the truth is it would have if it wasn’t stopped. And I’ve heard that the rift is part of what happened. We’ve got to understand and learn from our history—it’s the only way to avoid repeating it.”
WALDORF: “Sure. Sure, but I’ll tell you what’s history... the Forge Museum on Gaea has filed for bankruptcy. Guess people just don’t care about that guy anymore. More on that after these messages.”
Battle Pass Level 75
Transition Timetravel is Money
Season 7 Timetravel is Money - Horizon
Dear Ms. Tobin,
Thank you kindly for the generous offer, but after a wee brush with an unreliable co-worker, I’ve decided to strike out on my own. Be a way off yet ‘til I rely on others -- including your prestigious company -- for my income.
Though, I’ll admit, it’s hard saying no to your additional offer of Hammond’s fine resources for my time travel research. But I decided I’m quite happy getting what I need with my Apex winnings. You’d be awful surprised what a bloodsport pays!
Finally, thank you dear for your condolences on my son, but keep the heid. It’s just a wee interlude keeping us apart. I’ll have him in my arms soon enough.
Take care,
Dr. Mary Somers
Battle Pass Level 81
Transition Project Marathon
Season 7 Project Marathon
DAY 267 – TEST 11348
NOTES: Subject was introduced to Phase Runner Prototype Delta at local time 14:30:00. Subsequent readings were consistent with mathematical projections that impact would occur on the Frontier planet Troy. Coordinate readings from the integrated beacon were recorded successfully, and indicate a spatial displacement equal to the distance between Psamathe and Troy.
Subject 11348 is thus far the largest subject by volume to successfully make landfall at the targeted destination. This suggests that the mass of an object affects its trajectory even within the alternate plane. Additional research into this phenomenon will be required.
Battle Pass Level 88
Transition Crisis To Avert
Season 7 Crisis To Avert
They all looked at me with blank stares as if I said some nonsense like: “Well, that’s only if X equals the temperature of the negative space, NOT the specimen itself.” Yes, my old friend, I still use that joke to get out of conversations with wannabe scientists now and again—they never know how to answer and just agree. But, unfortunately, this wasn’t a joke... This energy crisis is real. Aleki’s researchers on Olympus have shown me almost too many scenarios that all end in disaster by 2699. The Outlands weren’t built for long-term, it was just exploration until the IMC returned, but those years turned into centuries and now we’re paying the price. I’ve got another presentation to other benefactors coming up and could use your help. Bring your whole family, bring Reid (you’re gonna need that assistant). It’ll be just like old times. Plus, I’d love to see my little Newton again—I am his godmother after all. Hope I can count on you, and if it doesn’t work, we may have to do this thing ourselves...
Love you, dear.
Battle Pass Level 94


These take place after "Good as Gold" and the Mayhem Launch Trailer. They are followed by the "Armageddon" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Insert Mourning Here
Season 8 Icon [Insert Mourning Here]
Walter Fitzroy, better known as “Fuse,” died [insert date here] due to [insert cause of death here]. He was [insert age here].
Fitzroy, previously a mercenary, stunned all of Salvo when he qualified for the bloodsport Bonecage at the age of 51--the oldest person ever to compete.
Despite early scepticism [alt: ridicule? mockery?--Ed.], the explosives expert made history with the longest win-streak in Bonecage history: 21 matches, demolishing the previous record by 13 and garnering hordes of fans.
Fitzroy courted controversy, however, joining the Apex Games as Salvo joined Syndicate Space in 2734. [Details of exploits here, maybe a quote from the Legend with the hair? Or the cute one with the face?--Ed.]
He didn’t miss a step, bringing his explosive fighting style and irrepressible swagger to the Games. Unfortunately, his swagger cost him his life when [insert cause of death here--tone down the gore--Ed.].
Walter Fitzroy is survived by [look for anyone close to him--if no one, cut this and end on quote about about peace/rest from an important Salvonian, if one exists haha--Ed.].
Battle Pass Level 04
Transition Tickets, Please
Season 8 Icon Tickets, Please
WALDORF: “This is the Talkin’ Legends Podcast with Norma and Waldorf and we’re talkin’ Salvo Inauguration Ceremony happening this weekend at Kings Canyon. And mysteries abound!”
NORMA: “That’s right. There’s Salvo, the first Fringe World ever to join the Syndicate. There’s Fuse, making his debut at the ceremony--”
WALDORF: “Which is going to be an historically epic party, so the REAL mystery is why the #1 Apex Legends Podcast--us--still don’t have tickets to the Ceremony! Any theories, Norma?”
NORMA: “Other than “they’ve been sold out for months”? If I had to guess, I’d say it’s your non-stop badgering of Mirage on social media last week.”
WALDORF: “Doesn’t ring a bell. I think there’s more at play here...”
NORMA: “There really isn’t. Here, straight from Mirage’s feed: “For the last time, @D0RF_L3G3NDZ, I can’t get you tickets. I can, however, get you BANNED-BOOZLED! Not my best work, but that’s on you. Won’t see ya there! Luv, Elliott ;)”
WALDORF: “Norma! You promised you wouldn’t--Er, anyway. We’ll hear more about Salvo and Fuse after these messages from our sponsors.”
Battle Pass Level 07
Transition Strong-Arming
Season 8 Icon Strong-Arming - Lifeline
I know yuh a sane man – a rational man. And we both know a bald-faced marketing scheme when we see it, so no use mincin’ words: we got a bunch of warmongers joinin’ the union and it’s yuh job to pretty it up. Fine. Is what it is.
But yuh bosses just made life harder for me and mine. Salvo’s got no love for the Frontier Corps, and we both know their weapons are gonna start makin’ the rounds twice as fast now they’re legal trade. Lotta folk out there got it hard enough – throw in a rocket launcher that levels an outpost with a sneeze and every squabble ‘tween neighbors could turn deadly.
Know for a fact the president of the Frontier Corps is ready to make a statement. Figure it’d look good for yuh if she talks up all the support the Syndicate’s givin’ the Corps. They’re stretched too thin as it is, and they’re about to get stretched a lot thinner. We both know it’s the least yuh could do.
Ajay “Lifeline” Che
Battle Pass Level 24
Transition The Freedom of Salvo
Season 8 Icon The Freedom of Salvo - Mad Maggie
Margaret Kōhere, Year 7
I love Salvo. Salvo is the best place to live and everyone wishes they lived here. That’s why they keep coming here and telling us how to live. RIP. Some eggs came by our place last winter saying they wanted to bring peace to our land. Uncle Tama grabbed his rocket lawncher so fast you shoulda seen them run. He’s a real crack up! Me and Wally laughed so hard we changed our pants twice.
In concluzion, all they want is our choice weapons. They say they want peace but they all want power. Good luck getting it from Warlord Jack. Can’t wait til I get older cuz I’m gonna be the one to tell them where to stick it. The End.
Also, when can me and Wally sit next to each other in class again? We won’t talk and we already gave you most of our knives.
Battle Pass Level 55
Transition Chaos & Love (Ode to Boone)
Season 8 Icon Chaos & Love (Ode to Boone) - Bloodhound
Chaos & love lie side by side.
One: rikr destruction. And the other: pride.
To the end of days, I carry this weight
To save you from your heimskr fate.
On bjarg of the canyon, I reminisce
The dawn we met, by dusk...we kiss…
But winter falls, the heart’s astray.
Never us together. Never “He and They.”
“He” made his choice, expelled from this land.
“They” remained for “he” in the bloth and the sand.
I spoke my far vel. My wrath. My pain.
I killed the osedur, for the good in your name.
Boone. To thee my first heart is bound.
With Chaos & Love, Odin’s Munin, I’m found.
Battle Pass Level 65
Transition No Guts, No Glory
Season 8 Icon No Guts, No Glory - Fuse
Back on Salvo, when I was just a welp with two arms, two eyes, and zero clue, my merc group got hired by a dairy farmer to bash some meatheads he thought were killin’ his livestock at night until he paid up.
So we watched the fields, eatin’ the farmer’s cheese when a bloody massive momma Prowler is on us. She’d been the one wreckin’ the farmer’s lives, and she set to wreckin’ ours by swallowin’ my best mate. So I dove in after her.
I was neck-deep in her neck when I realized I didn’t have a plan to get us out. With classic timing, that farmer’s cheese turned over in my guts, and it came to me. I pulled the pins off every gas grenade we had. The momma ripped a huge belch, pal and me go flyin’, and the Momma barreled off, gas comin’ out both ends.
The farmers tried to pay us in cheese, but I nearly had a spew. So they gave me a guitar instead. And that’s the story of my first six-string.
Battle Pass Level 73
Transition One Up, One Down
Season 8 Icon One Up, One Down - Bangalore
That cruiser class Essex warship is a sight. Reminds me of when Jackson and I were boots back on Gridiron. I would’ve skated through basic if it wasn’t for him. He wouldn’t let the prank war rest, so neither could I. He dyed my fatigues pink, I glued his boots to the barracks floor. He covered my helmet in seeds so that birds dive bombed me, I soaked his pants in Prowler pheromones, which--well, I don’t get into that.
Wasn’t until I went on the offensive and put laxative in his rations, only to have our commanding officer accidentally eat ‘em. Turned her inside out for two days. We got the stick for that; had to scrub an Essex from stem to stern with our toothbrushes.
Seeing that cruiser get wrecked...it hurts. Someone cleaned her. Someone like Jackson.
There’s no one like Jackson.
Heh. We all know this “Maggie” is responsible for crashing that Essex, but Mirage’ll spread some blame on the IMC for making that ship. Wonder if I’ve got any of that Prowler pheromone stowed away somewhere...
Battle Pass Level 81
Transition Tea for Two
Season 8 Icon Tea for Two
Dearest Eduardo -
We missed you at the gala… though perhaps you were the smart one for not attending. How long has it been anyway? Since before the amputation, I think? How you keep up with that boy, at your age, I’ll never know. But on to less embarrassing topics…
As of yesterday, Warlord Sandringham Kelly of the Fringe World Salvo has become Supreme Warlord Kelly of the Syndicate Planet Salvo... and that is good news indeed. You must meet the man. He is… unique. A hidden treasure, much like the profit margins on his munitions. But stay away from his detractors. Especially this “Mad Maggie”. That one makes Ajay look like a saint… though her ambitions were impressive. For a Salvonian, I mean. Not that I judge.
Look at me, gossiping like I live in a henhouse. You’ve been so quiet lately. Have you picked up a new hobby? Does she have a name? Darion and I insist you tell us everything over tea. And who knows… maybe the Salvonians have a seat at the table for you too. Can you imagine? Ches and Silvas, working together? Won’t this be fun….
Awaiting your call,
Battle Pass Level 86
Transition Full Potential
Season 8 Icon Full Potential
SKUD: Can we take a bloody break? My foot’s gettin’ tired.
MARR: Keep kickin’, ya mud-thumper.
BAG: If the Cracked Talon...finds out...Maggie will--!
MARR: Quit yer talkin’, kick-bag. UNF!
SKUD: I hear the Cracked Talon’s boss--Mad Maggie? She’s got ‘em doin’ all kinds of crazy [expletive].
MARR: Well our boss Kelly got us kickin’, so we kick.
SKUD: ...No.
MARR: What’s that, Skud?
SKUD: I’m gonna join the Cracked Talon.
BAG: ...You...wouldn’t...survive...one...week--
SKUD: I’m goin’ where I can, ah, make big my full...ah, full...what’s the word?
BAG: Errgh...Potential? Argh...my ribs...
SKUD: Yeah! Where I can make big my full “potential” for murderin’, explodin’, and stuff. You comin’?
MARR: ...Fine. But if we end up kickin’ for Mad Maggie…
SKUD: Alright! Up ya go, kick-bag. Sorry about the kickin’. It’s business, ay? Put in a good word for us?
BAG: You two are bloody scum. Heh. You’ll fit right in.
Battle Pass Level 94
Transition Ship Happens
Season 8 Icon Ship Happens - Mirage
See? See?! It can happen to anyone! At least when I, ah, “creatively landed” my ship, it wasn’t in the middle of King’s Canyon, like the Syndicate ship that crashed at that ceremony. Sure, mine crashed in a populated metropolitan area, but that city came out of nowhere!
And this just proves my bigger point: always buy new. After the Mirage Voyage crashed, I find out my mechanic put all these old IMC parts salvaged from busted old warships in her. If my girl had been all-IMC, like the ceremony ship, she probably would’ve crashed into a combination orphanage and petting zoo of rare animals. The fluffy kind. Tragic.
And before you start up with the “Ain’t the Paradise Lounge old”--NO. It’s “vintage.” There’s a difference. “Old” is bad. “Vintage” is good. And everything in here works just fine, no matter what Ramya says.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, sorry about the ship, Wally. It happens to all of us at some point. Where was I? Oh yeah, another “coldie” comin’ up!
Battle Pass Level 99


These take place after "Northstar" and the Legacy Launch Trailer. They are followed by the "The Legacy Antigen" quest.

Image Description Earned
Koa -
Could you have taken any longer to get back to me? I was freaking out, after seeing everything on the news about that Salvonian lunatic! Try not to die between now and Pathfinder’s shindig, okay?? Speaking of...
I’ve spoken to Michael, and we’re accepting your invitation for the ceremony. But we’re getting our own place. Don’t argue with me, Koa. I hear they’re renting out some of the homes in between Apex matches. Cool, right? Michael and I can sip coffee and talk basketball in the same spot where someone almost murdered you the night before! Aren’t the Outlands great?
Anyway, your leviathan stew better be waiting for me when I arrive. And don’t worry about Michael. He promises to play nice. Please try to get along with him. For me.
I’m glad you’re okay, Koa. I just got you back in my life. I can’t lose you again. This trip’ll be a new beginning for all three of us. It’s gonna be killer, Koa. You’ll see. Killer.
Battle Pass Level 03
Transition No cameras. No fans. No autographs.
Season 9 No cameras. No fans. No autographs.
During the early days of the IMC run Thunderdome Games, alternative combat leagues and competitions began to pop up throughout the Outlands. Some run by small-town crime organizations, some by competing companies as a new source of income, and some just for the love of the fight—the latter known today as Arenas. Founded by a group of former mercenaries, soldiers, and ‘off-the-grid’ individuals, Arenas focuses on the personal fight. No cameras. No fans. No autographs. These fighters join for one reason and one reason only: to win. More recently, the philosophy of Arenas has caught the eye of the Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk, who has openly supported the competition and enlisted his former colleague, the simulacrum Ash, to assist in its expansion. Arenas matches can be found in various abandoned, unsanctioned, or “legally” obtained areas throughout the Outlands by off-the-books deals. Some pop up overnight, some in preparation for weeks, but the only way to find them is to know someone connected. Arenas are only for the worthy.
-Excerpt from the tabloid The Outlands’ Chronicles by Cam Tasiello.
Battle Pass Level 18
Transition High Speed Interstellar Travel Ain't Cheap
Season 9 High Speed Interstellar Travel Ain't Cheap
Mandrake Hotel & Casino, Security Log #009795
Worker ID: Edmont, Lydia
Nothing to report, except a headache and Bored-Leg Syndrome. …Is that a syndrome?
Nothing to report. Hunger levels rising. Never anything to eat in this mold-fest. Could possibly eat the mold.
Nothi— Oh god, why do I have this job?! [sigh] It’s stable, Lydia. If you can call ‘erratic shifts, predatory management, and slave-pay’ stable.
A maintenance worker’s arrived, pushing a large trolley full of… something? Odd that it’s covered. Also odd that she stopped by the bar for – zooming – whisky?! Guess she wants her job less than me.
I’m sure she’s moving to avoid cameras. …But I’m also sure she just flirted with the girl at the bar. This shift just got interesting.
She’s positioned her trolley behind slot machine B-36, the one right underneath the skylight. …She’s, huh… she’s cute.
Found out what was covered on her trolley— A JET PACK which she just attached to the slot machine and used to FLY OUT THE FREAKIN’ SKYLIGHT!!!
…I’m so fired… Screw this job. Screw management. I’m deleting this file and getting gone. Good luck, Angelic Maintenance Worker, whoever the hell you were.
Battle Pass Level 32
Transition Kampai
Season 9 Kampai - Rampart
She sits at a grimy bar, sipping a grimy pint, as bottles, fists, and teeth fly. It’s a no-holds-barred bar brawl... and yet only one thought runs through Ramya Parekh’s mind:
‘Ah, a relaxing night off.’
Ramya reaches for a new bottle – casually ducking a shoe that’s somehow found its way through the air – as her eyes catch the one other patron not engaging in casual property destruction.
“Fancy a top up, mate?” she offers the patron; a woman quietly fuming.
The woman considers. Her whisky’s full. She throws it back in one. “Sure, tide was low anyway.”
Ramya squints, “You’ve got a face like a wet weekend, mate. Don’t fancy the evenin’s entertainment?”
“Oh, I fancy it fine. You spun an impressive web of insults, blame, and confusion to the biggest idiots in here… then sat back and watched as the house of cards came tumbling down. Quite a party.”
“It’s a talent. And yet, you still look grounded.”
The woman laughs, “‘Grounded’. If you knew me better, you’d know that’s funny. …I’m Kairi.”
“Pleasure’s all mine. To many, I’m Rampart.”
“And to me?”
With a cheeky grin, “…Rampart.” They clink glasses. “So then again I ask, why the frown?”
Kairi sighs and finishes that second drink. “Oh you can’t tell? I’m celebrating. Got a brand new ex. …I’m telling you, that girl spat fire.”
“That right, mate? This girl… she got a name?”
Battle Pass Level 45
Transition Call Your Next Witness...
Season 9 Call Your Next Witness...
World Court Transcript, People of Psamathe vs -------- April 16, 27---
PA: Do you recognize the defendant?
W: That’s the one. Checked out the Icarus Fleet file. It’s been years, but I remember!
PA: This was back in October of 2733?
W: Sure.
PA: And what is the Icarus Fleet?
W: Buncha scavengers flew to what used to be Typhon, to sift through wreckage and grab anything of value. Ships never returned. They were lost in space.
PA: So why would the defendant hunt them two decades later?
W: Didn’t ask, didn’t care. Until a call came in for ‘em. Don’t know what the person on the other end said, but the defendant sent a chill up my spine. I believe it was: “They’ll never link us to the Icarus. They think we’re the heroes. And we are. This just speeds up that process.” I hand over the file, that’s that. Six months later, guess what shows up and docks? You think just ‘cause you’re involved with the Apex Games, you get a pass, you murdering piece of--?!
DA: Objection! Witnesses cannot address my client!
W: My best friend died because of you! I hope you rot in hell for what you’ve done!!
Battle Pass Level 47
Transition The Ghost of Viper
Season 9 The Ghost of Viper - Valkyrie
We didn’t scatter him in one place. I mean, I thought about it. Thought about just leaving him on that moon off Typhon. He made his choices, and that was where they got him. But even then, angry as I was . . . I couldn’t do it. So I brought him back with the Northstar. He was still on ice from floating in space—morbid, right?
We had him cremated. That was all I did, really. Had other things on my mind—making plans, getting money for the trip to the Outlands. I didn’t have time to think about . . . what to do with him.
Mom took care of it. Not that I knew—not until we got to Gaea. We were unpacking her house. It got windy, and she stopped everything—grabbed the urn and marched out into the field and scattered his ashes on the breeze. She said she left some in Angelia, right near the barn where he kept the Northstar. Then she brought the rest here, so he could be with his family.
Keep an eye on us, dad. You always did like a sky-high view
Battle Pass Level 56
Transition My Hero
Season 9 My Hero
...stories. My dad used to tell them to me. He had a lot of free time as a kid and basically read every book the boarding school’s library had. He was drawn to the history of the Syndicate, which was personal to him because he grew up as a fan of the greatest Legend of all time: Kuben Blisk. One of the very few residents of the Frontier who was born on Earth in the Core Systems, Blisk began his career as a fighter at a young age in the old Thunderdome games right here in the Outlands. When the Titan Wars began, Blisk enlisted in the IMC’s army and quickly climbed the ranks to commander. However, the politics and corruption of war pushed the infamous fighter into the life of a mercenary, where he could control his own fight and answer to no one but himself. My dad always related to that sense of independence. Of course, it makes sense after how his boyfriend ruined his life and then my mom. . . Trust was hard for him, but he powered through and raised me. I really look up to my dad, which is why he’s my hero...
—Excerpt from the “My Hero Middle School Contest”
Battle Pass Level 62
Transition A Mercenary Wife
Season 9 A Mercenary Wife - Valkyrie
I kept my mom in the dark about a lot of things. I guess . . . everything. It sounds bad, but it was safer if she didn’t know. Even when it was time to go, I just said we were moving somewhere better—and hey, that part was true. Angel City was a ghost town. The farm’s turbines and hydro generators would break down eventually. So . . . I packed her up and flew her halfway across the galaxy, away from everything she’d ever known, to dump her on some planet she’d never even heard of. (Nice job, Kairi. Real good kid you turned out to be.)
Then I found Kuben Blisk. And . . . I didn’t kill him. I made the right choice. Knowing I could have—that was enough. But I knew it wasn’t really over until I told mom the truth. The next day, she made me tea, we sat down in her new living room, and I told her—everything. I could barely look at her. Honestly, I kinda expected her to disown me.
Then she looked me dead in the eye and said, “わざわざここまで来て奴のグラスを撃っただけか?フン。目玉の一つでも持って帰るべきだったな。” Translation: You came all the way here and all you did was shoot his cup? Should have brought back at least an eye or something.
Turns out mom’s smarter than I gave her credit for. Maybe she always was.
Battle Pass Level 76
Transition Pour One Out
Season 9 Pour One Out - Fuse
The following is transcribed from a crumpled piece of paper discovered next to a burned-out campfire and a dozen empty beverages on Kings Canyon.
Maggie. Margaret. …Mags.
Five decades of harassment, abuse, stealin’ me bloody kills… Then ya follow me out here and wage war on me new mates! And then whadya go do?!
You cark it.
You die on me.
…You fell.
You’re worse than a bloody sister… except you know damn well I ain’t never had one of those. I just had you.
…Whenever a deal went south – and they always did – who had me back? When I nearly drowned off the coast of Matakana, who pulled me out?
When I couldn’t stand the sight of those budgies livin’ in cages in Miss Keyes’ classroom, and let ‘em out to follow the wind, who took the blame… even though everyone knew it was Little Walter Fitzroy…?
MAD BLOODY MAGGIE, that’s who.
That’s who you were, long before you took the name. Fierce. Fearless. …The finest damn warlord ever to walk Salvonian soil.
And now you’re gone.
Here’s the thing: In the Outlands, mayhem and chaos are alive and well… and through them, maybe you live on.
You said it best, mate: Ka kite ano.
…This next drink’s for you.
Battle Pass Level 86
What’s up, bro?
I’ve been feeling extra-- exist-- exit-- been doing a lot of soul searching lately. And I think my luck is about to change. They’re lovin’ the T-6000 Juicer! Haven’t sold any yet, but that’ll come. And then I’ll be a real man. The kind of man anyone would be proud to call family.
Did I tell you Lynnie and I are back in touch? She never could resist this charm. We’re having lunch up in the clouds today. Literally. She’s on Olympus for the Tin Man’s thing. Guess they made him a statue? (Even the damn MRVNs are getting their shine! What do I gotta do, huh? When is my day?) Anyway, most places are closed, she said. Something about a burst pipe? Giant weeds, or… who knows? That woman and her imagination. I always said, she could jumpstart a Trident with only a paperclip and a pipe dream! And she deserved better than a schmuck like me. But I’m working on it.
So after lunch, it’s back to work. Lots of meetings. Maybe the big one! You never know! And then they’d all understand. Every game I missed, every night I wasn’t home… it was all worth it. My son would finally appreciate my sacrifices, and welcome me back with open arms. I’d be a hero. A legend. And the name Witt would mean some
--Unfinished handwritten letter found in a men’s room of a Psamathe-bound Commuter Ship, 2734
Battle Pass Level 94


These take place after "Metamorphosis" and the Emergence Launch Trailer.

Image Description Earned
Transition Keep The Flame
Season 10 Icon Keep The Flame
Dear Seer,
I don’t expect you to write back to me, you probably get fans writing to you all the time. It actually took me a long time to write this. I was embarrassed you wouldn’t like me, which I know is stupid because you’re the one who taught me that it’s our flaws, sorry, our “curses” that make us strong and unique. But we have to define our curse for ourselves and never let others define it for us...
I have that written in all my books in school. I stare at it a lot, especially when they’re really being mean to me. It helps sometimes.
Anyway, I just started summer break a few weeks ago, and I’m taking these drawing classes in the park. I made a friend there and, guess what, they also love you! They see so many things in you in themselves that I see in me too! They also belong to your fanclub like me! Maybe it’s dumb that I’m so excited, but I don’t really have any friends normally.
Anyway, I guess I just wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me and other people like my friend. I think it’s important for people to know the good things they do for the world.
Thank you for everything. “I will keep the flame.”
Cody Duncan
Battle Pass Level 01
Transition Deep Dive
Season 10 Icon Deep Dive
WALDORF: “Welcome back to The Talkin’ Legends Podcast with Norma and Waldorf, and today we’re diving deep into Seer.”
NORMA: “Joining us in the studio is Dr. Adaeze Nwadiwe, professor of Cultural Studies at the University of B--”
WALDORF: “Enough with the pleasantries. Doc--what’s up with the moth?”
ADAEZE: “I’m sorry, what?”
WALDORF: “Seer’s moth stuff. Is it supposed to mean anything other than ‘ew, gross, moths.’?”
ADAEZE: “Well, yes and no. Moths are ubiquitous on Boreas, thanks to our robust textile industry. Moths have weaved their way through our planet’s culture, traditions, and yes, even our superstitions. Seer has been draped in this tapestry from birth, thanks to the curse drawn from the folktale, The Moth and the Flame--”
NORMA: “Mm, yes, fascinating, indeed. Does Seer sleep?”
ADAEZE: “I, uh...that’s not…”
WALDORF: “If you had to guess.”
ADAEZE: [long pause] “Yes.”
Battle Pass Level 10
Transition Why Is No One Else Freaking Out
Season 10 Icon Why Is No One Else Freaking Out?

TO: Y. Gerber, Outlands Journal
You said I was freaking out. You said you needed evidence. Well, I got you your evidence.
Attached is the first-look data coming out of the Climatizer and Lava Siphon. H’s P.R. dept. claims these things will “mitigate and regulate the planet’s natural volatility.” The data’s code-watermarked so you know they’re legit.
Take a hard look. Take an easy look. Hell, smell them. All of it will tell you what a headless prowler could figure out: the Climatizer and Lava Siphon do nothing! The Climatizer cools the air, the Lava Siphon heats it back up. Catastrophe’s coming, evidence is getting purged, but they put up these flashy do-nothing gizmos. Why? Because H has bazillions in mining investments across the Outlands, and can’t afford to look like it all leads down the toilet.
So, H looks like they’re on top of it and lets the Apex Games play there like “See? All is well!” while an entire planet cracks apart. They can’t be allowed to get away with it. Not again. And again. And again.
Don’t contact me again. I hear H’s got exploding planets for whistleblowers like me.
And you.
Battle Pass Level 23
Transition A Witty Bunch
Season 10 Icon A Witty Bunch
Oh, and you know the funniest thing? She’s just like my other boy, Ricky. Or . . . was it Elon? One of the boys. She’s quite the comedian—runs circles around Elliott, poor thing. Though I can tell he enjoys the company—much as they picked on him, I know he misses his brothers. A mother always knows.
I’m happy he has her. I’m happy he has all of them! He spends all his time checking in on me. Of course I don’t mind—I love my little inchworm. But he needs something of his own. His own life and family, that he can go back to . . . because I won’t be around forever.
. . . What was I talking about? Ah, yes, the boys. Oh, and their father. You would not believe what he tried to pull the other day . . .
Battle Pass Level 31
Transition Disciplinary Action
Season 10 Icon Disciplinary Action
Dear Mr. Okereke,
Thank you for your letter. To hear that he was distracting the other children, impacting their ability to learn and achieve! That his science fair project was found to be in poor condition, and one of his micro-drones led a child to run head-first into a wall! That some children have stopped coming to school, fearing that Obi’s “curse” will jump to them, that he will “kill them with his eyes”!
If you expected us to say sorry, that we would tell Obi to be less sensitive, less beautiful, or less courageous, you will be sorely disappointed. The only thing we’re sorry for is not saying this sooner: you, Mr. Okereke, and your whole class, are a pack of fools, and fools cannot suffer the truly great without shame, embarrassment, and fear--none of which will stifle my son any further.
Obi Edolasim is hereby withdrawn from your “school” for he has learned all he can from you: that those who push you away, push you to greater heights.
Mrs. & Mr. Edolasim.
Battle Pass Level 54
Transition Eavesdroppin' A Line
Season 10 Icon Eavesdroppin’ A Line - Fuse
Y’know I woulda said this to yer face but I can’t catch ya at a good time, so here goes...y’alright? Don't take two eyes to see your planet bein in a bad way is hittin you hard. I’d be feelin raw about it too, if I was in your boots--which you probably made here on Talos. Yer boots are cool as, by the by.
Look, I don’t know what yer goin thru, but I do know ya ain’t gotta go thru it alone. I’m around if ya need a stainless steel shoulder to lean on. Or a flesh and blood one. Whichever shoulder ain’t passin ya a coldie, ay?

Your mate,
P.S., My handwriting should be better with a robot arm, ay? Looks like my arm got blown off while writin this! Hah!
P.P.S., I can write! Who knew!
Battle Pass Level 63
Transition Lunar Impact Report
Season 10 Icon Lunar Impact Report
Dear Ambassador Achebe,
On behalf of Chikuum Meteorological Group, we submit the following findings to the National Alliance of Boreas on the 2708 meteorological collision into Boreas’ moon.

The rapidly deteriorating condition of our planet’s moon should not be underestimated. Already, we are seeing regular meteor showers on Boreas' surface and atmosphere, disturbing changes in our tides, rising temperatures at our poles and plummeting temperatures at our equator. R&D must begin immediately to create solutions that will slow this progression towards a catastrophic conclusion. A failure to act on the findings below will lead to an unlivable planet in 50-70 years. Our leaders must make it clear that we can no longer rely on blind faith that things will work out--immediate action is our only option.
Battle Pass Level 63
Transition Biggest Fans
Season 10 Icon Biggest Fans - Revenant
You know what I don’t get? The thing that keeps stabbing into the back of my mind like an ice pick, late at night while the skinbags are snuggled up in their beds?
Life was good when I thought I was human. I got up, did my job, had a nightcap, went to sleep. Tick tock. I didn’t remember every time I died down to the last gruesome detail. But I do now, and I want off this ride. Should be easy--I’ve got enough enemies. Hammond was busted up when their peons got smeared across the walls by the big, bad murderbot. And Loba? Goes without saying.
But who built the murderbot? Tech like this can’t have been cheap. And Loba—we had a plan. She was gonna kill the last living part of me. She had it in her thieving little hands. But she went and ruined everything, all to keep me alive. I’d laugh, if it didn’t make me want to peel her skin off.
So, why? Hammond and Loba say I’m a monster. They’re right. But they’re twisting themselves into knots to keep the monster alive. Hate me? Heh. They’re my biggest fans.
Battle Pass Level 85
Transition Not So Far From The Tree
Season 10 Icon Not So Far From The Tree - Rampart
Tap Transcript -- RP_OBC_GAEA_2217.010.014.2734
SP: Hello, app kaun bol rahe hain?
RP: Mum, it’s me. Did ya see the match?
SP: We’re so proud, meri jaan. So proud, your fool of a father bought all your merchandise. T-shirt. Hat. Slippers. Even the little doll of you--
RP: Not a “doll,” mum. It’s an action figure--
MP: Oye! Don’t correct your mother or she’ll regret finding you at the dump...
RP: [laughs] Bloody hell! What a cheek! It wasn’t a dump, it was a junkyard. It’s why I only make posh crap.
MP: Ramya. Can you get me an autograph from Seer? You’re friends so it’s not a big deal...
RP: Bilkul, dad, but first: you haven’t gotten any, like, threatening calls lately? From someone named Francis?
SP: No, Ramya. No calls like that. Tsk. I thought you were done with those sisters people.
RP: Oh I am, mum, but they might not be done with me--
SP: It’s not for the child to worry about the parent, Ramya. Papa and I can deal with low-rent crooks.
RP: I know, mum, I kno--
End of transcript.
Battle Pass Level 87
Transition Dear Diary
Season 10 Icon Dear Diary - Seer
Thursday, June 20, 2725
Tonight, something happened. I am found! They say that happiness is not perfected until shared, but I fear I cannot share this great news with nne na nna’m--they will worry. ...So I just have these pages.
I am bursting. I saw something tonight. I saw a place where I can be me—more than me. It was in the old Okonkwo warehouse, deep below. Fate reached out to me tonight, something drew me to a place that wasn’t meant to be seen except by those looking for it—the Arenas.
First, let us get this out of the way...it is a brutal sport. But the theatrics, the outfits, the personas...where there is violence, there is beauty. These people embellish who they are, yet express some deeper truth about themselves.
Tonight, I came home with bruises and scrapes, but that is not unordinary. What is unusual is tonight...I felt like I belong. I have never known that feeling. I must follow it...
Battle Pass Level 95


These take place after "Ashes to Ash" and the Escape Launch Trailer. They are followed by the "Trouble in Paradise" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Escape to Paradise!
Season 11 Escape to Paradise!
Welcome to New Antillia – the most beautiful place since Harmony! Feast your eyes on a gorgeous tropical archipelago where all your cares can melt away under the year-long sun. Leave the big city or your local dive bar behind and experience a true paradise.
Made up of multiple microislands, New Antillia is home to pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, and all the good vibes you could ever want. Sail around this gorgeous island chain*, relax at one of our sun-soaked day spas, swim with gliders, or enjoy a fun-filled evening around a crackling beach campfire. Escape from your troubles and spend a day in bliss! After you see, hear, and feel it for yourself, you’ll never want to leave.
*Some locations, such as Tribulation Isle, Hana Beach and Storm Point are off-limits to the public. Please be advised that Warp Travel is not responsible for any damages or injuries sustained outside designated safe zones.
Battle Pass Level 02
Transition HELL
Season 11 HELL - Ash
Loops are hell. The same thoughts circling back around and around…
A blade tears through me. A Titan crushes me. My body breaks. I die… and the thoughts circle back around and around… A blade. A Titan. I’ve been tucked away all this time.
No one deserves this. I don’t deserve— I’M BETTER THAN THIS! I… what’s my name? What’s my— damnit! You’re strong. A weapon of will. A mercenary… a murderer…
Do I deserve this? I got— I did what needed to be done. Always. I’m a weapon of will. A mercenary. A—what’s my name? Blade. Titan. My body breaks… and the thoughts circle—
Battle Pass Level 08
Transition Confounding Variables
Season 11 Confounding Variables - Caustic
Research Audio Log – Entry #47 (Transcript)
Uncovering further information regarding simulacrum programming is continuing to be a challenge. I suppose this isn’t a surprise. Its complexities have been kept quiet by those who have the means to manufacture such machines. Interestingly, Revenant’s recent arrival to the Games has proven to be most useful. I’ve borrowed Ms. Andrade’s research on the subject, though she is too absorbed in her own childish vendetta to realize it.
I am, of course, most interested in the risks of the transfer process on the mind. Most notable is that any damage to the Ego Retention System appears to have significant psychological consequences. Unlike the ignoramuses I am surrounded by, my mind is a fortress. There is no doubt that my brain could withstand such a shock at present. However, the inevitable memory loss from the transfer—whatever the extent—represents a confounding variable. I cannot accurately determine the soundness of my brain matter after the transformation is complete.
Live an eternity as a fool or slowly die a genius? Quite a dilemma.
Battle Pass Level 18
Transition Her Mother's Child
Season 11 Her Mother’s Child - Horizon
Me mam were a bonny wee one, NEWTIE. Bright ‘n’ wild ‘n’ quite short, she was. Not a mean bone in her delightfully slight body. She dinnae raise her voice, or her hand – aye, the only thing she raised was me, and she did it right.
But she dinnae live to see the Outlands teeter on the edge of absolute collapse. She dinnae watch helplessly as a trusted friend betrayed her, and left her fer dead at the edge of a black hole. She got ta raise her child… ta hold them in her arms each night, ta watch them grow tall – aye, taller than her, and oh so fast…No, she dinnae live in a galaxy where hate’s so easy, and a friendly smile’s such an effort.…
...The monster who took ma boy from me is back, NEWTIE. So the big question is, then: Am I like my mammy? Bright ‘n’ wild ‘n’ able to forgive? I want to be, aye, I try to be. Every day. But when I look in Ash’s cold, empty, killer’s eyes… and I see what she took from me? From him? For the first time in my life, my wee one… I hate.
I’m sorry, mammy… but I hate.
Battle Pass Level 31
Transition A Poem for Ash
Season 11 A Poem for Ash - Pathfinder
>> Memory Log
>> Poem #19
>> My Best Girl Friend Ash
>>Oh, my best girl friend Ash
Who I happened to find in the trash
Your words are disarming,
Your actions alarming (in the good way, like a fire alarm!)
No one can beat your slice-dash
One time, you broke my heart (not literally, because I don’t have one)
But now we’ll have a fresh start!
Despite your gun’s sting
Welcome to the ring
My very talented best girl friend
Named Ash :)
Battle Pass Level 42
Transition Subject Random Thoughts
Season 11 Subject: Random Thoughts - Bangalore
[Recovered deleted message]
Subject: Random Thoughts
It’s weird seeing everyone so excited about a new place. I get it, but this locale holds some bad memories for me.
On the surface, this place looks like some island vacation spot, but all I see is a battlefield. Not just our battles, but the ones before and the ones to come. Makes me realize that the Outlands are getting worse. They’re crumbling. I’m fighting, but the war’s been over a long time. I need a change.
Maybe it’s time to get out of here. Maybe it’s time to go home. My real home. At this point, maybe Jackie is-
[Message Deleted]
Battle Pass Level 46
Transition Recovered Message
Season 11 Recovered Message
I’ve head out. Got a job.
The leaders have some expansion planned and they need a team to get parts. They kept telling us to snag more from the IMS Hestia, but we ran out of stuff to refurb years ago. You just can’t patch a patch with a holey patch, y’know?
So then they had this big idea to pull down one of the Stormcatchers “for resources”—I don’t think it’s a good idea. But, what do I know? I’m no scientist. I’m just a guy with a wrench. Anyway, we’re pulling it down tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. Should be back before dinner.
- B
Battle Pass Level 63
Transition Animals of the Outlands
Season 11 Animals of the Outlands - Loba
Searching for the cure with Kairi was a reminder of one of my favorite things about the Outlands: the local wildlife. They’re wonderful. Gorgeous coats and patterns, powerful instincts, not an ounce of pretense . . . When you start to fall in love with one, another comes along and excites you. You start to notice their quirks, desires… eating habits. But as much as you admire them, you can’t get too close unless you want to get bitten.
I’m talking about the prowlers, spiders, and flyers, of course. They’ve been on my mind lately. Why? What did you think I was talking about?
Battle Pass Level 85
Transition The Definition of Family
Season 11 The Definition of Family - Crypto
I can’t send this to you. Not yet. But I know this is a story you’ll want to hear someday.
It started with killer vines. It sounds stupid, I know, but they got ahold of Mystik, and she was close to taking her last breath. Her son—you remember him, the “dead” one—was the only person who could take us to the cure. I didn’t want to work with a man like that, but . . . Geogjeongma. He helped save her . . . and me, though he was selfish in the end.
That was the first time I returned to Gaea since I went into hiding. Not with you or Mystik, but with HIM. That made me angry, but then I realized: I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me, but we’ve helped each other survive. This man knows my biggest secret and I know his. We have the power to destroy each other, but I don’t think we will. Molla. Maybe that’s what family means sometimes.
But…don’t leave me stuck with him. I’ll find you. Soon, I hope.
Yeong-wonhi gajog.
Hack, encrypt message.
Battle Pass Level 92
Transition Paquette Repair Service
Season 11 Paquette Repair Service - Wattson
Aah, we’re so close, Papa! We’ve nearly done it. It’s like I’m full of static energy.
The computer was no good when Crypto gave it to me. Revenant . . . did to it what he does to people. I didn’t think it could be repaired—most of its components were custom-made based on IMC patents. You cannot find them anywhere today. But . . . he told me why he needed it. Why it was so important. So I had to try.
I thought maybe we could scavenge the parts from old IMC machinery and computer banks—Kings Canyon is full of them, and no one is using them now. It worked better than I ever expected! Wraith has been helping—she was always good at finding things—and Crypto too, of course. We have to keep it secret from everyone else, but even between us, we’ve found almost all the pieces! Just a few more, and then we can turn on the power.
. . . Papa, this means so much to him. We’ll find them. I won’t stop until we do.
Battle Pass Level 95


These take place after "Judgment" and the Defiance Launch Trailer. They are followed by "The Perfect Son" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition My Sindiket Report
Season 12 My Sindiket Report
A long time ago, lots of the Outland planets were in a big fight. Then the Sindiket came and helped them get along like my dad does when my brother is being a weenie. Some didn’t wanna, like that Salvo place where that mean lady who blew stuff up came from, but lots did. Lucky, there are some really speshul grownups in the Syndicate. They have a counsill which is when the grownups have a meeting to decide things togehthur so the planets don’t fight again.

The Sindiket has grownups from all over the Outlands in there counsill that are choosen by other Sindiket people. They also run the Apex Games which everyone loves to watch. I do too! My favorite Legend is Lifeline becoz she saved me and gave me a Nessy toy. She is really cool. Sense everyone loves the Apex Games, I think that it helps keep everyone playing nicely.

Season 12 Level 1
Transition Broken Toys
Season 12 Broken Toys
From: B.
Memo #088
Is my life just an occupational hazard? After the fiasco on Talos, I finally managed to ditch H. Got a new job. Except all I did was land in another insane Syndicate contract!
This “Phase Driver”? The potential for things to go wrong is so damn high. One mistake in programming or a broken part—that’s all it would take to drop an entire city on someone’s head, yet nobody even bats an eye! They don’t even have a firewall. Yes, this is a phase tech device that was made to transport an entire floating city and a CHILD could hack into it.
They say it’s fine—that nobody’s got access while Olympus is being used for the Games anyway. But what about the control towers that got hacked? Or the murderous, blood-thirsty lady that hijacked a Syndicate party? They have to remember that. The danger’s right there staring them in the face, but all they care about is the payout!
I gotta get off Psmanthe. Any day now, the sky could fall.
Season 12 Level 12
Transition D.O.C. Audio Log 12.1.0084
Season 12 D.O.C. Audio Log 12.1.0084
A. CHE: —wouldn’t’ve known half the stuff yuh pops did if D.O.C. didn’t make that AUDIO RECORDIN’!
O. SILVA: Yo, that was an accident. I didn’t know the little niño could do that—
A. CHE: I should’ve heard it from yuh! So tell me everythin’, Silva. What don’t I know?
O. SILVA: You know everything. The hostage situation at the museum in Malta—
A. CHE: —and his connection to Creighton Sawtelle
O. SILVA: —that he was behind the vines—
A. CHE: --and how yuh scrubbed his name from the Icarus and its fleet—
O. SILVA: —chica, focus. Now, we know from Mad Maggie he’s behind Olympus falling.
A. CHE: That, I don’t understand. The Syndicate, sure, but what could he want with the Games?
O. SILVA: Who knows? But mi padres always has something up his sleeve.
A. CHE: I wish we weren’t always reactin’ when it comes to our parents.
A. CHE: [sighs]
A. CHE: Let’s chat more about this later. I need to think.
Season 12 Level 25
Transition The Capture of M. Kōhere
Season 12 The Capture of M. Kōhere
>>>>CALL DURATION 00:51.27
>>MAGISTRATE: Permission to establish comm link: granted. Permission to engage: only if necessary.
>>ZHOU: Roger that. Link established. In pursuit. Recording transmission. Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kōhere, on behalf of the Syndicate Alliance—
>>KŌHERE: Zhou! Thought I left ya back on Págos. Hope those folks I’ve been talkin’ to didn’t rough you up too bad, ay?
>>ZHOU: –power down your aircraft. You are due for trial and possible sentencing for—
>>KŌHERE: Oh, this speech again. Blah, blah, “possible” sentencing! Tell me, egg, ever get tired of doin’ what those Syndicate dogs tell ya to do?
>>ZHOU: —your crimes. These crimes include: sedition, inciting riots, theft, acts of viole—
>>KŌHERE: —you mean the Salvo “treaty” ceremony?! That was a load of—[explosion]
>>ZHOU: AND murder, as well as the RECENT additions of evading arrest and stoking anti-Syndicate sentiment on Fringe Worlds.
>>KŌHERE: “Stoking anti-Syndicate...” That’s not a crime! Shove it up y—[explosion]
>>ZHOU: …deemed necessary. [explosion] Ship in freefall. Orders?
>>KŌHERE: ...you ain’t...done with me yet, Zhou. I’ve walked away from worse than this before.
>>ZHOU: Phased. Target down. Possible injuries. Your merc team on Olympus can move in for extraction.
>>MAGISTRATE: [huff] Good. We’ll have to thank our friend Silva for the tip."
Season 12 Level 49
Transition In Session
Season 12 In Session
> Anita, W – 001
I: Whenever you’re ready, Anita.
W: I don’t know how to do this.
I: We’re just talking. It all stays here. I know you’re used to procedures, but this isn’t really a one-size-fits-all process.
W: Yeah. Got it.
I: Why don’t you tell me about your family? Your mom? Dad?
W: They were soldiers. We all were—are. Tough as nails. I . . .
W: . . . A lot has happened since I left home. I abandoned my post on duty, killed one of our own, worked as a merc, lost . . . my brother, and now . . .
I: You hesitated. Can you tell me why that is?
W: Now I fight in a bloodsport for money.
I: You think that would mean something to your parents?
W: They raised me to be a soldier and I failed at everything. I think about seeing them again—what they’d say to me, and I’m just . . .
I: You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to.
W: . . . I’m scared.
Season 12 Level 65
Transition Salvonian Drinking Song
Season 12 Salvonian Drinking Song
‘Only the Strong Survive on Salvo’ - A Salvonian Drinking Song
Groups 1 & 2 sing their parts simultaneously.
They say,
‘On-ly the strong sur-vive on Salvo’

And by god, it bet’er be true

(GROUP 1) ‘Cuz when we’re in a fight, (FIGHT!)
(GROUP 2) ‘Cuz we’ll break, bleed, and fight (FIGHT!)
(GROUP 1) Won’t stop ‘til we’re right (RIGHT!)
(GROUP 2) With all of our might (MIGHT!)
(GROUP 1) so leave me and mine to our brew. (BREW! BREW! BREW!)
(GROUP 2) so don’t mess with me or my crew. (CREW! CREW! CREW!)

So we say…
‘On-ly the strong sur-vive on Salvo’
‘Cuz, hell, it bloody well is true!
Season 12 Level 66
Transition Legend Impressions- Mad Maggie
Season 12 Legend Impressions: Mad Maggie
“Heyo! Trev here, on the streets of Solace City for your latest Legend Impressions! Most of y’all were asking WHAT THE HELL the Syndicate was thinking when they dropped ‘Mad Maggie’ into the Games. Smart move? Or a big flop? Let’s find out. Hey you, with the dumb hat!”
“It’s a normal hat.”
“What do you think about Mad Maggie being in the Games?”
“She’s kind of a mass murderer, like Revenant, so she’s fun to cheer against.”
“And your friend here?”
“Hi! Maggie’s the worst! She’s soooo mean. That’s why I love watching her lose!”
“Great! Moving on . . . How ‘bout you, kid. Thoughts on Maggie?”
“Maggie’s a butt-head. Where’d mommy go?”
“Huh . . . Probably shoulda picked someone older. Sir, you look worn by the ages. What’s your impression of Mad Maggie?”
“She’s got grit and ain’t afraid to stand up for the freedom of others. I’ll be rootin’ for her.”
“Huh. Interesting take. Well, there you have it, folks! Mean, gritty, and murderous, but you can guarantee we’ll all love watching her compete. Trev OUT!”
Season 12 Level 70
Transition The Warrior’s Feast
Season 12 The Warrior’s Feast
Your kid’s going through their Warrior Rites. It’s the proudest time of a Salvonian parent’s life. You wait at home to clean their bloody knuckles, run ‘em a nice hot bath, and serve a traditional Warrior’s meal. That meal is the Warrior’s Feast, a hearty meal with leviathan steak and couscous cakes that began decades ago and remains the dish to serve for our newest Salvonian Warriors today.

Leviathan Steak ingredients: Good slab of steak, bit of minced garlic, some olive oil, herb spices and seasoning, pepper and salt.

Couscous Cake ingredients: A few handfuls of couscous, 3 eggs (maybe 4), some chopped green onions, more garlic than steak (minced), flour to bind, spoonful of smoky spices, pinch of salt, more olive oil.

Cook: Rub seasoning and garlic over the steak. Broil a few minutes on each side for a rare cook that’s bloody and tender. Cook couscous and mix the ingredients together. Cook in a pan with oil for a couple minutes on each side until done.
Season 12 Level 81
Transition Eulogy for Navidad ‘Navi’ Silva
Season 12 Eulogy for Navidad ‘Navi’ Silva - Lifeline
Uh, hi.
I wasn’t really expectin’ to do a…eulogy today…but, uh, Silva showed up at muh house at four in the mornin’ and asked me to. So, here goes.
As yuh might know, our Navi died. I’m told that it was…a rocket crash. Wait, didn’t he— “blow up in a gajillion pieces”? Uh, okay. Silva said that it was “very cool.” I guess.
Navi was born—well, we’re not sure when but we celebrate his birthday on December 28th ‘cuz that’s when Silva got him. Navi had an interestin’ life, for a li’l bunny rabbit. Just, uh, earlier this year I memba watchin’ the stream of the weddin’, the one to wife number 4—when Silva was lit up with firecrackers and jumpin’ out of that fiery hovercar—and seein’ Navi’s white ears pokin’ out of Silva’s jacket. Li’l guy was as cool as can be. Didn’t even flinch.
Navi did lotsa other cool things—too many to list—but the best thing he did was be Silva’s buddy.
Do some sick moves as yuh cross the rainbow bridge, Navi.
Season 12 Level 90
Transition Tuesday Nights at Paradise Lounge
Season 12 Tuesday Nights at Paradise Lounge
Horizon: Wally! Didnae see you there. Oh. Goin’ at lightspeed, are we? You alright there, Walter?
Fuse: Nah yeah, I’m peachy.
Mirage: He’s been like this all night. And yes, Mary, I tried asking. He threatened to put a frag in—
Horizon: Another tea fer me. Ta, dear.
Horizon: Budge up. It seems like yer drinkin’ to forget… This about Maggie?
Fuse: That easy to read, ay?
Horizon: Ach, I’m puttin’ two and two together. I ken that you were friends, somethin’ about yer arm, and I heard about the trial. Tell me what’s on yer mind.
Fuse: Well, my bloody past keeps on showin’ up. Vividly and in person. Oh! And, mate, that past has a history of blowing up whatever new leaf I turn. Hell, I can’t even have a whole year to meself. A trial, sure, but puttin’ her in the Games? The whole thing became this bloody, big spectacle. What were they thinkin’?
Horizon: I’ll buy us both another drink. Maybe two. Or five. Somethin’ on the strong side, eh? Then we’ll have a chat.
Season 12 Level 97


These take place after "Hero" and the Saviors Launch Trailer. They are followed by the "Family Secrets" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Pre-Orders Now Open!
Season 13 Icon Pre-Orders Now Open!
<VPN Active>
</blkmkt.png… received>
<Opening message>
BODY: After being sold out for weeks, we’ve got another batch of Storm Point lobster fresh off the cargo ship. No shells, all flesh in pristine purple and green! We’re fresh outta claw meat, but the head is where it’s at! Nice sweet tasting notes with none of the brine flavor you get from common lobsters. With a price no one can beat, since we’re the only ones that have it! Pre-orders have just opened up, so let us know how much you want today before it sells out. Send your form and payment with level 4 encryption or it will be ignored!

P.S. All claims of sickness from the lobster meats are from poor storage and preparation. You’re gonna wanna cook it TWICE as long as you would a boring normal lobster and use FRESH butter to coat it. Treat yourself! Take care of your meats and store them well.

Bon Appetit!
<Message closed>
Season 13 Icon Level 1
Transition Inside the Outlands
Season 13 Icon Inside the Outlands; Episode 1082.5
Transcript from CAM4_001.RAW
S.P.: Is the carcass in frame?
OPERATOR: I could hide three leviathans in this thing, so yeah, it’s in frame. Also, we’re inside it.
S.P: Good. Good. And let’s lose that low angle shot. We don’t want Mr. Silva looking like a villain.
D.S: I appreciate that, Miss Pebble. …Are we recording? I– I see a little red light­–

Transcript from CAM4_005.RAW
S.P: That’s great, but this time when you say “I take every matter in the Outlands personally”, could we have you say it… with a big smile?
D.S: I don’t smile.
S.P: …You don’t–
D.S: Not when I’m inside the belly of a rotting sea creature. Roll your camera.
S.P: With respect, Mr. Silva, you hired us for our PR expertise. If you want to project strength and, frankly, likeability to the Outlands… an interview showing you spearheading the changes coming to Storm Point – and… and maybe smiling – are going to help achieve that.
D.S: [SIGHS] …I should’ve had Octavio do this.

Transcript from CAM4_012.RAW
S.P: – and now that you’ve officially been sworn in as the One Voice of the Syndicate, the people want to know: What are your plans for the Outlands?
D.S: [a quiet laugh]
D.S: Change, Miss Pebble. Change.
Season 13 Icon Level 15
Transition Margaret Kohere's Lessons
Season 13 Icon Margaret Kōhere's Lessons - Mad Maggie
Pop quiz, kid. A power-hungry crook’s coiled his snake-body ‘round the Outlands, and he’s slowly choking the life out of it… but you’re just a spoiled brat from Psamathe with no weapons to speak of and a pesky moral code that’s holdin’ ya back.
So what d’ya do? YOU GET TO WORK, GIRL!
If ya spend all ya time healin’ folks, you’ll never stop the bastard causin’ the wounds. Time to get in the fight. Time to get RUTHLESS! Hell… it’s time you learn some history.
Back in the day, a bunch of eggs called the IMC decided to take Salvo by force. Didn’t go so well for ‘em. They left behind a bunch of supply bunkers when they fled; and me and my Cracked Talons have been raidin’ ‘em ever since.
And here’s the thing… Those same IMC supply bunkers have been poppin’ up all over Storm Point. I reckon it's time you crack ‘em open, and see what sweet as treats they’ve left for us…
Season 13 Icon Level 52
Transition APEXGAMESDAILY Presents
Season 13 Icon APEXGAMESDAILY Presents...
Blogs have been abuzz with theories behind the newest Legend, Newcastle, and his sudden burst of talent. After years spent failing to make it in The Games, he’s now sitting at the top of every fan’s power rankings. Some questioned if performance enhancers have come into play, some believe it was rigged, and others think that the Legends aren’t as competitive as they used to be. I have a different theory.
Many of us watch the Apex Games and the Legends on the screen, but how often do we think about the people behind the Legends? Lamont Craig, a handyman from Newcastle’s own Harris Valley, repairs and upgrades Newcastle’s armor. With his current hot streak, we’ve seen Newcastle play more defensively, looking out for his fellow Legends, and leap into action when needed. One can only assume that these are the result of Mr. Craig adding new defensive upgrades. Both Newcastle and Lamont declined to comment for this article. Stay tuned for updates.
Season 13 Icon Level 55
Transition Selfish Mistakes
Season 13 Icon Selfish Mistakes - Newcastle
Hey there, Journal. It’s been a while since I wrote in this thing, mostly because it’s dangerous. If anyone finds this, everything I’ve worked for would be gone. However, this is the only place I can express my thoughts freely.
I constantly think about the decision I made to join the Games when I did. I could’ve easily waited just ONE game and wouldn’t have had my whole cover blown. But, to be honest, if my sister was going to leave for Gridiron, I HAD to see her one last time. Fighting by her side felt like we were kids again, like we were back home taking pot shots at bottles. It was exactly what I needed–until it wasn’t. When the Big Lobster Monster hit the fan, it all went up in smoke and I was made. Now Anita’s staying and she wants answers. I’m just afraid that she’s not going to like the ones I have.
Season 13 Icon Level 67
Transition Out With the Old In With the New
Season 13 Icon Out With the Old, In With the New
[NEW] Bangalore’s Final Match! Newcastle Arrives
IMC.ool >> Anyone else struggling to work today? I can’t believe Bangalore’s leaving the Games. She’s the only reason I started watching. Nobody else has her discipline and tactical brilliance. Do they really think Newcastle can replace what she brings to the ring?
TheValGal >> lol RIP Bang. Byeee. Newcastle’s a REAL hero
IMC.ool >> Get outta here troll.
Causterizer >> both C-tier legends. except that
B1G_G0BL1N >> First, it’s accept*. Second, nobody cares what you think. Us Bangalords aren’t trying to wage war against the Castleheads. We’re mourning because Bangalore is one of a kind and a new Legend will never be able to fill her shoes. I’m sure Newcastle will be great.
PathBEBE >> Castlehead here. Sorry for the obnoxious ones. Obviously, I’m really excited for Newcastle. I think his defensive capabilities will be a great asset to any squad. But I’m gutted for you Bangalords. When I started watching the Games, I learned a lot about weapons from her commentary. She’ll be missed.
v0lt@ge >> wattson #1 losers
Season 13 Icon Level 82
Transition Nothing Personal
Season 13 Icon Nothing Personal - Revenant
I’m worried about you, Sarge. You think I’m mad? No… not at all. I don’t need you to go anywhere with me. I’m just thinking about how lonely you must be, abandoned by your little wolf, crying over a brother that’s worm food. You think this place is home, but nobody really knows you, do they? You know that. Then you’ll lie awake at night wondering if mommy’s still breathing. And daddy—how disappointed he’d be if he could see you, the “soldier” he raised running around in a bloodsport. I bet they’re wondering why their daughter didn’t love them enough to come home. Did she even try? Or maybe they’re dead, like the rest of your family. Did they ask for you on their deathbeds, hoping you would come? You’ll never know. So there’s no need to watch your back around me, Sarge. I don’t need to lay a finger on you. There’s no need for me to make you suffer when you’re already in Hell…
Season 13 Icon Level 83


These take place after "Survive" and the Hunted Launch Trailer. They are followed by the "Friends Like These" quest.

Image Description Earned
Transition Psych Evaluation of T-0323
Season 14 Psych Evaluation of T-0323
PSYCH INTERVIEWER: I–Dr. S–am conducting a psychological evaluation of Xenia Contreras after the incident with–
XENIA: –Miranda. Once in the hand. Once in the stomach.
P.I.: Erm, yes. Could you tell me why you did that?
X: Self-defense. She started choking me and I sliced her hand to break free.
P.I.: ‘Self-defense’. Why did she attack you?
X: I don’t pay attention to the drama that goes on here.
P.I.: And the second ‘cut’?
X: She kept attacking so I incapacitated her.
P.I.: I see. Where did you get the knife?
X: . . .
P.I.: Let’s come back to that. Could you tell me how you survived–the crash, the wilderness, the birth?
X: I had to. For her.
P.I.: For your daughter? Hm. Do you think Xiomara being with you was for the best? I hear she was horrifically injured while in your care. And now, she’s fighting in a bloodsport . . . wouldn’t it be better if she lived with, say, a family mem–
X: –el va por la IZQUIERDA–
P.I.: Guards! Guards! AHHHCKK—restrain her!
Season 14 Level 1
Transition Happy Birthday Mara
Season 14 Happy Birthday, Mara
Feliz Cumpleaños, mija. I’m sure that by now your perceptive mind has tipped you off, but I’m giving you the A13-Sentry. While it is a gift, this isn’t a toy–it’s a privilege and responsibility. It has been passed down to me by my mother, to her by her mother, and so on. It’s yours now, so take care of it. Remember, you need to make sure its temperature is regulated so that it won't get jammed in the cold. Keep it out of the snow and free of debris. Above all, keep it safe and it’ll keep you safe. I hope one day you’ll pass this rifle on to your own child. Until then, use it well. Happy Birthday, Mara. Now it’s up to you to see another birthday. I know you will.
Season 14 Level 11
Transition Reenactment Revolution
Season 14 Reenactment Revolution
Subject: Huge GDS Vantage lead!

Body: Hey Team, I have some good news! I’m sure we’ve all noticed that there has been a dip in attendance to our reenactments of the Outlands Civil War, and if I’m being completely honest, performances all around have been stale. (No offense, Manny, but I can tell you’ve been getting bored!) We tried making both sides more evenly equipped so it’s more fun to watch, but even that didn’t improve our numbers.

Well, this morning my buddy that works in the Gaean government, got me a copy of the GDS Vantage blueprint. We’ll be the ONLY reenactment group able to ACCURATELY cover what really went down on that prison ship. Sure, we don’t know the details, but neither do any of the other groups. So, with the “historically accurate” blueprint, we get to bring our own exciting interpretation to life, and be the most accurate reenactment! So please respond to my next email for scheduling a brainstorm on Xenia, the traitor. We gotta spice up this backstory!

Season 14 Level 45
Transition Intake Eval for X. Contreras
Season 14 Intake Eval for X. Contreras
DATE: 16 Mar 2716, 11:32am
Signed by Lý, Minh Hà, MD, PhD
Active Medication List: NONE. Ending prev doctor’s sedative rec.

Advising: exercise, additional nutritional support, mental stimulation.

First visit to Ms. Contreras on the GDS Vantage. Female patient in her mid-20’s. Pre-existing injuries include periorbital hematoma.

P.H. for mother and fetus are normal for 12 weeks. Mentioned my worries about the sedative and her future bone health (due to sustained poor nutrition). Will continue to monitor.

Alert, well-spoken, and distrusting but doing well considering current circumstances. When examining the fetus Ms. Contreras asked if her child would be taken from her and given to her parents. This triggered a panic attack.

Despite my refusal to break doctor-patient confidentiality, I believe someone is gaining access to my records. So. Please communicate that I, a healthcare professional, STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH ANY MEASURES TO TAKE AWAY HER CHILD. The assumption that she is unfit is grossly manufactured.

As long as Ms. Contreras wishes to retain custody, THAT is the plan I will be following.
Season 14 Level 58
Transition A Canyon Built for Kings
Season 14 A Canyon Built for Kings
For those who missed the reopening ceremony for King’s Canyon, APEXGAMESDAILY has provided a transcript for our loyal newsletter subscribers! Read on to hear the beautiful words of the esteemed poet of The Outlands Shayne Stella:

“Dust settles.
Revealing old bones around a new battlefield.
We return again.
And again. As a fresh take is revealed
Pushing through as we reach new heights.
Buckling down against the hard fights.
We stepped away from the place we called home.
Where Legends roam the former Thunderdome
In the distance,
The canyon of the kings
Built by nature.
The aging tree rings.
Listen closely as the flyers soar.
Songs of battle, drums of war.
An esteemed history.
With competition rivalries grew.
Who will win? A modern mystery.
The kings return anew.
It’s King’s Canyon reopening day,
Let’s all cheer as Legends slay!”
Season 14 Level 78
Transition Only a Mum
Season 14 Only a Mum - Horizon
I put ma hand on her shoulder. Mara’s lookin’ a wee pale. I cannae blame her for bein’ a tad overwhelmed, it's her first time in the Games after all. She misses her mum, that one, and Wally’s not helping. I’ll bet he’s still carrying that guilt from endangering all those kids when Maggie crashed his party, and Mara’s so young. He’s got himself all worked up because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He’ll realize how crabbit he’s bein’ soon enough.

Fer now, I’ll look out fer her, and I’ll make sure she’s safe. I ken how painful it must be for her mum to be stuck in one place, unable to watch over her wee one. What she did to be put in there, I dinnae ken, but there’s no doubt a mum’ll do anything to protect her child–even if it means crossin’ a line ye maybe shouldn’t. I understand that more than anyone . . .
Season 14 Level 89
Transition An Adequate Reflection
Season 14 An Adequate Reflection
Hi Ms. Nguyen. You told me to write a reflection on why it was wrong to punch Raphael in the face. It’s because of some weird girl Raphael and I met on the bus a few weeks ago. The way she smelled and talked was odd, and she argued with the driver about her bat. I asked why she’d brought it. Apparently it was her first time on a bus, and she needed her bat since she was going to the Apex Games qualifiers. She’s only 18!

Raphael didn’t believe she’d make it into the Games, so we made a bet: if Weird Girl shows up in the Games, I get his rare Gibraltar trading card. And guess what? She showed up! But Raphael wouldn’t give me his card, so I punched him.
I see now it was wrong since Raphael didn’t know what would happen if he goes back on his word, but now he does.
You should know, we made a new bet: if Weird Girl gets her mom out of jail, Raphael gives me his shiny Ash card…or else.
Season 14 Level 98

Image Description Earned
Transition Broken Moon - Hope
Season 15 Broken Moon - Hope
Say hello to Hope – a colony devoted to the conservation and restoration of Cleo, Boreas’s beloved moon. After a cataclysmic meteor event sent the planet Boreas on a path to destruction, the nations of Boreas came together to create Hope. From Alpha Base (the first lunar research camp), to the Stasis Net Array (an apparatus which keeps away space debris), to the shining townhomes of the Promenades, witness Boreas’s efforts first-hand. Liven up your tour by hopping on a Zip Rail to your desired destination. Typically used for the transportation of materials, the Zip Rail has been altered to benefit solo riders who wish to quickly navigate around curves in the environment. This extra special tour was made possible by the hard work of public and private enterprises on Cleo. An extra special thank you to Silva Pharmaceuticals, which sponsors the Apex Games on Broken Moon.
Transition A Deleted Message
Season 15 A Deleted Message - Seer
Automated Message: Hello, you’ve reached the exclusive line for the office of Mr. Duardo Silva, head of the Syndicate and Silva Pharmaceuticals. We are currently unavailable, but please leave a message and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


Message: Mr. Silva, this is Obi Edolasim! This tour you sent us on—there must be some sort of error. You and I spoke at length about bringing the Games to Boreas, and I spoke with everyone you asked me to in order to make it possible. But what we saw was not my home planet. That was its moon, Cleo. Surely this is some sort of error! Perhaps someone on your staff misunderstood our intentions—I cannot be certain, but this is something that must be rectified as soon as possible. I can contact the CRC and—


Automated Message: Sorry. The number you have dialed is no longer available.
Season 15 Level 1
Transition Calibration Complete
Season 15 Calibration Complete - Catalyst
From: Pravina.Reddy1@omail.bo
To: thecrystalsmith2@omail.bo
cc: angelgurlrosie@omail.bo

Hey Tressa,

I’ve updated your equipment based off the latest tests you and I ran with Rose. She analyzed the data (and had fun doing it, the nerd) and figured out that the calibration on your left glove was slightly off. That’s why your spikes were coming out all wobbly and not murdery-looking like you wanted. SO! I adjusted the settings and the magnetic fields should be properly balanced coming out of your hands now. I got a new chip that runs the power more efficiently too. You’ll probably want to go a few rounds in the workshop to get used to its reactivity. As always, let me know if you have questions about it. I’ll find some time to come by.

Onto the IMPORTANT stuff . . . Rose and I came up with some fandom names for you. Our top three are KittyCatalysts, LuKnights, and MOONERS.

Reply From: angelgurlrosie@omail.bo


Reply From: thecrystalsmith2@omail.bo

Mooners??? MOONERS??!
Season 15 Level 12
Transition The Folly of Youth
Season 15 The Folly of Youth - Catalyst
What do I want? What DON’T I want?

I want peace. I want a home that feels whole again. I want to go back to my youth knowing what I know now. Adolescents can be so headstrong. Was it too much or just enough? And even though sometimes it felt like all the forces of the universe were working against us… we had each other. I would do anything for my coven. I still would.

No one tells you when you’re young and foolish that the decisions you make affect everything. Margo made so many decisions; to change our world, to take action, to not tell me what we were doing until we were doing it. Was it bravery? Was she just being a stubborn teenager? Perhaps the answer is both.

I wonder if she ever thinks about that. I . . . hope she had the chance.
Season 15 Level 27
Transition Coven Chat
Season 15 Coven Chat - Catalyst
Margo: just a lil peek. u no i’m too busy w coven stuff to do all the hw
Margo: plz TT.TT
Margo: plz TT.TT
Margo: plz TT.TT
Tressa: One sec. I’m next in line.
Pravina: M, I already gave you my notes. All of the answers are in there, you just need to READ IT THIS TIME and GIVE ME BACK MY NOTES.
Pravina: TRESSA.
Rose: DID YOU SEEE THE MOOOON?!?!?!? TWAS /full/
Margo: go back & maybe he ll give u a free cookie (i want a cookie)
Tressa: I knew you would, so I got you one.
Rose: I bet he puts his number on ur cup
Tressa: He was NOT. He was being NICE.
Rose: Wish someone was that nice to me O.O
Margo: yessssss
Rose: Cups??
Tressa: No number. I TOLD YOU.
Tressa: Please don’t!
Tressa: COME BACK!
Tressa: mSRGO
Pravina: Margo, Tressa is going to hex you. Haha.
Rose: Save ur magic for a love charm
Tressa: MARGOT.
Margo: got the number. gimme ur homework
Season 15 Level 38
Transition CRC Memo Addressing Rumors
Season 15 CRC Memo; Addressing Rumors
-Internal People Managers Memo-

I’m sure you’ve heard rumors of the shuffle on Boreas. There will be a Release later but I wanted to warn you so you can use the LT to get your workers in a good position.

LS, S: Apex Games got Hope.

Somehow, the Syndicate convinced NAB who convinced the CRC to…IDK. Pause work for more publicity. Something to do with the Edolasim interview. Everyone from AB to NorP—and I do mean everyone—will have to move. That’s BSD, CRC-drs, the Kobindi comp-contracts, and everyone else. The only people who won’t be affected are the nobodies at EteG. Haha. But, really, that was the only thing NAB contested. Argued access to EteG would be “immoral”.

Where is everyone going? TBD. For how long? TBD. No word on when access is X-d. I have no other answers.

This includes BN&C. The Games will have almost full access to all Hope facilities. Because: because. I don’t want to be a doomsayer but it sure seems like the death of Hope.

Will update further in our 1-1.
Season 15 Level 78
Transition Dream Homes for Dreamers
Season 15 Dream Homes for Dreamers




“Whether you’re looking for a forever home, or a swanky prestige-pad for the sole purpose of ceaselessly bragging to your friends, we have you covered!”


“Get your bibs ready, because your eyes are in for a feast!”


-Your purchase comes complete with customizable mounted heads from your choice of Fringe World! (Salvonian beast heads available for an additional charge)

-Relieve the joys of childhood!

-Enjoy all the warmth and adventurousness of Fringe world-style living, on the unquestionable safety of Cleo!

-In keeping with the original design of this historic building, we’ve preserved the classic doors; an icon in Outlands décor! (Doors are able to withstand one [ 1 ] blunt force trauma impact.)


“Call 1875-LUX to book your viewing today!”
Season 15 Level 86
Transition Reflection
Season 15 "Reflection" - Rampart and Catalyst
“So things went sideways and your mate bolloxed everything up. Rest of your mates give you an earful?”

“ . . .”

“You did tell ‘em, didn’t’cha?”

“Not . . . right away. The situation was fragile. Everything was a blur after the explosion. I remember the alert that went out over the personal comm network better than anything: an incident at the planet harvester site, suspected foul play. It’s strange, the things that stay with you.

“I went back to our haunt without a second thought—I didn’t have enough thoughts left for a better plan. But when I made it, there were police crawling all over it. It hadn’t taken them any time at all to figure out who we were.

“Rose and Pravina were there. I saw it all from the alley below. Rose was terrified, and Pravina was shouting at them for making a mess of the place. I felt like someone had reached into my chest and was squeezing my heart. I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t put everyone else in danger. And I couldn’t be found.

“It took time but . . . I found a place where I could wait for things to calm down. A place where no one would come looking.”
Season 15 Level 99

Image Description Earned
Transition The Modder's Corner
Season 16 The Modder's Corner
Recently, the mod community has been abuzz with some explosive news: the premiere of The Sisters’ wares in the Apex Games. Headed by their leader “Big Sister,” this modding group previously only operated underground and were well-known for bringing brutally fun concepts to the modding scene. Their transformation into a licensed business comes with the release of the Nemesis AR. Initially, the weapon appears bulky in form, but ergonomics were most certainly taken into account as it feels incredibly solid and comfortable to hold. While the weapon boasts many other impressive features, its ability to ramp up from burst fire into full auto is a satisfying mechanism that offers an increased sense of control.

This powerful and unique gun will be making its debut in the Apex Games. Notably, famed modder and Apex Legend Ramya “Rampart” Parekh, owner of Rampart Mods, got her start working under Big Sister. However, it has been nearly a year since Parekh has refreshed her inventory, so perhaps her former mentors will give the modding community something new to be excited about.

By Aristeidis Terzeas
Season 16
Level 1
Transition Important Secret Intel
Season 16 Important Secret Intel - Octane

Got some of that super secret intel you wanted, pops. Something’s up with Maggie and Lifeline. They’re all buddy-buddy and I don’t like it. They keep whispering to each other like amigas even though Maggie is the worst. She’s kind of a bad friend to Lifeline. Also, she makes all these jokes that Lifeline laughs at, but the jokes suck. Maggie never laughs at my jokes, so her sense of humor must be broken. Or maybe I’m too fast for her (I’m kidding… I KNOW I’m too fast for her.) That’s another thing– she thinks she’s so extreme but I’ve done way crazier stuff. I don’t know what Lifeline is doing and I don’t get why they’re working together. I think they’re just trying to make me jealous, but I’m totally not. Okay, that’s it for now from your #1 spy.
Season 16
Level 13
Transition S.A.R.A.S. Fan Mail
Season 16 S.A.R.A.S. Fan Mail
ATTN: Makoa Gibraltar

Dear Mr. Gibraltar,

My name is Hannah and I am four years old and three quarters. You are my favorite Legend and you saved my life when the transport ship me and Auntie were on hit a flyer and it went BOOM. It was scary and I can swim good but I got tired and couldn’t swim to Auntie or anyone else. Then you came to S.A.R.A.S. us and got us out of the water. You said you didn’t bring your bathing suit for swimming– That was funny, do you remember? I was so excited when you pulled me up out of the water and you are my favorite Legend.

Next time could you save me but with your Dome Shield? Maybe turn it upside down and make it a boat. I would like to see it and also do you remember on the S.A.R.A.S. ship I asked if you and me could drop from up high like in the Games? You said yes when I’m older and I’m almost five so we could do it then. And also you could slam down and make a castle like my other favorite Legend.

Thank you for saving me and also I love you,
*Dictated but not read.
Season 16
Level 45
Transition Research Report - Subject Cross
Season 16 Research Report - Subject_Cross
Incorpus Callosum Signal Connectivity: 99%

Confirmed terminations in the last year: 297

Preventability Rating: 77.86%

Review: Given Subject’s profile (including past and predictive performance analysis, ability application, range, all sensory inputs), a significant percentage of Subject’s terminations were deemed preventable. Further, data indicates Subject actively halted countermeasures in nearly all of these instances. The most probable reason is Subject’s unrestricted recall, which includes troublesome variables like all previous terminations leading to a sort of “existential despair.”

Our teams have already begun to integrate these findings into our predictive models, but it is our strong recommendation that we begin research into the Organic Storage Elasticity Project immediately.
Season 16
Level 86
Transition 1000 Impossible Ideas
Season 16 1000 Impossible Ideas
A_Post>> Did you hear? Daddy’s Boy crashed the anniversary planning committee meeting and pitched like 1000 impossible ideas. And Bettelstrem was nodding along as if we’re gonna make them happen!

M_Hill>> Course he did. Bettelstrem wants to be a Silva SO BAD. What were O’s ideas?

A_Post>> Dude. He wants us to train 100 flyers to do a synchronized dance to a Flyer Liars song.

M_Hill>> What?! Flyers are WILD ANIMALS. We can barely keep them from stealing streamers and romancing the balloons!

A_Post>> Then we’ve got to build a huge water slide that is a jump onto ANOTHER water slide that loops back to the first water slide. Infinite water slide. I swear the Silvas don’t understand that people can die.

M_Hill>> What do they put in that stim and can I have some?

A_Post>> Yeah it’s called “nepotism.”

M_Hill>> LOL.

A_Post>> The ONLY good idea he had was making sure the Caustic-shaped balloon isn’t full of toxic gas.

M_Hill>> I wanted to laugh at that but I just shuddered. Have we checked?

A_Post>> Funny you should ask. You missed the meeting so you have to check!

M_Hill>> Not funny.

A_Post>> Not asking. Off you go!
Season 16
Level 98

Image Description Earned
Transition Boiling Point
Season 17 Boiling Point - Ballistic

Mmm. Lady Grey. A gift to the sense! I inhale deeply from the tea leaves in my hands, bending slightly to duck an errant fist. Quality leaves are of the utmost importance. I gently side-step a knife-stab while pouring precisely 200 milliliters of piping hot water into the establishment's most... acceptable china. The tea leaves follow; I'm no philistine.

Indeed, I'm a humble - and very well armed - man, trying to enjoy a quiet 5:00am cuppa tea in his favorite hole in the wall. And yet here they are, a testosterone of hooligans, thinking they can make a name by challenging mine.

When my four assailants move in for the kill, I can't help but think: To milk or not to milk?

I blow on the tea before head-butting the first foe in the nose. His blood spurts into my milk container, answering my earlier question. The leaves have steeped for exactly three minutes. I pour the tea through a strainer, catching the leaves... which I then shove into another assailant's mouth, choking him on exquisite flavor.

Now then, six minutes to kill before my beloved beverage reaches optimal consumption temperature. Just enough time to make sport of any hooligan left standing...

Season 17
Level 1
Transition They Call Us Apex Legends
Season 17 They Call Us Apex Legends - Kuben Blisk

Bring back the Thunderdome. Heh. Couple of sops at the Syndicate got all misty over the good old days. Understand it, but don't respect it. Not a one of em' ever set foot in that ring.

When they got it in their heads to bring back the Thunderdome, they looked at me with gold glitters in their eyes. I was the last Thunderdome fighter that wasn't in hiding or in the ground. Commissioner. Shoulda shot the paperpushers down, but that wouldn'ta stopped em. But if they were gonna get up to it anyway, better do it right.

This place - any place - needs Legends. They come from all over the Outlands, each fighting for their own reasons. They're icons of strength and power. Outside the ring, they're Champions. Inside, they're equals - but the smart ones don't go it alone. Saw a lot learn that the hard way. Don't make their mistake.

They kill you, they're better. You kill them, you're better. That's never changed.

Season 17
Level 11
Transition Apex Legends Museum Opening in 2735
Season 17 Apex Legends Museum Opening in 2735
Mothmanic: Omg!!!1 Think thbey have Seer merch?
> MooningMooner: Cat or bust
Stim_shake: When do they open? They’ve gotta have public visiting hours right?
> Roy230548395404: Lol you gonna fly to the middle of nowhere?
>> Stim_shake: Talos has a landing port doesn’t it?
HopeRidge2693: This is so exciting. My father has home records from the Thunderdome from when he was an operator at the Kings Canyon water treatment plant. So nostalgic. I hope I can bring my kids here.
PoetisMyGoet: Lol I bet Fuse steals the BH plushies
> clips_not_magazines: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
AlwaysFirst: First
wafflesb4swine: Bet the next guy’s a museum curator. Hits people with ancient artifacts. Take a thousand-year-old smartphone to the dome
SUNBurst25: aH ang galing! I hope they have a weapon section!
Season 17
Level 45
Transition The Fancy-Shmancy New Firing Range
Season 17 The Fancy-Shmancy New Firing Range - Bangalore
Look, I’m not mad about putting a fresh coat of paint on something that needs it as badly as the Firing Range does. But who even is this guy? Old man thinks he can come in, throw some money around and be what–The new weapons expert? Ha. Nah man, that’s my department.

The new stuff is too glitzy. Yes, some of these updates are useful. The upgrades to the DUMMIEs will be great for target practice–the design on their movement patterns are actually good for running drills. I don’t need it myself, but some of these folks in the Games need to work on their technique. I’m glad they’ve amped up basic training… Everyone benefits from reviewing the basics, whether you're a rookie or an expert like me.

All right, fine... This thing isn’t as bad as I thought. Watch how fast I master it.
Season 17
Level 86
Transition Looking Back to the Thunderdome
Season 17 Looking Back to the Thunderdome - Ballistic

…That’s a good question, Lisa. It’s certainly an honor to be represented in the Museum, but to say I have some baggage about those days would be an understatement, as you know.

Going back to your earlier question, I’d say the Apex Games get further and further away from what the Thunderdome felt like every day. The production value behind the whole operation alone is a scale I could never imagine. They have such huge playgrounds to fight in… It can feel overwhelming to us old-timers, but also inspiring.

We were never celebrities in the way the Legends are today. Well, most of us weren’t. But we were happy with that. Most of us played for the love of the sport, or for money, or because we simply couldn’t think of any other path for ourselves. The attention and glory… it was nice when you got a taste of that, but it wasn’t why we were there. So to now be featured in a museum…
It’s just not a future I ever anticipated.

Season 17
Level 93

Image Description Earned
Transition A Gift to the Outlands
Season 18 A Gift to the Outlands - Torres Silva

[STIM SERUM, BATCH: #1215010-c] SELFTEST: Tuesday, 5:08am


Mmm. This one is… stronger. Acts faster. Flows smoothly through my veins... My arthritis— the symptoms are easing! My vision, stronger. Not 20/20, but… close. Note to self: Purchase non-prescription glasses. The previous test gave me lockjaw and a less-than-desirable mood, this is much improved.

We move ever closer… This stim will be my legacy, my gift to the Outlands: a cure to age herself! Or near enough. Projections are strong – 20, maybe 25 extra years… Think of what a man could teach his great-great-grandson?

It will be a product more ubiquitous than antibiotics - manufactured by one company, of course - and available to all… who live within Syndicate rule.

When the Fringe witnesses a generation of Syndicate citizens outliving two of theirs, well… I suspect we’ll need to make room for more friends. The price of submission is never cheap.

Hmm, what’s— my hands are trembling. The serum, it’s—

*sigh* Unacceptable. …But we are close. We are so close.


Season 18
Level 1
Transition The Art of Control
Season 18 The Art of Control - Revenant

This isn’t art, Kaleb.

You don’t have an artist’s eye, Kaleb.

Art is about control, Kaleb.

Who was he to talk to me like that? A pathetic bag of skin and bones parading around as a being of sophistication and intelligence. As if this landscape he was forcing me to paint wasn’t just oil slathered on canvas. And he wouldn’t SHUT UP.

So I took the palette knife and ripped through his throat, relishing every moment of it. The soft fleshiness of fascia and muscle tissue, the slight twang of tendons snapping, the gurgle of blood in his mouth when he dropped to the floor in a motionless heap—and it felt good. His crimson droplets spattered across the skyline of the canvas, the only part of the piece I could truly appreciate.

Then I looked into his eyes, filled with abject terror—and realized that he was right; art was about control, and for the first time, control belonged to me.

Season 18
Level 11
Transition D.O.C. Audio Log 10.15.0103
Season 18 D.O.C. Audio Log 10.15.0103


A. CHE: I can’t believe it. She KNEW it was his head and she kept it from us!

M. KŌHERE: What’d I teach ya, Che? Ya rely on a “friend,” yer just askin’ for trouble.

A. CHE: We wouldn’t have gotten into that facility on Salvo without Loba. I get what yuh sayin’, but we can’t do this alone. Even YOU have people yuh trust.

M. KŌHERE: I got people who answer ta me, not a bunch of idiots I’m buddy-buddy with. When are ya gonna learn? First Zippy screwed you over and now you’ve got Sticky Fingers doin’ the same thing. When we find the head, you really think she’s just gonna hand it over ta you?

A. CHE: No . . . but if she does, I’ll do what it takes to destroy it.

M. KŌHERE: Oh really? Even if she thinks yer stabbin’ ‘er in the back?

A. CHE: If it stops Duardo . . . I’ll be the one holdin’ the knife.

M. KŌHERE: Cold, Che. I like it.


Season 18
Level 36
Transition Shiny and New
Season 18 Shiny and New - Revenant



[Wait. This isn’t an upload chamber. I don’t recognize— I’m tied down… Something doesn’t feel— my body is… WRONG!]


[These aren’t my arms. These aren’t my--- WHAT IS THIS. LET ME OUT SO I CAN KILL YOU!!!]






[I’m… stronger…]

[You have no idea how much.]

[Guess they were trying to make the perfect killing machine. They don’t know the secret: Never was the hardware that made me a monster…]

[It was the man.]

Season 18
Level 45
Transition Eyes of the Mona Lisa
Season 18 Eyes of the Mona Lisa

TEAM WELLNESS SURVEY: Second Quarter, Employee ID: CM14

Its eyes keep following me.

I should clarify: JUST me. Not Edgar, not Alex. Me. I walk into the room, and the eyes… turn. Not so much that the security cameras catch the movement. Edgar checked, of course. “Crazy”, he said. “Lay off the stims.” If he were working the hours I am—

The eyes follow me, unblinking; even when I’m not looking... I feel them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

TEAM WELLNESS SURVEY: Fourth Quarter, Employee ID: CM14

It knew.

The eyes, we built them to detect and trace wounded targets. And that… was me. Cancer. The kind that’s terminal if they don’t catch it soon enough.

And the eyes saw. Long before I knew, long before I felt it growing inside of me, THEY SAW.

And if they hadn’t…

This technology, it’s going to save millions of lives!!!"

Season 18
Level 93

Image Description Earned
Season 19 The Last Gleaming

IMC: ARCHIVES - Outlands

PLANET - Nexus

FILE CLASSIFICATION: Public [For Unrestricted View, Please Submit IDENT Credentials]


2711 – Regional government overthrown in coup. Infiltration team categorize the government as “Monarchy, Class: Tyrant”

2714 – IMC-Nexus Op #78854 begins, with IMC infiltration units— ***REDACTED***

2716 – Tyrant forces publicly execute hundreds who question their power. IMC High Command gives order to intervene. IMC makes contact with local rebellion forces, supplementing their war effort.

2715 - IMC High Command initiates a recall of their military from the Outlands, leaving the Nexus rebels in charge of their own fate.

2717 – Supplied by the IMC (alongside a small band of IMC deserters), the Nexus rebels overthrow the Tyrant and their industrial might. Significant casualties are suffered on both sides. While many Nexans look to the IMC as heroes, some believe that, as the Tyrant’s forces had access to Titans, the IMC provided weaponry to both sides. See file IMC-Nexus Op #78854 for details.

Season 19
Level 1
Season 19 The Long Road Home - Conduit


Today I finally fought in the Games. IN the Games! And I’m not dead! Ate Diwa’s not gonna believe this…

I’m friends with Legends. …I’m a Legend! At 27! People look up to me the way I look up to them!

…So why do I feel like this?


Every time I go home, I feel—

Next week I’ll do what I always do when I can string the days together: Go home. Balikbayan boxes bursting.

Nexus sounds different from anywhere else in Syndicate Space. It’s not just quieter, it’s clearer. And the air is… crisp, somehow. Like I’m the only person to have ever breathed it.
Even on the Syndicate’s fastest ships, the trip takes three and a half days. That leaves one day with friends, one day with family… and half a day to recover from devouring Lola’s cooking. Astig!

I’ll get a bellyful of her homemade Sinigang, and pass the heck out on the couch, watching Potpot and Baby fighting over the last spoonful. …Until Diwa offers what’s left of hers.
[sigh] Diwa keeps giving…

I love the Games, I love my new friends, I do, but…

Miss ko na sila.

Every time I go home, I feel…
At home.

No place like it."

Season 19
Level 11
Season 19 Custom RADIA Plating

>> TO: “Lenlen Lastimosa”

>> SUBJECT: RE: Custom Plating

Ninang, I finished the custom plating you requested. Be by later this week for a fit & test. Send me the address, please.

The radiation stress levels the plating needs to withstand are concerning. The charts are . . . not good. Even with the containment and filtering system in place and my RADIA plates, there’s still a possibility of a small-radius leak when the battery is supercharged—anytime “Conduit” amps or deploys jammers. The dispense tech will run clean. But you both knew that, ‘di ba? Then, I’d like to talk about systems for management and vitals.

This is for those Games? If you’re okay with this, then I’ll help how I can. I’m surprised you of all people said yes.

P.S. Opo, took off the logo.

Season 19
Level 45
Season 19 Energy Conservation PSA

This is a System-wide warning from the Emergency Broadcasting System, issued by the Syndicate Emergency Management Agency. Due to the devastation caused by the recent massive weather event on Storm Point, citizens are encouraged to preserve power wherever possible. Until repairs are complete on the damaged Stormcatchers, expect continued power outages in the surrounding areas. If you think you or someone you know is in imminent danger, please contact your local Syndicate Support branch for assistance.

Season 19
Level 86
Season 19 Calling Triple-Kill Champ

<<Call with UNCLE BOY:^)>>
<<1:00:46 Elapsed Time>>

UB:^): Tito, let us have a tur—
UB:^): CONDUIT! CONDUIT! [laughing]
SELF: Ate Conduit to you three!
UB:^): Ring closing!
UB:^): YOU GOT ASH!! [fumbling] Sandali—
UB:^): It’s not even that late. Fine. Hoy, Ate, Ate Diwa wants us to pass the phone.
UB:^): Get Rev next time!
UB:^): Have Seer and Octane and Wattson and Bangalore and Gibraltar and—
SELF: Oo, ask them to sign something for you. Goodnight! AND BRUSH IYONG NGIPIN!
UB:^): Hi. It’s me.
SELF: OH, Ate. HI. Kumusta—
UB:^): We didn’t finish our conversation from the other day.
SELF: Yeah, we—
UB:^): Quit. You won. More than once. Good job, I mean it, it’s very impressive. It’s enough, come home.
SELF: Ate, I don’t want to.
UB:^): Roro, the battery, it’s hurting you. I can see it. PLEASE. I didn’t tell the fam about that like you asked. It’s not worth being in the Games. It’s not worth you. I can handle it, I’m doing better.
SELF: [Mirage] Conduit, they need us! Photos!
SELF: One second, Mirage. Look, just rest up and focus on healing. I have to go. Th-they want me on the podium. Talk later. Mahal kita.
UB:^): . . . be safe. Love you too.

<<1:02:14 – Call Ended>>

Season 19
Level 93

Event Transitions[ | ]

These transitions come with events.

Image Description Earned
Transition Voidwalker
Voidwalker Voidwalker
The following is a partially transcribed report discovered during construction of the Kings Canyon Apex Games 3.5.28:
On ____27, Security Guard Vart__ reported on record that an _______ trespasser infiltrated Kings Canyon facility ________ at 1900 hou__. We had be__ told the whole campus was cleared by order of ______ when we began ______. It's important to note ___ the trespasser used an unknown tech____ to _____. I haven't seen anything like ___ since my temporary assignment on p__net Typh__. We procee__ with our orders to completely _____ the entire underground ______ but request further instructions from A_R_ Div____. Who was she?
Challenge: Win one match in any mode during the Voidwalker Icon Voidwalker event.
Transition Happy Holodays
Holo-Day Bash (2019) Happy Holo-Days!
Happy holidays from the Apex Legends team.
Challenge: Get to Top 10 5 times during the Holo-Day Bash Icon Holo-Day Bash (2019) event.
Transition Grand Soiree
Grand Soirée The Grand Soirée
Thanks for playing in the Grand Soirée Arcade Event!
Earn 1500 Arcade Points during the Grand Soirée event.
Transition System Override
System Override System Override
Thanks for playing in the System Override event!
Earn 1500 Event Track Points during the System Override event.
Transition The Old Ways
The Old Ways The Old Ways
Thanks for playing in the Old Ways event!
Earn 1250 Event Track Points during the The Old Ways event.
Transition Lost Treasures
Lost Treasures Lost Treasures Earn 1,250 Event Track Points during the Lost Treasures event.
Transition Aftermarket
Aftermarket Aftermarket Earn 1,250 Event Track Points during the Aftermarket event.
Transition Fight Night
Fight Night Fight Night Earn 1,250 Event Track Points during the Fight Night event.
Transition A Matter of Time
Fight Night A Matter of Time - Horizon
Dear Dr. Mary Somers,
You don’t know what it meant to me to hear his voice again. Well, that was daft… Of course you know what it meant.
I dinnae know what I can say to you that you don’t already know, but maybe some things have faded with time. For that, I can offer a wee refresher…
I had so much doubt. I’ve been goin’ full tilt for so long—solving an energy crisis, escaping a black hole, fighting my way to the Apex Games—that doubt rarely had time to seed. Being a bloody genius doesn’t hurt much either.
But I felt it not but a week ago. What if I don’t make it back?
Then I heard your message—and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. But you knew that too, didn’t you?
I hope to do you and him proud, you brilliant lassie. Til we meet again.
Dr. Mary Somers.
Activate all 4 of Horizon's logs on Olympus.
Transition Genesis
Genesis Genesis
Thank you for playing the Genesis Collection Event.
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the Genesis event.
Transition Thrillseekers Arenas
Thrillseekers Thrillseekers Arenas
Thank you for playing the Thrillseekers Arenas Event.
Earn 500 Event Track Points during the 3rd week of the Thrillseekers event.
Transition Evolution
Evolution Evolution
Thank you for playing the Evolution Collection Event!
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the Evolution event.
Transition Monsters Within
Monsters Within Monsters Within
Thank you for playing the Monsters Within Event.
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the 1st week of the Monsters Within event.
Transition Raiders
Raiders Raiders
Thank you for playing the Raiders Collection Event.
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the Raiders Raiders event.
Transition Dark Depths
Dark Depths Themed Event Dark Depths
Concept Art - Habitat Arena
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the first week of the Dark Depths Dark Depths event.
Transition Year 3 Anniversary - FrAgMenT
3rd Anniversary Collection Event Year 3 Anniversary - FrAgMenT
Created by FrAgMenT in celebration of the Apex Legends Third Anniversary. Thank you, and cheers to many more!
Earn 500 Event Track Points during Anniversary Icon 3rd Anniversary event.
Transition Year 3 Anniversary - Bamwoozle
3rd Anniversary Collection Event Year 3 Anniversary - Bamwoozle
Created by Bamwoozle in celebration of the Apex Legends Third Anniversary. Thank you, and cheers to many more!
Earn 3000 Event Track Points during Anniversary Icon 3rd Anniversary event.
Transition Living with it
Living with it
BANGALORE: Maybe it's not him?

WRAITH: The body matches Jackson's age, height, weight -- even blood type. And it had his dog tags. I should've found the records sooner, but Solace morgues are... well, morgues on Solace. No regulations, no protocols... and he was found more than 5 years ago but was just filed as "unclaimed."

BANGALORE: I need to see him.

WRAITH: Anita. Unclaimed bodies on Solace... they bury after two weeks. I'm sorry but... they lost the records of where in a fire three years ago...

BANGALORE: What--I... Oh, oh Jackie... Jackie...

WRAITH: I'm so sorry, Anita, I-- *sigh*
Complete Chapter 1 of The Williams Sendoff.
Transition The taste of loss
The taste of loss
JACKSON: C'mon, just a bite. I promise I used sugar and not salt this time.

BANGALORE: I said I'm not hungry, Jackie.

JACKSON: 'Nita. What's going on?

BANGALORE: It reminds me of Grandma too much, of home. And you're acting like you don't care that we'll never see them again. Like you forgot them already...

JACKSON: No... Listen, 'Nita. Letting go of something doesn't mean losing it. When I taste this cake, I see the mole above Grandma's left eyebrow. I smell the chocolate chips she hid in her apron pocket. I hear the rasp in her laugh--her real laugh. You know the one--

JACKSON: I know I won't see her again, but I know I'll never forget her, because she's a part of me.

BANGALORE: I... I can't, Jackie. I won't let go.

JACKSON: <sigh>
Complete Chapter 2 of The Williams Sendoff.
Transition Broken Hearts Break Hearts
Broken Hearts Break Hearts
LOBA: You want my advice? This is a joke, right? Gridiron's 20 years away, and you hate flying.

BANGALORE: I'm not playin', Lo. With stuff that's happened, there's... nothing left for me here. And someone offered me a ride.

LOBA: Who? Pathfinder's cousin or whatever he's looking for now?

BANGALORE: No... um... Revenant.

LOBA: EL DEMONIO?! He's going to find his head! And you're leaving with him?! You want my advice? Here it is: in the hospital on Olympus, I heard you say you and I were "just friends." But you were wrong. We were never "just friends." And we never will be. So leave. Because you're right: there is nothing for you here.

BANGALORE: I didn't-- wait, you were eavesdropping on me??

LOBA: I was coming to see you, to...

BANGALORE: Things worked out better for you, though, didn't they?

LOBA: And you think you know what is best for everyone, but you don't. Not even for yourself. Farewell, Sergeant Williams. Out of my way.

REVENANT: Little "soul-search" over? Are you coming or not, girlie?

BANGALORE: Yeah. Let's go.
Complete Chapter 3 of The Williams Sendoff.
Transition Awakening
Awakening Collection Event Awakening
Thank you for playing the Awakening Collection Event!
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the Awakening Awakening event.
Transition Gaiden
Gaiden Themed Event Gaiden
Thank you for playing the Gaiden Collection Event.
Earn 250 Event Track Points during the Gaiden Gaiden event.
Transition Year 4 Anniversary - miyann
4th Anniversary Collection Event Year 4 Anniversary - _miyann
Created by _miyann in celebration of the Apex Legends Fourth Anniversary. Thank you, and cheers to many more!
Earn 500 Event Track Points during the 4th Anniversary 4th Anniversary event.
Transition Year 4 Anniversary - GOrlassar
4th Anniversary Collection Event Year 4 Anniversary - GOrlassar
Created by GOrlassar in celebration of the Apex Legends Fourth Anniversary. Thank you, and cheers to many more!
Earn 3000 Event Track Points during the 4th Anniversary 4th Anniversary event.

Community Transitions[ | ]

Image Description Earned
Transition Legacy - osamatographe Community Content Legacy - osamatographe
제가 에이펙스 레전드를 처음 만났던 순간이 기억 납니다. 배틀 로얄 게임을 전혀 해 보지 못 했던 저를 사로잡았던 것은 이 게임의 캐릭터들이었죠.
단순히 멋진 모습에만 국한되는 이야기가 아니라, 캐릭터들의 디자인에는 그들의 이야기와 성격, 그리고 삶이 담겨 있어요. 보는 것 만으로도 내가 그들을 이해할 수 있는 것 처럼 말입니다.
인물들의 관계와 스토리를 사랑하는 제가 이들을 그리게 된 것은 어떻게 보면 불가항력 이었습니다.
새로운 레전드, 발키리는 하늘에서 전장을 컨트롤 합니다.
무중력과 비상이라는 그들의 전술 컨셉에는 많은 비슷함이 있다고 생각이 들어 호라이즌과 함께 그리고 싶었습니다.
기술간의 시너지는 물론, 거칠고 무모한 발키리와 강한 목표를 가졌지만 따뜻한 사람인 호라이즌이 어떻게 어울릴지 보고싶기도 했고요.
발키리가 이 곳에서 다른 레전드들과 어떤 관계를 형성할지 기대가 됩니다. 이건 제가 여러분께 제시해보는 가능성 입니다.

커뮤니티 아티스트가 만든 오리지널 아트 오샘

I remember the first time I met Apex Legends. It was the game’s characters who captivated me, someone who had never experienced a Battle Royale game. Not just about their spiffiness, but their lives and personalities are included in the design. Like I can understand them just by looking at them. In a way it was a force majeure that I, who love the stories and narrative, started to draw them.

The new Legend, Valkyrie, controls the battle in the sky. There are some similarities between Gravity lift and her jet in my opinion, so I wanted to draw her with Horizon. I'm looking forward to how she will relate to everyone here. This is the first step of possibility that I present to you.

Original art commissioned for Apex Legends by community member osamatographe
Earned via Twitch Drops from June 01, 2021 to June 08, 2021.
Transition Legacy - zonotaida Community Content Legacy - zonotaida
This piece was created for a fan art contest held by a partner in Japan and illustrated by artist zonotaida.
Earned via Twitch Drops from June 08, 2021 to June 15, 2021.
Transition Legacy - noxlotl Community Content Legacy - noxlotl
When Octane was 11, he asked for a puppy for Christmas. His dad’s assistant, who was later fired only to become wife # 3 a year later, sent a bunny over...three days after Christmas. “Navidad” seemed only fitting given the holidays, but “Navi” is what stuck. Through every stunt, the bunny was right there in the front of his jacket, never even as much as flinching. And Octane pulled some crazy $#!+ back then too. Eventually, Navi died peacefully in his sleep from old age. How boring. Octane told everyone Navi died in a rocket that crashed into a planet and blew up in a gajillion pieces. It was only fitting.

Original art commissioned for Apex Legends by community member noxlotl
Earned via Twitch Drops from June 15, 2021 to June 22, 2021.
Transition Legacy - Kazama Community Content Legacy - Kazama
This piece was created for a fan art contest held by a partner in Japan and illustrated by artist Raita Kazama.
Earned via Twitch Drops from June 22, 2021 to June 29, 2021.
Transition Legacy - Heiro Community Content Legacy - Heiro
This piece was created for a fan art contest held by a partner in Japan and illustrated by artist Heiro.
Earned via Twitch Drops from July 20, 2021 to July 27, 2021.
Transition Legacy - Iwamoto05 Community Content Legacy - Iwamoto05

My main inspiration for drawing Apex fan art is the diverse designs of the Legends and multi-faceted personalities. Their impactful presence, charm, and intricate nature always makes my heart beat with excitement.
Season after Season, I constantly look forward to the ever changing conversations between the Legends and their growing relationships.
The gameplay taking place in a Sci-Fi-infused setting is of course, yet another large source from inspiration. I have nothing but gratitude for Respawn for creating such a wonderful product.
Original art commissioned for Apex Legends by community member Iwamoto05
Earned via Twitch Drops from July 27, 2021 to August 03, 2021.
Transition Emergence - VinegarAndSoda Community Content Emergence - VinegarAndSoda
Quando soube que os desenvolvedores de Titanfall 2 estavam produzindo um Battle Royale, fiquei imediatamente interessado. Sabia que o jogo teria uma boa jogabilidade e uma boa história pois gostei muito de Titanfall 2.
Nunca fui muito fã de Battle Royals para ser honesto, mas Apex Legends era diferente. Era rápido, personagens diversificados e gráficos muito bonitos. E quando lançaram a segunda temporada, foi quando comecei a jogar de verdade, sendo a minha temporada com mais eliminações e vitórias. A Wattson também foi um dos motivos que me fez continuar jogando. Sempre gostei muito da sua personalidade e do seu kit. E jogar com ela me ajudou muito a passar por tempos bem difíceis na minha vida.
Não tem como não admirar Apex Legends. Adoro como cada personagem possui tanta diversidade e personalidade. Admiro muito a Respawn por nos representar tão bem. Wattson, Horizon e Lifeline são os meus personagens favoritos e guardo eles com carinho no meu coração.
Como artista tambem tnho muito a agradecer a esse jogo. Me ajudou muito a conhecer muita gente legal e a me sentir incluso em uma comunidade, o que é muito raro pois tenho muita ansiedade social. Mas é isso, muito grato por ter conhecido esse jogo e ansioso pelo futuro que tem pela frente. Amo voces. ^^

When I heard that the developers of Titanfall 2 were producing a battle royale, I was immediately interested. I know the game would have good gameplay and a good story because I really liked Titanfall 2.
I was never a big fan of battle royals to be honest, but Apex Legends was different. It was fast, with diverse characters and beautiful graphics. And when they launched the second season, that’s when I started playing for real being that it’s my season with the most eliminations and wins. Wattson was also one of the reasons I kept playing. I liked her personality and kit a lot. And playing with her helped me a lot through some very difficult times in my life.
You can’t help but admire Apex Legends. I love how each character has so much diversity and personality. I really admire Respawn for representing us so well. Wattson, Horizon, and Lifeline are my favorite characters and I treasure them in my heart.
As an artist I also have a lot to thank for this game. It helped me meet a lot of nice people and feel included in a community, which is rare because I have a lot of social anxiety. But that’s it! I’m very grateful for having known this game and am looking forward to the future that lies ahead. Love you ^^
Earned via Twitch Drops from August 17, 2021 to August 24, 2021.
Transition Emergence - Marlomalade Community Content Emergence - Marlomalade
I’m sort of new to Apex, only starting late Season 3, but I can say with certainty it’s become one of my favorite pastimes. Not only has it inspired me to draw more than ever, get attached to characters, and more, it’s a comfort to me knowing I can have fun with important people in my life, like my amazing sister and friends miles away. But I can’t lie and say the characters aren’t some of my favorite aspects, especially the diversity.
As a non-binary lesbian and a person of color, seeing people that look, think, and or talk like me is so comforting, even in a battle royale game. Gotta admit though, I’m basically in love with Rampart, Lifeline, and Valkyrie- all three share traits I’ve seen in some of my closest relationships, in myself, in their cultures, dialogue- they’re so oddly familiar and fun to draw and play! I was stoked knowing I could do something with them for this month, and I am extremely grateful for such an amazing game and crew that can help me keep bonding with my found-family and annoy my enemies using the sentinel and bocek all year round!
Happy Pride Month ^_^
Earned via Twitch Drops from August 31, 2021 to September 07, 2021.
Transition Emergence - SoroTrax Community Content Emergence - SoroTrax
From the moment I found out that there was a non-binary legend, unapologetically, Apex said: you belong, no matter who you are. It opened up an entire other world for me, one built on community and friendship, and fueled by creativity and passion. I thought that Apex Legends would be just a fancy battle royale, but I understood so quickly that it was much, much more than that.
Apex created a place of forever family, and a way for outcasts to find each other.
Earned via Twitch Drops from September 07, 2021 to September 14, 2021.
Transition Emergence - cabeeese Community Content Emergence - cabeeese
When Apex Legends first popped into existence, my interest was immediately peaked by the amazing cast of characters. From there, I slowly dove deeper and deeper into the game and it’s stories. It was a wonderland of intricate designs, backstories and possibilities! I soon came to realize that, as much as I love the game itself, there was more to it than what pulled me in initially. Apex has allowed me to meet so many fantastic people and form a handful of strong, irreplaceable friendships. Both in game and out, when times get tough, we’re there for each other, just like the Legends.
I was immediately drawn to Bloodhound and their unique mix of tradition and innovation. Eventually, after drawing them far too much, I wanted to explore how they might interact with the other Legends. I thought it would be neat if they requested some old fashioned medical assistance. I’m sure some more advanced technology could mend a small injury quite quickly, but where’s the fun in that?
Earned via Twitch Drops from September 28, 2021 to October 05, 2021.
Transition Emergence - BagelHero Community Content Emergence - BagelHero
Apex Legends at launch felt engineered to grab my attention. A Respawn-led F2P battle royale already had me sold, but closer inspection showed it was also inclusive. I remember being surprised that a game with so many trappings I'm familiar with might allow itself to be more reflective of different folks-- folks like me --in a way that felt so... easy.
I love that the Apex cast reflects the variety in people, and I love even more that it's made by a team that also cares to cultivate that same variety within itself. It reminds me that there's a place for people like me both in general, and as an artist. The new legend, an outcast, embodies this feeling in more ways than one.
In this image, I wanted to capture the tense nature of a 3v2 situation, and the interplay of abilities between the expanding cast of trappers, tricksters, and hunters. Revealing yourself in exchange for the upper hand-- if I conveyed the feeling of that moment I'd be happy.
Earned via Twitch Drops from October 26, 2021 to November 02, 2021.
Transition Escape - Sombras pt. 1 Community Content Escape - Sombras pt. 1
Apex came to my life in one of my worst moments. I think we were halfway through 2020 and one of my closest friends and family gifted me my first PC allowing me to get back on games and most importantly drawing. One of my closest friends asked me if we could play Apex together since we used to always play competitive games so I dived in. It took me a while to get the hang of it. Iwas never used to shooting games but started to have tons of fun overall. I remember he told me in our first game to just pick whoever I like, so I chose Bloodhound and the rest is history. It took me a week to start making fan art. I used to draw small sketches while I was waiting to be respawned, mostly about our previous matches.


Earned via Twitch Drops from March 3, 2022 to March 15, 2022.
Transition Escape - Sombras pt. 2 Community Content Escape - Sombras pt. 2
My first actual fan was “The eyes of bloodhound” and I was so nervous of sharing it but friends always come and support you and that's something I treasure a lot about this community. I have met a lot of nice people and I'm so grateful for that. One thing led to another until Rampart's event. I remember being so happy and nervous after Alex's message that I had completely forgotten my name in that moment. So I guess for now on, I'll see you all in Big Maude!


Earned via Twitch Drops from March 17, 2022 to March 31, 2022.

Other Transitions[ | ]

Image Description Earned
Transition The Shield
EA Play The Shield
Thanks for being an EA Play member. Here is this month's reward as part of your EA Play membership.
EA Play reward between May 17, 2022 and June 13, 2022.
Transition Win Together
EA Play Win Together
Thanks for being an EA Play member. Here is this month's reward as part of your EA Play membership.
EA Play reward between June 14, 2022 and July 11, 2022.
Transition Let's Do This
EA Play Let's Do This
Thanks for being an EA Play member. Here is this month's reward as part of your EA Play membership.
EA Play reward between July 11, 2022 and August 15, 2022.

Tips[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Transitions were previously called "Loading Screens".
  • Writer Manny Hagopian published an updated version of Mirage's porkchop recipe, since the in-game version uses incorrect amounts of ingredients.[1]
  • The Transitions of The Shield, Win Together, Let's Do This is a reference to the Saviors Launch Trailer.
  • The Lore depicted in No Guts, No Glory (referring to how Fuse received his guitar) was later retconned in Season 18 as a fabrication from Fuse.

References[ | ]