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Season 10 Treasure Packs

Season 10 Season 10 is the first season to not have any story component to its Season Quest.

Treasure Pack Rewards[ | ]

Players can find Treasure Pack Treasure Packs in-game, once per day (players can also purchase all the available Treasure Packs for Apex Coins 25).

Treasure Pack rewards vary with the only constant being that every four packs give out an epic Charm Charm. Challenge Stars 2 are given out usually after every other pack while Crafting Metals 15 or an Apex Pack Apex Pack are usually four packs apart.

All of the rewards need a total of 60 Treasure Packs to unlock.

After all the Treasure Packs are collected, the player gets three rewards: an epic Rampage Skin an Apex Pack Apex Pack, and Challenge Stars 10.

Quest Rewards[ | ]

Weapon Skins[ | ]

Weapon Charms[ | ]