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The Trident is a vehicle found on Olympus and Storm Point. It was released in Season 7 Season 7.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Tridents spawn in marked locations around the map. Tridents are marked on the map as long as they have not been used.
  • Each Trident can have 1 driver and up to 2 people riding on the sides, but they must be from the same squad. Players can exit at any time.
  • Drivers enter the third-person mode. They cannot shoot or use abilities, but they can drive, activate the brakes, ping the vehicle for teammates to get in, honk the horn, and boost the Trident's speed momentarily (it takes 25 seconds to recharge).
  • Players riding on the side seats of the Trident can shoot or use healing items without needing to exit the vehicle.
  • The Trident cannot damage players.
  • If the Trident gets hit, 20% of the damage is transferred to all players inside the vehicle. Enemies can still hit players directly for full damage.
  • The Trident can only be destroyed by having it falls off the map (or through special mechanics, such as the ping-for-mozambique ability during April Fools Day (2023)). When it is destroyed, it will eject all players on it to safety.
  • Some abilities can be placed on the Trident:[note 1]
  • Holo-Spray Holo-Sprays can also be put on the Trident, but they do not obstruct anything else from being placed on the vehicle.
  • The Trident is affected by Octane's Launch Pad Launch Pad and Horizon's Gravity Lift Gravity Lift.
  • If the Trident is hit with Crypto's Drone EMP Drone EMP, Wattson's Perimeter Security Perimeter Security fences, or an Arc Star Arc Star, it will be stunned for 5 seconds.
  • Certain areas are off-limits to the Trident, blocked by special yellow barricades that only the driver can see. The barricades do not apply to anyone else. The barricades can still be jumped over, however.
  • The Trident cannot enter Phase Runners.
  • The Trident cannot use Gravity Cannons.

Glitches[ | ]

  • Throwing a Launch Pad Launch Pad into a supply bin and then ramming a Trident into the supply bin will cause the Trident to fly a very far distance.
    • Also, doing this step and putting another jump pad under the Trident, standing on the Trident, then touching the jump pad can cause the player themselves to fly a very far distance.
  • In certain cases, being rammed into a wall by a Trident will teleport the player high above the map with no way to get back down.
  • There are many exploitable spots on the map allowing you to get inside the map’s geometry.
  • Placing an Amped Cover Amped Cover on the Trident and killing yourself on it puts your death box on the Amped Cover. Wait five seconds until the death box stabilises and then revive the Portrait Rampart square Rampart who placed the cover. After that, you can place abilities down on the death box, such as Black Hole Black Holes and Launch Pad Launch Pads.

History[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The design for the Trident was modified by Rampart to prepare for its use in the Apex Games. [1]
  • Mirage is sponsored by the manufacturers of the Trident. [2]
  • Trident can hover on top of water (regardless of depth) as long as it has power.

Notes[ | ]

  1. There are two slots on the Trident designated for this, one in the center between both of the passenger seats, and one at the far back of the vehicle, behind the driver's seat. If a player attempts to put a compatible ability on the trident but these slots are already full, it will either not work, or fail to attach to the Trident.
  2. Can only be placed on the back of the vehicle.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Can only be placed on the front of the vehicle.

References[ | ]

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