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Winged Avenger
Real Name Kairi Imahara (今原カイリ)
Gender Female
Age 30
Homeworld Angelia
Legend Type Recon.svg Recon
Tactical Ability Missile Swarm.svg Missile Swarm
Passive Ability VTOL Jets.svg VTOL Jets
Ultimate Ability Skyward Dive.svg Skyward Dive
Passive Perk Recon.svg Recon
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Erika Ishii [1]
I'm in the pipe, five by five.

Valkyrie is a Legend released in Season 9.svg Season 9 that is locked from the base game. She can be unlocked using digital currency; either Legend Tokens 12,000 or Apex Coins 750.

Valkyrie is a Recon.svg Recon Legend who specializes in flight. Her passive VTOL Jets.svg VTOL Jets allow her to fly for a few seconds, and she automatically marks enemies while skydiving. Her tactical, Missile Swarm.svg Missile Swarm, launches a group of missiles that damage and stun enemies. Her ultimate, Skyward Dive.svg Skyward Dive, launches Valkyrie and her teammates into the sky to skydive towards the ground.


Missile Swarm[]

Missile Swarm.svg Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Missile Swarm
Description Fire a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy.
Cooldown 30 seconds

  • Launches 12 missiles in a 4x3 array, dealing damage and stunning enemies.
    • If a Legend gets hit, the first missile deals 25 damage and every subsequent missile deals 3.
  • Needs ample vertical clearance to use, meaning the player cannot use it on interior spaces with low ceilings.
  • Minimum target distance (same elevation) is 12 meters; Maximum target distance is 100 meters horizontally, regardless of elevation difference between target and Valkyrie.
    • When within valid range, the crosshair aligns with the closest row's middle rocket.

  • Can be used while VTOL Jets.svg VTOL Jets is active.

  • Use while in VTOL Jets.svg VTOL Jets to get clear shots for maximum efficiency.
  • When enemy is hiding behind a boulder, aim the reticle at zone between the closest base-edge and the top of the boulder; as the targeting columns extend away from the reticle, it will decrease the chance of missile overshooting your target.
  • The stun time is long enough to cancel VTOL Jets.svg VTOL Jets and prepare to shoot a target, which makes this a very effective tool for ambushes.

  • The markers for where the missiles will impact are visible in the Firing Range even if she’s not in the player's realm.
  • Using this ability to down an enemy from any distance, even an enemy right in front of the player, can award the Long Shot Badge.

  • VTOL Jets[]

    VTOL Jets.svg Passive HOLD Space/A/X
    VTOL Jets
    Description Press the jump key while in the air to engage jetpack. You can switch between hold and toggle mode in the options menu.
    Cooldown ?

    VTOL Jets
    • While in the air, press Jump again to engage VTOL Jets.
    • Using the Jets consumes fuel. The Fuel gauge is on the right side of the screen.
      • Activating the VTOL Jets will consume about 12.5% of total fuel.
      • Maximum duration is 7 seconds.
      • Fuel will begin to refill 8 seconds after the last Jets' usage.
      • Fully refueling from empty takes 10 seconds. (1 second will refill 10% of total fuel)
    • While using the Jets, Valkyrie cannot use any weapons except for her Missile Swarm.svg Missile Swarm.
    • Once the Jets are released, there is a 1-second delay (a hand animation will be played) before she can use her weapons.
    • Normal flight direction is upwards in the direction Valkyrie is facing.
      • Hold ADS to conduct level flight.
    Jet-Fighter HUD
    • Activates while skydiving or using her ultimate, Skyward Dive.svg Skyward Dive (in both launch and skydive).
    • Marks any enemies within 250 meters with a direct and uninterrupted line of sight to Valkyrie. The champion will be marked with "CH" and the kill leader will be marked with "KL".
    • Enemies are not notified by this scan, unlike Bloodhound and Crypto.
    • Squadmates attached to Valkyrie also benefit from these target callouts.

    VTOL Jets
    • After using Octane's Launch Pad.svg Launch Pad, VTOL Jets are unavailable until the double jump is used.
    • While flying through gravity cannons, use of VTOL Jets add to the horizontal momentum from the cannon.
    Jet-Fighter HUD
    • Mirage's decoys aren’t marked during the skydive by the Jet-fighter HUD.

  • In the gameplay settings, there is an option to switch the control scheme between holding the jump button and pressing it once to toggle. Use whichever feels the most comfortable.
  • Due to VTOL jets, advanced bunny hop and wall jumping is more difficult, require more precise timing.
  • Treat the VTOL Jets as a double jump - short bursts to reach the roof of short buildings.
  • When activating the VTOL Jets, it consumes about 12.5% of total fuel, which only allows the player to do 8 bursts maximum with a full gauge; be careful when turning them on and off in the air.
    • However, bursting the VTOL Jets provides a burst of speed and provides a slight dodge, at the cost of fuel.
  • VTOL Jets can be activated right before landing to eliminate fall stun.
  • Be careful when using VTOL Jets when flying through gravity cannon, as the jets add to the momentum, and thus can allow the player to overshoot the normal flight path.
  • Jet-Fighter HUD
    • Due to the wide scanning range of Jet-Fighter HUD, purposely conducting skydives through the use of ultimate, jump tower, geyser, and even trident-ejections can help provide good intel of enemy location in a large area.
      • Do note that while the scan is not revealed to unsuspecting enemies, alert players will hear the takeoff and notice the dive trail.

  • Jet-Fighter HUD are occasionally deactivated for teammates if either Valkyrie split off from the group during the jump, or if teammates split off from the Valkyrie jumpmaster.
  • Changing legends while in the Firing Range as soon as the VTOL Jets are deactivated or fuel runs out reduces gravity.
    • Change back to Valkyrie will revert this bug.

  • Skyward Dive[]

    Skyward Dive.svg Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
    Skyward Dive
    Description Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valkyrie to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.
    Charge time 3 minutes

    • Upon usage, Valkyrie enters a setup animation that charges up over 2 seconds, after which she can press Fire to launch ~180m into the air in about 7 seconds (1.5 seconds slow climbing and 5.5 seconds fast climbing) and enter a skydive, similar to using a Jump Tower. Squadmates can press Interact near Valkyrie to launch with her.
      • Skyward Dive can be canceled during setup either by taking damage or manually by pressing the Ultimate button again. 75% of its charge is refunded when canceled.
      • While in pre-launch, using ping will mark Valkyrie for her squad and display a "Let's fly!" notification in the kill feed.
    • Vertical clearance is required for flight.

  • The maximum height she will launch into the air is only ~50m in Arenas Icon.svg Arenas.

  • Remember Skyward Dive could be used as an excellent recon ability, as her passive to scan for enemies works both during launch and skydiving. It does not have to be used to team relocation purpose
    • Communicate with teammates if intending to use it as a scan instead of relocation.
  • It is very beneficial to use this if the Ring is right behind the player, and the next Ring is a long way away.

  • If Death Protection wears off while using this ability, it will not launch the player in the air and instead will keep the players in the launching animation permanently. While in this position, players can also freely pass through geometry.
    • This also occurs if activated on a slope, except the player will go straight under the map.
    • If activated while someone is below an object, the person will get launched under the map and will most likely die.

  • Recon[]

    Recon.svg Perk
    Description Scanning MapIcon Survey Beacon.png Survey Beacons reveals the next circle's location.
    Cooldown ?

    • Allows the player to access the 12 survey beacons available on the map in any given match to determine the circle location after the currently marked circle.
    • The interaction with the survey beacon takes 7 seconds, during which the player is vulnerable.

  • A survey beacon can be used again when the next round starts.

  • Lore[]

    Bold, brash, fiery and fierce, Kairi Imahara isn’t above greasing palms and bending the law. When she was a child, she stole a Titan. It belonged to her dad: callsign Viper. She wanted to be just like him when she grew up. But the next day he left on a mission and never returned. In some ways, she still followed in his footsteps: it wasn't a Titan, but her ship offered a decent living. Her personal life, however, was anything but. During the day, she smuggled precious cargo, and at night, went shot for shot with the outlaws and mercs in the bars. But even though she had her ladies, her liquor, and her love of the sky, she was still obsessed with finding the man who’d put her father in harm’s way: his commander, Kuben Blisk.

    She tracked Blisk down, prepared to kill him. But he spoke of her father with respect -- and challenged her to be better. She shot him anyway. But not to kill. Knowing she could get to him was enough. Well, that, and the Apex Games card she took from Blisk’s grasp.

    Using the intact flight core from Viper’s Northstar, she built a sleek new jetpack that honored her father’s memory. And that was when Kairi could finally soar on her own… and in a version of her dad’s Titan, that ended up being hers after all.


    Kairi "Valkyrie" Imahara, born in 2704 on Angelia, was the daughter of Viper, a notorious mercenary who worked for the Apex Predators. She held great respect and admiration for her father, and wished to follow in his footsteps as a Pilot. Viper would often humor her by taking her for joyrides in his modified Northstar. However, he frowned upon his daughter becoming a Pilot, telling her that these Titans were “death traps." As a result of her father’s profession, Imahara would often see Kuben Blisk in her home.[2]

    In 2715, Imahara hijacked her father’s Northstar, flying it solo around and above her family’s home. Despite her father’s commands for her to land, she continued to fly, eventually reaching an altitude where an aircraft battle was taking place. Caught in the crossfire (and likely due to inaction from its pilot), the Titan engaged its autopilot, firing a salvo of missiles at its nearest target. In return, an aircraft fired and struck the Northstar, causing it to fall uncontrollably to Angelia’s surface. Viper followed in his own aircraft and took control of the Titan, ejecting his daughter and crash landing in a nearby field. Imahara and Viper both escaped relatively unharmed.[2]

    Soon after this incident, Viper left to escort the Ark during the Battle of Typhon, where he was killed by Jack Cooper and his Vanguard-class Titan BT-7274.[3] Not knowing who killed him, Imahara blamed Blisk for her father’s death.[2]

    19 years[4] after Viper’s death, Imahara and her mother moved from Angelia to the Outlands[5], settling in Gaea.[6] The trip was prohibitively expensive and to obtain funds, she stole a slot machine from a casino.[7] Soon after arriving, she met Rampart at a bar. [8]


    Imahara received a smuggling job from Kuben Blisk in 2731 to retrieve Viper’s Northstar from the wreckage of Typhon.[2] While searching for the Titan, she encountered a mass of Medusa vines, which were being weaponized by the IMC under the codename Project: Legacy. [9]

    Taking the Northstar and her father’s corpse, she arranged a meeting with Blisk, where she intended to kill him as revenge for Viper’s demise. Blisk was able to talk her out of the act, handing her an Apex card and telling Imahara that her father wanted her to forge her own legacy. Shooting the glass of liquor in Blisk’s hand, she left his vessel, declaring her callsign as Valkyrie.

    Taking the wreckage of the Titan to Rampart’s shop, she had it reforged into a custom jetpack and set of armor.[2]

    After retrieving Viper’s body, he was cremated. Some of his ashes were left at the family’s home on Angelia, near the barn where his Northstar was stored, while some were kept in their new residence in Gaea. The rest were scattered on a sudden gust of wind by Imahara’s mother so that he would always have “a sky-high view."[6]

    The Legacy Antigen[]

    While the Legends were investigating the Icarus Fleet’s sudden arrival in Olympus, Loba fell through a suddenly-opened hatch on the deck.[10] She was saved by Imahara, who flew beneath and rescued Loba. Whilst discussing the cure for the disease caused by the Fleet’s rapidly spreading Medusa vines - or lack thereof - it was found that Bangalore had been infected with the terminal illness.[11]

    A potential cure was revealed to lie within the venom of the monstrous Carthage spider, native to Gaea, by Caustic.[12] Upon arriving, Imahara searched with Loba, but the pair were soon surrounded by a horde of the arachnids.[13] Despite capturing one spider, the pair, alongside Crypto and Caustic, were taken to the spiders’ den and bound in a net of webs.[14] Imahara broke free of her bindings using Loba’s jump drive bracelet.[15] She returned with Fuse and Bloodhound, helping to clear the way. After the Legends were freed, Caustic attempted to take one spider for himself, but was punched by Imahara.[16] With these spiders, the Legends were able to end the Medusa epidemic, though the vines’ growth was merely delayed.[17]

    After ending the outbreak, Loba was devastated to hear Bangalore state that they were “just friends”. Imahara comforted Loba, asking if the latter needed someone to “catch [her] again."[18]

    Season 11[]

    Imahara encountered Loba at the Firing Range, where the latter was attempting to keep her mind off of Revenant and Bangalore. The two talk, both talking about their pasts and traumas. Imahara repeated what she had told Loba in the jungles of Gaea - by not killing Revenant when she had the chance, her pride had put herself and those she cares about in danger. Soon after, the pair agreed to go out to dinner, paid for by whoever loses a shooting contest.[19]

    Imahara was later seen with Loba and Jaime at a carnival. However, unbeknownst to them, Revenant had followed them, setting his sights on Jaime.[20]

    Season 13 Launch Trailer[]

    Imahara attended Bangalore's retirement party. She later assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point, but was quickly struck down. Bangalore helped her to recover after the creature was killed.[21]

    Cosmetic Items[]


    There are a total of 57 Legend skins for Valkyrie; 13 Legendary, 9 Epic, 19 Rare and 16 Common.


    1. Included in the Valkyrie Launch Bundle.

    Story of Valkyrie:

    1. Birthright: Valkyrie ultimately finds her father’s frozen body in space, still in his Titan. He finally receives the funeral he deserves, but she keeps his helmet. Not to mourn his life... but celebrate it.


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    Main article: Emote
    • In-Flight Meal - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Party Crasher - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Trust Fall - Crafting Metals 400
    • Take A Bow - Default

    Skydive Emotes[]

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    • Season 13 No One Looks Up - Level 83


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    Music Pack[]

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    Voice Lines[]



    • When Season 6.svg Season 6 launched, a piece of Rampart artwork shows her repairing Viper's Northstar Titan. Three seasons later, this was revealed to be a teaser for Valkyrie.
    • On April 14, 2021, Apex Legends posted a video on their Twitter celebrating 100 million registered players. At the end of the video, Valkyrie can be seen flying.
    • On April 15, 2021, Apex Legends posted a tweet of an image with the caption, "Searching the Stars." Most notably, there are manga volumes, a statue from Angel City, and other Titanfall references.
    • On April 17, 2021, a second tweet was posted with the caption, "Seeding the Soil."
    • On April 19, 2021, "Northstar" was released.
    • On April 22, 2021, the Season 9 Launch Trailer was released.
    • On April 26, 2021 the Season 9 Gameplay Trailer was released.


    • Valkyrie's abilities are inspired by the Northstar Titan from Titanfall 2.
    • Valkyrie is a ship pilot. She is not a certified Titan Pilot.
    • Valkyrie is a lesbian.[22][23]
    • Valkyrie has a few voice lines that are similarly quoted by Viper, most notably her "Valkyrie sent you" and "Got you in the pipe" lines.
    • In voice lines when Valkyrie revives or re-spawns Rampart, she profusely begs Rampart to change the name of Sheila, due to it being the name of her ex-girlfriend.
    • Valkyrie shares many similarities with her voice actress, Erika Ishii: They are both mixed race, they are both queer, and they have similar outgoing personalities.[24]
    • Valkyrie had a Caucasian father and a Japanese mother. Although Valkyrie was exposed to her mother's heritage, she cannot fluently speak Japanese. Valkyrie can still understand Japanese, and she speaks Japanese to her mother at home, but she is not comfortable with speaking it in public.[25]
    • Valkyrie was unlockable for free between February 22nd and March 1st, 2022, in celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of Apex Legends.
    • The highest possible damage that can theoretically be dealt with a single Missile Swarm.svg Missile Swarm is 3364, while playing in Duos.