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Valkyrie's voice actor is Erika Ishii, speaking English and Japanese.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "Ever feel the freedom of soaring through the sky? Do you wanna?”
  • ”FLY. FIGHT. WIN.”
  • "I'm only headed one way, and that's up, baby!"
  • "Some were born to run, others have a higher purpose."
  • "Speed isn't life. It just makes life go faster."
  • "Target locked. Just like old times, Dad."
  • "They say legends don't fly, but I like to rise to the occasion."
  • "These wings aren't just to get around; they're a legacy."
  • "Who's ready to pull some Gs?"
  • "A.K.A Kairi, Valk, and the ghost of Viper."
  • "Whoever said the sky's the limit never left the ground."
  • "Visual clear, good tone. Just like old times, Dad."
  • "Valkyrie extending to re-engage."
  • "Valkyrie on station, ready for anything. Hell, everything."
  • "Wanna fly? I make a great wingman."
  • "Y'know, they're always lookin' around, but they never look up. Their loss."
  • "Where we're going, we don't need seatbelts."
  • "So what if my head's in the clouds... how else could I see everything?”
  • ”They can have the ground, I own the sky.”
  • “Runway’s green as grass and we’re ready for takeoff in ten!”
  • "The Apex Games - come for revenge, stay for the beautiful women."
  • "Been ready for this since the moment I tasted sky."
  • "The sound barrier's not the only thing I'll break today."

Intro[ | ]

  • "This little viper's got her mom's fangs."
  • "A lot of you are gonna wake up tomorrow with sore necks or, you know, be dead."
  • "I always pay my respects to your families. Think that makes me soft? You're in for a rough match."
  • "No one gives a crap who's better, all they care about is who's the best."
  • "The skies belong to me."
  • "Valkyrie's got you in the pipe, five by five."
  • "At least half of you are looking down at the ground. Keep it up, I like easy wins."
  • "Didn't I see some of you last match? Eh, hard to tell, at this altitude you're all ants."
  • "Hah, don't see wings on any of you. Guess you're just too weak for the skies."
  • "Enjoy the dropship ride. Because after today, you're all gonna be afraid of flying."
  • "Here's the good news: from the above, I can pick most of you off in the first thirty seconds."
  • "I like my women like I like my sake: cool, unfiltered, and on someone else's tab."
  • "I once shot someone for just not giving me a message. But that shouldn't scare you... much."
  • "I strike swift and deadly like my dad. He called it "business", I call it a party."
  • "I swore I'd never waste my life on a vendetta again. Don't test that vow."
  • "I'm starving, is anyone else starving? I'd sell an ovary for some ramen right now."
  • " Jump Pads, Gravity Lifts, Geysers? (laughs) Is everything you do half-assed?"
  • "Lemme introduce you to the skies, then I'll introduce you to the ground."
  • "Alright so my place is a little sloppy, so what? Doesn't mean I'm a mess in the field."
  • "Sucks aiming at a target with the sun in your eyes, good luck with that."
  • "While you were peeling dried glue off your hands, I was flying Titans. For sure, let's see how you handle."
  • "You got this. Just look in front of you, behind you, above you, all at once. You'll be fine."

Kill[ | ]

  • Season 9 "Hey, I shot at the Commissioner too, and he got over it. So... we're good?"
  • Season 10 Icon"What can I say? This bloodsport really changes a girl."
  • Season 13 Icon "I stick a fork in you, you're done. (laughs) Great, now I'm hungry..."
  • Season 14 Hey, you didn't smuggle any food in, did you? I could eat a Leviathan."
  • Season 16 "It's not losing, it's an opportunity to excel. ...Oh, who am I kidding, you went down in flames."
  • Season 18 "Wait, let me help you get those fangs out of the floorboards. Dumbass."
  • “And no squadmates to save you? Buddy, here's a tip: find a better wingman.”
  • “Another one bites the dust, and I leave a lot of dust. Man, my apartment is a mess.”
  • “Bet you didn't expect to buy the farm like this. Weird, I saw it coming a mile away.”
  • “Blame it on the chemtrails, that's what all the crazies do.”
  • “Boots on the ground, huh? Aw, you thought grounded was a good thing.”
  • “Don't beat yourself up, it's not like every legend has a titan for a backpack.”
  • “Even I puckered up when you got shot down (ouch).”
  • “Hey first round's on you. Wonder what's on draft...”
  • “Forced landing, don't you hate those? I wouldn't know but I heard they're bad."
  • “I always say "Keep them between your 3 and 9", do they listen? Nope."
  • “I did that with no official training, seriously. Impressive, right?”
  • "I do love a good hot mess. Unfortunately, yours is... the bad kind. Yikes."
  • "I hear slobs are creative geniuses. Explains why you look so impeccable."
  • "I know that look. You want revenge. Not a dragon worth chasing. Trust me."
  • "I showed up to fight with my fangs out. I'm not even sure you have teeth."
  • "Is that sweat? Ugh, you're dripping like a faucet. So tragic and kinda gross."
  • "It's cool. Nobody expects a ground pounder like you to reach great heights."
  • "Let's see you do that. Oh wait. no wings. Maybe, flap your arms real fast?"
    • "Let's see you do that. Oh, wait. No wings. Maybe, flap your arms really fast?"
    • "Let's see you try that. Oh, wait. (sings) You got no wings.. uh uh. You got no wings... uh uh."
  • "Oh, so sorry... Sorry for thinking you might actually be a threat."
  • "See what I mean? How many times do I have to say "Look up"? Unreal."
  • "Should've punched out when you had the chance."
  • "Somebody strapped their g-suit too tight this morning. In the pants area. Ouch."
  • "Somebody's grounded. Sending you to bed with no championship, kiddo."
  • "Thanks, I really appreciate how easy you made that look for me. Nice touch."
  • "That was... embarrassing. I mean, I know I'm good, but, wow, they let you compete? Like that?"
  • "The question isn't if your squad's on their way to help you. The question is, do I care?"
  • "This is just your final approach, buddy. Stick the landing and call it a day."
  • "Too aggressive? Oh, I keep forgetting I'm supposed to be timid and shy. My bad."
  • "Wait, that actually worked? Huh. Go figure. I really am the best."
  • "Hey, we've all been behind the power curve sometime. Well, not me, but not everyone is me."
    • "We've all been behind the power curve sometime. Not me, but not everyone is me."
  • "Yes! (laugh) Eat it sucker! What? Sometimes, even I impress myself."
  • "You don't mind if I take your lunch, do you? I mean, it's not like you need it."
  • "What? You expected me to bow first?"
  • "You lost! Let it go! Take up gardening! That seems more your speed."
  • "Just so we're clear, you were a goner three turns ago. The rest was me showing off."
  • "You're definitely in the spaghetti now. Good luck getting untangled."
  • "And if all this wasn't bad enough, you're gonna miss a killer sunset. Having a bad day all around, ain't ya?
  • "You were out of fuel and you didn't even know it."
  • "Your girl's gonna be heartbroken when she hears the news. I'll tell her you said bye."
  • "Your tires are kicked and your fires are lit, buddy. Go home."

Gameplay[ | ]

I’m jumpmaster
  • "I'm jumpmaster. I'll take it from here."
  • "Jumpmaster actual. Valkyrie has the ball."
  • "Valkyrie is jumpmaster actual. Follow my heading."
Here we go/dropping as jumpmaster
  • "Hell yeah!"
  • "I love this part!"
    • "I love this part! Hahahaha!"
Skydive Emote
Landed after Skydive
  • "Tango Delta."
Opening fire on an enemy
  • "Opening fire."
Hitting an enemy from far
  • "Bogey's hurt."
  • "Bandit's hurtin'."
Enemy shield broken
  • "Cracked shields on that bandit."
  • "Cracked a bogey's shield."
Downed an enemy
  • "Bandit down."
  • "Got one. Enemy down."
  • "Splash 1. Bogey down."
Another enemy down
  • "Splash 2 Bogey's Down"
  • "Splash 2. Another bogey down."
  • "Got another one down."
  • "Took out a whole nest of bogeys."
  • "Say goodnight to another enemy."
    • "Say bye-bye to another enemy."
More enemies down
Knocked down multiple enemies simultaneously
  • "Bandits droppin' quick out here."
    • "Woo! Bandits droppin' quick out here."
    • "Droppin' 'em like flies out here!"
Killed an enemy
  • "Bogey's dead."
  • "Bandit bought the farm."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "Woo! I don't need wings to float like a butterfly."
Whole Squad down
  • "Confirmed splash on whole Squad."
  • "Confirmed kill on whole Squad."
  • "Last one down."
  • "Whole Squad crashed and burned."
  • "Goodnight. That entire Squad's gone bye-bye."
  • [Solo] "Yeah, I just took out a whole Squad."
    • "Woo! I just took out a whole Squad."
  • [Solo] "I'm outnumbered! What will I do? Heh. Take 'em all down myself, apparently."
    • "Oh no, I'm outnumbered! What will I do? Take 'em all down myself, apparently."
    • "Yeah! I'm outnumbered! What will I do? Take 'em all down myself, apparently."
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "Hell yeah. That was badass."
  • "Impressive. Glad you're my wingman."
  • "Damn good kill. They're not gettin' back up again."
    • "Good splash. They're not gettin' back up again."
    • "Nice kill. They never saw it coming."
Taking damage
  • "Bogey clipped me!"
  • "Enemy clipped me!"
  • "I'm hit!"
  • "Taking fire."
  • "Under fire!"
Another Squad attacking
  • "We got another squad attacking us!"
  • "We got another squad extending to engage."
  • "Hey, who invited the third party?"
I'm down
  • "Help! I'm down."
  • "Mayday, mayday! I'm grounded."
  • "I could use some help here."
  • "Mayday! Crashing and burning over here!"
  • "Sorry dad. No family reunion yet. I got a match to win."
    • "[exhales] Sorry dad. No family reunion yet. I got a match to win."
  • "Like a phoenix - This bird's not done yet."
    • "[exhales] Like a phoenix - This bird's not done yet."
I got you / Reviving squadmate
  • "I got ya. Hey, how about no more dying today."
  • "I'm here. So let's get you a do-over, huh?"
  • [toRampart Icon] "How about this… I help you, you drop the name, Sheila. Deal?"
  • [toRampart Icon] "Quit calling that thing 'Sheila' or next time I might not pick you up."
  • [toRevenant Icon] "You're behind power curve. Catch up."
  • [toRevenant Icon] Look who's got their fangs stuck in the floorboard.
  • [to Loba Icon] Head in the game babe, Rev' ain't worth it !
  • [to Loba Icon] You're distracted. and not just here...
  • “Not done yet, Dad. Miss me, squad?”
  • "Woo! And I'm back in the game!"
  • "Nearly bought the farm. And I ain't ready to settle down. Thanks."
  • "Appreciate you calling me back, boss. I mean it."
Just the two of us left / Squadmate Killed
  • "Enemy took one of ours. Just you and me now."
  • "Bogey splashed one of ours. Just you and me now."
  • "Ugh, we lost my wingman. I hate it when that happens."
Got our Squadmate's banner
  • "Got the banner. Let's bring them home."
  • "Snagged the banner. Never leave your wingmen."
Healing/Recharging Shields
  • "Hold up. Healing."
  • "Charging up my shields."
  • "Chargin' up my shields."
  • "Recharging shields."
Using Phoenix Kit Phoenix Kit
  • "One sec, using my Phoenix Kit."
  • "Using my Phoenix kit."
Throwing Ordnances
Incoming Frag grenade / Arc Star / Knuckle Cluster Knuckle Cluster
  • "Look out! Grenade!"
Shot down Cargo Bot
  • "Got a cargo bot. What's it got?"
Entering Trident driver seat

"Get out of my dreams and get into my Trident."

Entering Trident passenger seat
  • "Literally have a jetpack, but sure… let's drive three feet off the ground. Why not?"
Exiting Trident

"Roads? I don't need roads."

Dropping Holo-Spray
  • "Bird dropping here. If it lands on you, I heard it's good luck."
  • "Let's leave a little bird dropping."
Pick up Keycard
  • "I have the keycard. Meet me at the bridge."
Opened Vault / Icarus's Bridge
  • "Open sesame. Who wants to raid a Vault?"
Opening Explosive Hold
  • "Little room? 'Bout to crack open this hold."
Collected Materials Materials in Arenas
  • "Got materials."
  • "Materials. Check."
Attached Loot MRVN's Arm
  • "Gave this MRVN his arm back."
  • [withRampart Icon] "Hey, I fixed a MRVN. Eat your heart out, Ramya."
  • "Crafting over here. (to self) My mother would love hearing me say that."
  • "Crafting over here."
  • "Hold up, almost done crafting."
Interacted Seer's Exhibit Heart Chamber
  • "New Legend can breathe fire for all I care. Long as he doesn't fly, we're good. He better not fly."
Survey Beacon
  • "Aces. Check it out."
  • "Spoiler alert: I found the next Ring. Check your maps."
Fight or Fright Icon Dropping while in Shadow Royale
  • "Two Revenants? All the ladies on this roster, and we get two of him?"
Fight or Fright Icon Killed Shadows but the living Squads still alive
  • "The shadows won't stop. Find the humans left one that Squad."
Squad landed nearby
  • "Head on a swivel. Bogey landed nearby."
  • "Check six. Bandit touched down near me."

Pings[ | ]

Ping from Dropship
  • "I'm calling the ball. Let's land over there."
  • "Let's make a varsity play for the deck."
  • "Three down and locked. Let's land over there."
Go here / Suggested a location
  • "Let's check this quadrant."
  • "Let's go here."
  • "Let's scan this area."
  • "Let's scope this quadrant out here."
  • "We can scan this area."
  • "We could cruise over here."
Cancel ping
  • "Did I say that out loud? Never mind."
  • "Ignore me, I'm hungry and don't know what I'm saying."
  • "Oh. Ignore me. I'm hungry, and don't know what I'm saying."
  • "Let's nix that last part."
  • "Scratch that."
  • "Another bogey."
  • "Bandit here."
  • "Bandit close by. Visual clear."
  • "Bogey here."
  • "Bogey right here."
  • "Bogey over there."
  • "Bogey in my crosshairs."
  • "Get ready, Squad. We got a bandit here."
  • "Got a bandit."
  • "Got a bandit on my sight."
  • “Got a bandit close by.”
  • "Got a bogey on my marker."
  • "Padlocked a bandit."
  • "Nobody panic. We got bandits out there."
Looting Here
  • "Cruising over there to check out the loot situation."
  • "Wonder what salvaged I can find over here…"
Someone's been here / Location Compromised
  • "Bandits have been here already."
  • "Heads on the swivel. Someone's been through here."
  • "We're not the first one here. Eyes peeled for bogeys."
Heading to a location
  • "Heading out that way."
  • "I'm heading over to that quadrant."
Attacking Here
  • "Gonna maneuver out there, take down some bandits."
  • "My plan is to attack right here."
  • "Valkyrie on deck. Extending to engage."
  • "Ready for a dogfight here."
  • "Planning my attack vector here."
Defending Here
  • "Feel like I should stay here and defend this area."
  • "See that area over there? I'm defending it."
  • "I'm gonna defend that quadrant over there."
  • "Gonna hover over here - Defending this quadrant."
  • [In combat] "Poppin' a squat here to defend."
  • [In combat] "Setting up perimeter defense here."
Watching this direction
  • "I'm gonna stay here and keep an eye out."
  • "Probably nothing, but I'm keeping an eye out over there."
  • "Watching that quadrant like a hawk."
  • "I'm watching that quadrant."
Need Help
  • "Crashing and burning here, people."
  • "Could use a little help."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Copy."
  • "Ten-four."
  • "Uh-huh."
Join / Me too
  • "Hope you don't mind a copilot."
  • "That's got my name written all over it."
  • "I'll bag that."
I can't
  • "That's a negative."
  • "Negative, ghostrider."
Hold on
Request Gear / Attachment / Ammo
  • Generic
    • "Looking for a <item>."
    • "Need a <item>."
  • Helmet Helmet
    • "Looking for a helmet. Not as thick-headed as my father thought."
  • Backpack Backpack
    • "Would love a backpack. Fire-proof, please."
  • Empty Survival Slot
    • "I need a Survival Item."
  • Heat Shield in the Survival Slot
    • "Snagged a Heat Shield."
Ultimate [Skyward Dive Skyward Dive]
  • 0~84% charged
    • "Staying here for now. Ultimate still isn't ready."
    • "Gotta stay grounded: Ultimate's not ready yet."
    • [In combat] "Negative on my Ultimate Charge."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's not charged."
  • 85%~99% charged
    • "Hang tight. Ultimate's almost ready."
    • "We can take off soon. Ultimate will be ready shortly."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's almost charged."
    • [In combat] "Stand by, ultimate's almost good to go!"
  • 100% ready
    • "Ultimate's ready. Who wants to fly?"
    • "Ultimate's ready. Say the word, and we'll be in the clouds."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's ready!"
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's on deck!"
Launch Pad Launch Pad
  • "Jump Pad here… Is your pogo stick in the shop?"
Silence Silence
  • "Silence Bomb here."
  • "Rampage here. Haha, lookin' good, Ramya."
Squadmate's banner / Let's recover their banner
  • "Quick! Get our teammate's banner."
  • "Grab that banner. We can give them another shot."
  • "Deathbox out there."
Jump Tower
  • "Would those without wings direct their attention to the Jump Tower over there…"
Supply Bin
  • "Supply Bin here, if you need it."

Extended Supply Bin

  • "Open Extended Supply Bin here. Open the secret compartment?"
  • "Open Extended Supply Bin there. Hasn't been cleaned out either."
  • "Open Extended Supply Bin here. Still stuff inside."
  • "Extended Supply Bin with an unopened drawer there."
Care Package
  • "Care Package over there."
  • "Got a Replicator here."
Materials Materials
  • "Get your Materials here."
  • "Zipline here. Some of us don't need lines to zip around."
Explosive Hold
  • "Flyer over there. Think it wants to play."
Supply Ship
  • "Cargo bot out there."
Dropped Cargo
  • "Can't believe I'm suggesting this, but let's use this geyser."
  • "Take the geyser over there."
  • "We can take the… the geyser. Over there. I hate myself."
    • "(groans) We can take the geyser over there. I hate myself."
Pathfinder's Fight Night Boxing Ring
  • [Far] "We got to check out the boxing ring there."
  • [Close] "A boxing ring… sweet."
Icarus's Bridge
  • "Hey, guess who found the bridge."
  • "I have eyes on the bridge."
    • [Without Keycard] "Now, where's that keycard?"
    • [Has the Keycard] "And guess who has the keycard? (laughs)"
    • [Squadmate has the Keycard] "And I know we have the keycard."
Bridge Keycard
  • "Got a keycard here."
  • "Loot MRVN here. Give him a hand."
  • [Looted] "MRVN here. Looks like someone beat us to the punch."
  • [Looted] "Loot MRVN over there. Somebody already got the good stuff."
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's Status
  • "Hey look. It's Pathfinder's Statue."
  • "Statue here looks familiar. Anyone know this guy?"
  • "Prowler out there. And I was lookin' for a dogfight too."
  • "Got eyes on a Spider. Who wants to play exterminator?"
IMC Armory
  • "IMC Armory right here."
  • "IMC Armory over there."
Fight or Fright Icon Lootbin Zombie
  • "There's an infected here."

Mural at Big Maude

  • "Y'know, this crew is really starting to grow on me. Except for Mr. Evil Trashcan over there."

Abilities[ | ]

Using Missile Swarm Missile Swarm
  • "Fox 3 - Dumpin' the pods!"
  • "Fox 3 - Firing missiles!"
  • "Fox 3 - I got radar lock!"
  • "Fox 3 - Launching missiles!"
  • "Fox 3 - Missile off the rails!"
  • "Fox 3 - Sending it home!"
  • "Fox 3 - Sending the payload!"
  • "Fox 3 - Visual clear. Good tone."
Using VTOL Jets VTOL Jets
  • "Wings out."
  • "Wings up."
Activating Skyward Dive Skyward Dive
  • "Alert five. Ready to scorch for burn."
  • "Alert five. Valkyrie actual. Ready for burn, how copy?"
  • "Alert five. Valkyrie on station. We are go for burn."
  • “Alert five. Valkyrie on standby. Ready for burn.”

Let's fly

  • "Last call for lift off."
    • "This is your last call for lift off."
    • "Uh, this is your last call for lift off."
  • "Hurry up, we're wasting fuel over here."
  • "Unless you have your own set of rockets, I'd hurry up."


  • "Burn is good."
  • "Main engine burn."
  • "Go for burn."
  • "Burn is a go."

After successfully using Skyward Dive:

  • "A crew member will be coming by with our beverage cart. Drinks are not complimentary, though you'll wish to God they will be soon enough."
    • "Drinks are not complimentary on this flight, though you’ll wish to God they were soon enough."
  • "A life vest is located under your seat. But you don't have a seat. Hope you can swim."
  • "A safety information card is NOT located in your seat pocket. Just avoid bullets, you’ll be fine."
  • "As a reminder, this is a non-smoking flight. That includes smoke bombs."
  • "At this time, all electronics should be set to Airplane Mode. This means you, simulacrums."
  • "If you are unable to assist in an emergency, just shoot wildly into the air. Maybe you'll get lucky."
  • "Make sure seat backs, tray table and automatic weapons are in their full upright positions."
  • "Please direct your attention to the flight attendants as they demonstrate freefalling into certain death."
  • "Should air pressure drop, oxygen masks will be provided. If you're traveling with a small child... this is a bloodsport. What's wrong with you?"
    • "To those of you traveling with a small child, this is a bloodsport... what’s wrong with you?"
  • "The captain's turned off the no seatbelt sign. You're free to move about the Outlands."
  • "This aircraft has several emergency exits, accompanied by choppy waters, molten lava, or internal bleeding."
Hit by Drone EMP Drone EMP
  • "Just hit with a EMP."
Silence Silenced
  • "(groans) My abilities are jammed."
Recalled back to Death Totem Death Totem
  • "Back to the Totem and back to myself."
  • "Back to the Totem. That was so not fun."
  • "I'm back to the Totem. Let's not do that again."
  • "I'm back to the Totem. Well, that's one way to travel."
Death Totem Death Totem destroyed
  • "(groan) Totem's toasted."

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First Blood[ | ]

  • "First blood already? (chuckles) If you flame out this soon, why'd you even come?"
  • "Wow, first blood. Imagine passing out before even taking a sip."
  • "Yikes, first blood. Imagine crashing and burning on takeoff."
  • [by your Squad] "First blood! I like this Squadron already."

Champion eliminated[ | ]

  • "Champion's out… and I'm just broken-hearted about it."
    • "Champion's out… Ah… and I'm just broken-hearted about it."
  • "Later, Champ."
  • [by your Squad] "Champion didn't win that dog fight."
  • [Solo] "Took down the Champion on my own? Cool."

New Kill Leader Appointed[ | ]

  • "New Kill Leader. But, they haven't won yet."
  • "New Kill Leader… they can have it. My sights are set higher."
  • [herself] "I'm the new Kill Leader. Lock up your women and wine, 'cause I'm on the roll."
  • [herself] "I'm the new Kill Leader and I wasn't even trying."
  • [herself] "Flyin' solo and I still make Kill Leader."

Kill Leader killed[ | ]

  • "We just shot down the Kill Leader, soooo... It's uhh... it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?"

Appointed Kill Leader[ | ]

  • "I'm the new Kill Leader. Lock up your women and wine, 'cause I'm on a roll."

Care Package Delivered[ | ]

  • "Care package comin' down."
  • "Incoming care package. Pro-tip. Don't try intercepting something at Mach 1."
  • "Incoming care package. Pro-tip. Don't try grabbing something moving at that trajectory."

Half the Squads left[ | ]

  • "Half the Squads have bought the farm. We got this."
  • "Half the Squads have peaced out. There's the second wind I needed."
  • [Solo] "Half the Squads are gone. Flyin' solo, but still got my wings."

Two Squads Left[ | ]

  • "Two Squads left. Don't bail out on me now."
  • "Only two Squads left. Home stretch."
  • [Solo] "Two teams left. Don't go on auto-pilot now."

Only One more Squad left[ | ]

  • "Final two Squads and I don't do second place. Let's end this."
  • "Down to us and them."
  • [Solo] "One last Squad. Made it this far… no turning back now."
  • [Solo] "Just gottta take down that last Squad and I'm sole survivor."

Ring Status[ | ]

Outside the Ring, far
  • [Solo] "Gotta flap these wings faster. Next Ring's not close."
  • "Next Ring's not close, people."
  • "Got a ways to go for the next Ring."
Squadmates outside the Ring
  • "We're not all in the Ring. I can't help you if you're flashfried."
Outside the Ring and closing
  • "Hey, Ring's closing and we are all in the danger zone."
  • "We're outside the Ring. Move unless you wanna get barbecued."
Close, 60 seconds left
  • "Counting down from 60 and the Ring's close by."
  • "Ring's close and still got a minute."
  • [Solo] "Ring's close and I've still got a minute on the clock."

Far, 1 minute left

  • [Solo] "Ring's far. Minute left. Fine, Dad. You win. Speed is life. Whatever."
  • "A minute till Ring close and we've still got a ways to go."
Far, 45 seconds left
  • "Ring's far with only 45 seconds. Time to go supersonic."
  • "45 seconds. Ring's far. Fire up those afterburners and move."
30 seconds left
  • "Ring's just a little further. 30 left on the clock."
Inside the Ring
  • "Cool. Safe to touch down. We're already in the next Ring."
    • "Nice. Safe to touch down. We're already in the next Ring."
  • [Solo] "I'm already inside the Ring. That's aces."
  • [Solo] "I'm already inside the Ring. Ooh, maybe time for a little snack."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 prep
  • "Aim high, Squad! Let's go!"
  • "We're soaring straight to the top, baby."
Match Point prep - Winning
  • "Just one more point and we get the whole enchilada!"
    • "One more point and we win the whole enchilada."
    • "One more point and we win the whole enchilada. Mmmm enchilada."
  • "Match point. Landing gear's down. Let's bring her home."
  • "Victory's ours to lose… which we're not gonna do, right?"
Match Point prep - Losing
  • "Game faces on, Squadron. They only need one more point to win."
  • "Fangs out, folks. They win this one, they take it all."
Double Kill
  • "Two for a price for one."

Lobby[ | ]

Map[ | ]

Switching to Kings Canyon
Switching to World's Edge
Switching to Olympus

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Season
  • "New ranked series starts today. Let's climb to new heights."
  • "New ranked season starts today. Up, up and away we go.
New Split
  • "New ranked split starts today. Let's see how high I can get this time.
Ranked Up
  • "I ranked up! You know what they say: What goes up is never coming down. "
  • "Moving up in the ranks. Good. Up's the only direction I know."
Ranked Down
  • "Rank is droppin'. Ah, c'mon, Valk, you're better than this."
  • "Damn, ranked down. Eh, gotta fly higher."
Silver Silver
  • "Kickin' things off in Silver. I can get higher."
  • "Silver. Gotta start somewhere."
Gold Gold
  • "Gold. I'm crusin' along."
  • "Making my mark by making it to Gold."
Platinum Platinum
  • "Made it to Platinum. Judge my career choices now, Dad." *chuckles*
  • Clear the runway, I'm headed for Platinum.
Diamond Diamond
  • "Diamond rank. Oh yeah, I can totally climb to the top."
  • "Holy... I made it to Diamond.
  • "I made it to Diamond? Damn!"
Master Master
  • "Master. Not too shabby for a farm girl turned smuggler, huh?"
  • "Master of the skies. Damn straight I am."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "I am a… I'm an Apex Predator… Just like you, Dad."
  • "I am a… I'm an Apex Predator. We did it, Dad. I did it."

Quip[ | ]

Nice / Celebration
  • "Awesome."
    • "Awesome!"
  • "All right! Drinks are on them!"
    • "Yeah! Drinks are on them!"
    • "Yeah, baby! Drinks are on them!"
  • "It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Am I right?"
    • "Hey, hey! It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Am I right?"
    • "Yeah! It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Am I right?"
Thank you
  • "Thanks a bunch."
  • "Hey, thanks."
  • [toLoba Icon] "A gift from the loot queen herself. Nice."
    • "Aw… a gift from the loot queen herself, hmm? Nice."
    • "Aww… a gift from the loot queen herself. Sweet."
  • [toLoba Icon] "I hope this is from your personal collection."
  • [toBangalore Icon] "Thanks. While I have you, is this thing between us because I fly? Or is there some other thing?"
  • [toBangalore Icon] "Gee, thanks. Also, are we really doing this whole aircraft-pilot vs foot soldier thing?"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Ash Icon] "Thanks. Hey, you used to work with my dad, right?"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Ash Icon] "Thanks. You know, I heard you were an Apex Predator, like my dad."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Newcastle Icon] "Thanks. You really do have our backs, huh?"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Newcastle Icon] "Thanks for that loot. I owe you a drink."
You're welcome
  • "No thanks needed. Buy me a drink, though."
  • "Who loves you, baby?"
  • [toLoba Icon] "(chuckles) I've got an eye for these things."
    • "(chuckles) I've got an… eye for these things."
  • [toLoba Icon] "I told you... I got you."
  • [to Loba] "Is that my name now? Aw, we're cute."
  • [toRevenant Icon] "What? What do you care, evil trashcan..."
  • [toBangalore Icon] "By the time you get over yourself, Sarge, I'll be clipped ahead with all the guts and glory."
  • [toBangalore Icon] "Let me guess… You aren't a fan of fly. (chuckle) Typical grunt."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Newcastle Icon] "You're a pretty cool guy, Newcastle."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Newcastle Icon] "New guy has a cool outfit and compliments? Nice."
Thanks for first-aid
  • "Yep! I got a drink with your name on it. Cheers."
  • "(exhales) Thank you. I'm a new woman."
  • [toLoba Icon] "That's the kiss of life I needed. Cheers."
  • [toLoba Icon] "(exhales) Thanks for the pick-me-up."
  • [toRampart Icon] "Eeh. Put it on my tab."
You're welcome for first-aid
  • [toLoba Icon] "All in a day's work."
  • [toLoba Icon] "'Course. I'm your wingman."
  • [toRampart Icon] "(scoffs) You're the worst."
  • [toRampart Icon] "(grumbles)"

Location[ | ]

The Icarus
  • "Great. Thought I left these gnarly weeds back on Typhon."