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Vantage's voice actor is Natalie Cañizares, speaking English.

Character select[ | ]

  • "Hi. ...Am I supposed to say more stuff?"
  • "I've been shooting since I was a baby. I was a very dangerous baby."
  • "I was born ready, so I don't know what 'not ready' is."
  • "Did you know prowlers have five stomachs? Let's not end up in one!"
  • "I was working on a carving, but it can wait."
  • "Finally! Echo and I hate being cooped up."
  • "Survival's about more than living. It's about living free."
  • "It's life or death out there. Now that I understand.
  • "Music's amazing to get yourself pumped up. Especially polka."
  • "Fighting on screens sure beats watching screens. I'm in."
  • "Did you know that humans are the only animal that can blush? But why?
  • "This win's for my mom. "
  • "Running around outdoors while getting shot at? Sounds fun."
  • "Echo! Ready to head out?"
  • "Surviving's not all bad. You've got music and bloodsports!"
  • "I'm not surviving, I'm living."
  • "I don't trust elevators. I get to the top my own way."
  • "Winning's the only way to stay free."
  • "Dinner's gotta wait, Echo. We're up."
  • "Hi mom! I-if you're watching..."
  • "Lost in the wild, cold, alone... That's my happy place."
  • "I love shooting. I don't love killing. I understand the conflict and I'm fine with it."

Intro Quip[ | ]

  • "Of course you're gonna die. Civilization's built to make you soft."
  • "If worms taste like bacon, I wonder what worms'll think you taste like."
  • "If freedom means survival and survival means winning, then I'll win."
  • "The only difference between predator and prey is who sees who first."
  • "Think the hunted will become the hunter? That makes no sense."
  • "A planet couldn't kill me. What hope do you have?"
  • "Will I win? Does a prowler's brain weigh 227 grams?"
  • "Fight like your life's on the line. Because it is."
  • "Fun facts: Peanuts can be used to make explosives. And you're gonna die today."
  • "Hunting you will be easy. Killing you will also be easy."
  • "Don't worry, I'll make sure you get used as fertilizer for my garden."
  • "I'm fighting for my mom's freedom. So you're going to lose."
  • "I've listened to my favorite song 142 times in a row. I'm ready to go."
  • "If I stare it's not because I'm weird. It's because I'm finding your weak points."
  • "If you spot me my mom will be so mad at me."
  • "If you're not hunting, you're being hunted."
  • "I'll try to make sure you die under the stars. No promises though."
  • "Striking long-range doesn't mean I'm afraid. It means I'm smart."
  • "The gun you should fear is the one you can't see. That and mine."
  • "The human head weighs 4,540 grams. Less with a bullet hole, of course."
  • "Greetings, all! ...No good? What do you say to people you're about to kill...?"

Kill Quip[ | ]

  • Season 14 "I knew this would happen. You've just got that prey look."
  • Season 15 "You remind me of that song... I don't know the name. It's really sad though."
  • Season 16 "If your life was a song, this is what they'd call the fade-out."
  • Season 19 "Don't feel bad for not surviving. You weren't really living anyway."
  • "Angel City used to be called Port Janus. Just a fun fact on your way out."
  • "Awareness is everything. But I guess you've learned that now."
  • "Bet you wished you'd danced more and cowered less, huh?"
  • "Better this than the slow death of obedience, right?"
  • "Better this than dying in a cage somewhere. Cold comfort's still comfort."
  • "Did you know flyers mourn their dead? Neat, right?"
  • "Didn't need binoculars to see that coming."
  • "Didn't you smell me coming? I was upwind and I smelled you."
  • "Next time, don't poke your head out of the burrow."
  • "Don't worry, I'm not into taxidermy."
  • "Don't worry, Echo won't eat you. He only likes free-range meat."
  • "I can tell Echo doesn't like you. I don't have an opinion."
  • "I got 'em, mom."
  • "I knew this would happen from the moment I spotted you."
  • "I live every day like it's my last. Did you?"
  • "I respect my prey, just as my mom taught me."
  • "I'm told to 'small talk' in awkward moments. So... Do you like small things?"
  • "My motto is 'one shot, one kill.' If you have a motto, it's time for a new motto."
  • "Mom taught me to keep people a rifle's length away... to shoot them."
  • "Leviathans use bones to build their nests. Here's hoping, huh?"
  • "My world would've eaten you alive."
  • "Nature doesn't pull her punches, so why would I?"
  • "Now you'll return to nature. And what I mean is bugs and birds will eat you!"
  • "It wasn't personal. You were just on the other end of my scope."
  • "Pretty good isn't good enough, as my mom would say."
  • "Survival often comes down to luck. In your case, it came down to skill."
  • "There's a plant to help with the pain. But it doesn't grow here... Oh well."
  • "You versus eighteen years in the wild. This is how it was always going to go."
  • "Now we know where you fit in the food chain."
  • "Would you rather have died behind a desk? Didn't think so."
  • "Y'know, people are an invasive species. Gotta cull the herd."
  • "You almost got me! You didn't, actually, but people like lies."
  • "You did your best to make it, and your best was really, really bad."
  • "You don't spook easily. That's a bad thing for prey."
  • "You look smaller up close. Better clean my scope."
  • "Rest easy. You just made a hungry prowler very happy."
  • "You remind me of this sad song about being a failure. It's really good."
  • "You went down fighting. Most citizens don't."
  • "You're dying free. That's better than most."
  • "You're lucky you're dying. I've got a song stuck in my head."
  • "Your survival skills could use some work. Could have used some work."

Gameplay[ | ]

Throwing ordnances
Taking damage
  • "Taking fire."
  • "Getting shot at."
  • "Taking damage.
  • "They're hitting me."
I'm down
  • "I'm down. That's on me."
  • "I'm bleeding out."
Squad landed nearby
  • "A target landed so close I can smell 'em."
  • "Watch it -- some prey landed near me."
Enemy shield broken
  • "I cracked a target's shield."
  • "Shattered the prey's shield."
Downed an enemy
  • "Downed a mark."
  • "Took down some prey."
Whole squad down
  • "Took down the last of that squad, nice and clean."
  • "Downed another squad. We're good. Or they're bad. Or both."
Another squad attacking
  • "Another squad's pouncing on us."
  • "That's another squad shooting at us. Hope they suck at it."
  • "Die later. Fight now."
  • "Die when I don't need you."
  • "Nope. You're not dying."

Pings[ | ]

Go/suggested a location
  • "Pick up your feet. Let's go here.
  • "Looks interesting over here. C'mon."
  • "This way. Let's go."
  • "Over here. Follow me."
  • "Let's move here.
Canceled ping
  • "Nevermind."
  • "On second thought...scrap that."
  • "Forget it."
  • "Target here."
  • "Prey spotted here."
  • "Prey here."
  • "Prey here, close to me."
  • "Prey, right here."
  • "Mark, right here."
  • "Mark, right there."
  • "Prey spotted."
  • "Enemy there."
  • "Prey there."
  • "A mark over there."
  • "Prey in sight--there."
Looting here
  • "Scavenging for loot in this area."
  • "Looking for good loot here. Always be foraging."
  • "Gonna track down some loot here."
  • "Gonna scrounge for loot over here."
  • "Hunting down loot over here."
  • "Foraging for loot over here."

Quip[ | ]

  • "Thanks."
  • "Appreciated."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Thanks, Witt. I'll bring a friend to your next party so it isn't so empty."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Thanks. I don't know why your party was so empty if you're this generous all the time."
You're welcome
  • "Mm-hm."
  • "Yeah, okay."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Huh, seems like you 'are' angry people didn't come to your party."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "No problem, Witt. My feelings would be hurt too."
  • "Anybody want a celebration jerky? Oh wait, Echo ate it all."

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

New kill leader
  • "There's a new kill leader. Old one's dead or slacking off."
  • "New kill leader. Good. Standing taller will make them easier to spot."
Care package incoming
  • "Let's pick this care package clean."
  • "Care package incoming. Replenish the stores."

Abilities[ | ]

Sending out Echo
  • "Let's go, Echo."
  • "Let's find a good perch.
  • "Go get it."
  • "Out you go."
  • "Time to hunt, little guy."
Jumping to Echo
  • "Getting a fresh angle."
  • "Echo's got an angle. Moving there."
  • "Taking a new angle."
  • "Need a new angle on this."
  • "Current angle sucks! Switching it up."
  • "Launching to a new angle."
  • "Moving to Echo for a better angle."
  • "Echo's picked a sweet angle. Moving."
  • "Better angle at Echo's location."
Damaged enemy with Sniper's Mark Sniper's Mark
  • "Got a tag on 'em.
  • "Just try and hide with that shiny tag on you."
  • "Tagged 'em."
  • "Prey's tagged. Take 'em down."
  • "Tagged and half in the bag."
Incoming Airstrike
  • "Airstrike. Find some cover."