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Real Name Xiomara Contreras[1]
Nickname Mara
Wild One (by Xenia)
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 19
Relatives Xenia Contreras (mother)
Homeworld Págos
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Natalie Cañizares[2]
Appearances Survive
Friends Like These

Xiomara Contreras, more well known as Vantage, is a Legend introduced in Season 14 of Apex Legends. She joined the Apex Games to raise awareness about her mother's wrongful imprisonment.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Xiomara Contreras was born on the Fringe World of Págos in 2716 to Xenia Contreras, an escaped prisoner who had been sentenced to life on the Gaean prison ship GDS Vantage. Growing up alone on the frozen planet, Xiomara was raised as a survivalist, keeping two mantras: the only truth is that "everything wants to kill me," and the only rule is to "survive." She was additionally told by her mother Xenia to stay away from the wreckage of the Vantage, calling it nothing more than an empty cargo ship.[3] Xiomara exhibited proficiency with a sniper rifle from a young age[4] and received the A-13 Sentry, a sniper rifle from the Vantage, as a birthday gift.[5]

Xiomara kept a journal as a child. Multiple entries from 2729 show her prowess in hunting from an early age, as well as her boredom and loneliness living in the wilderness of Págos.[6]

Survive[ | ]

One day in 2734, while on a hunt, Xiomara shot a bat with her sniper rifle. She approached it and found it to still be alive, watching as it entered a crevasse leading into the wreckage of the Vantage. She rappelled down, following her prey into the ship.

Upon reaching the bridge, she found the bat's child resting on a console. It accidentally pressed some of its buttons, causing the Vantage's systems to come online. The ship scanned her, mistaking her for her mother, and ordered her to return to her cell. A bewildered Xiomara, now aware that this was a prison ship, was attacked by the defense systems and attempted to escape. Before she could reach her rope, the ship fell, crumbling into the canyon below.

Xiomara landed on a ledge below, where she was crushed by debris. She attempted to signal for help, but her whistle fell further into the canyon. After falling unconscious, she was found by Xenia, who realized she could not save her daughter. Placing a chip in her hand, Xenia activated a distress signal, calling Gaean authorities to the rescue.[3]

Season 14 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Gaean authorities eventually arrived on Págos, where they found Xiomara and arrested Xenia. After leaving Págos, Xiomara was accompanied by the young bat, which she named Echo.

After recovering, Xiomara visited Xenia at her prison. She attempted to free her mother using a concealed blade, but Xenia would not allow her to, telling her to return home to Págos. While guards carried her away, Xiomara saw a broadcast for the Apex Games, and decided to enter in an attempt to free Xenia.

In her placement match, Xiomara assumedly performed well, but was disqualified due to Echo attacking another competitor, with Echo being classified as a pet by the Mercenary Syndicate. Xiomara submitted an appeal to this decision, basing her argument on the fact that Bloodhound has a raven.[7] After this, she was allowed entry into the Games.

During her first official match, she was placed on a team with Fuse and Horizon, with the trio winning. On the broadcast after the match's conclusion, Xiomara dedicated her win to her mother, bringing awareness to her case.[8]

Friends Like These[ | ]

Xiomara attended a party hosted by Mirage, much to his surprise. Noticing her lack of social skills, Mirage recommended that she try to make friends with the other Legends, getting to know them and caring about their problems.[9]

Xiomara first visited Wattson, who was working on a communications device. After asking what her "problem" was, Wattson stated that there is more to making friends than this - you must get to know them as a person. Xiomara demonstrated her shallow understanding of this by pointing out easily-observable qualities of Wattson's room. Noticing various images of Wraith, Caustic, and Crypto, she then began to attempt to pry for secrets. A defensive Wattson then knocked over a bowl of cereal, with its milk short-circuiting and activating the communications device. After noticing a woman with red hair and green eyes on the screen, Wattson shooed Xiomara away.[10]

Soon after, Xiomara ventured to Boreas in an attempt to find Seer and Rampart, dropping in on them unannounced while discussing the state of the planet. Thanks to Xiomara's words, Seer decided to propose an expansion of the Apex Games on Boreas to Eduardo Silva. The two then agree to be Xiomara's friends.[11]

Xiomara then travelled to Bloodhound's village on Talos, where they and Fuse were working to relocate the tribe due to the declining state of Talos's ecosystem. Explaining her quest to make friends, Fuse explained that friendship is about more than knowing each other's problems - it's about engaging and never giving up. on one another. Bloodhound gave their own advice, stating that attention and listening are also important. In response, a confused Xiomara stated that she was looking for simple friendship, not a romantic relationship like what she perceived between Bloodhound and Fuse. The two Legends, now flustered, then left to resume packing.[12]

Xiomara next met Loba for dinner. However, her attire and Echo's behavior caused the two to be removed from the restaurant, much to Loba's chagrin. Xiomara expressed her confusion with everyone telling her different things about what friendship means, with Loba telling her of the importance of respect and loyalty, especially in her line of work. Having had enough of the young hunter, Loba entered Valkyrie's apartment, locking Xiomara out.

Wanting to continue their conversation, Xiomara broke into the apartment to find Loba tending to the wounds of an injured friend. At Loba's request, she called for help.[13]

Eventually, Xiomara returned to the Paradise Lounge, bragging that she had spoken to all of Mirage's friends and that she had learned to listen to others. Eventually, the Apex Games match she had recently won appeared on the television, where Xiomara was disheartened to see that her message about her mother had been cut off by the announcers. Mirage then showed her various clips of his victories over the past seasons, telling her that she needed to act in a more marketable way to better manipulate the media into spreading her message. The two then had a heart-to-heart, where Witt talked about his mother and how he tries to help her keep her memory.

To lighten the mood, Xiomara then told Mirage that she had brought his friends with her so that he could have his party. Xiomara and Mirage then joined Horizon, Crypto, Octane, Wraith, Pathfinder, and Rampart on the dance floor.[14]

Weekend Warriors[ | ]

One weekend near the anniversary of the Apex Games, Mirage suggested that Xiomara visit a zoo on Gaea during her day off. Taking his advice, she went to the zoo expecting to find a wildlife sanctuary, but was dismayed to find it like a prison for animals. During her visit, Xiomara followed and pestered another guest, taking their popcorn and feeding it to Echo.

Eventually, Xiomara found that Echo had flown off somewhere. Dismayed, she began entering various enclosures to search for her companion, only to be reprimanded by a zookeeper. While threatening to ban her for life, the zookeeper offhandedly mentions an artificial bat cave nearby, leading Xiomara to run there in search of Echo. After arriving at the cave, which reminded her of the cold enclosures aboard the GDS Vantage, she found Echo nestling with one of the zoo's mother bats. Seeing this, she came to realize her guilt in killing and taking Echo away from his mother. Apologizing to the bat, Xiomara promised to free him and the other animals in the zoo after freeing her mother.

On her way out, Xiomara was shocked to find that Echo had followed her. Overjoyed at how he had chosen to live with her rather than his species, Vantage left the zoo with Echo - but not before taking more popcorn from the same visitor she had bothered before.[15]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Videos & Trailers Online Media
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 14 Psych Evaluation of T-0323 (mentioned)
  • Season 14 Happy Birthday, Mara (mentioned)
  • Season 14 Intake Eval for X. Contreras (mentioned)
  • Season 14 Only a Mum (mentioned)
  • Season 14 An Adequate Reflection (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Vantage is the youngest Legend in the game at 19 years old.
  • Vantage dreams of seeing a Leviathan.[6]
  • Vantage is the first Legend to originate from a planet that is currently a Fringe World.
  • Vantage's ancestry is Cuban-American.[1]
  • Vantage's story was written by Kevin Lee.[16]
  • Most of Vantage's knowledge comes from a book called the Encyclopedia Outlandica.[4]
  • All of Vantage's possessions came from her mother and the wreckage of the GDS Vantage. [17] Her sniper rifle was standard issue aboard the Vantage.[3]
  • Vantage is cheerful, albeit blunt. She thinks that if something is true, it's not necessarily rude to say.[17]
  • Vantage is a fan of The Flyer Liars, Lifeline's punk band.[18]
  • Vantage dislikes signs, as they tend to tell her what not to do.
  • Vantage has incredibly poor hygiene, stating that she does not bathe or wash her clothes.[15]

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