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Velvet Oasis
S7 Olympus velvetoasis
Velvet Oasis during Season 7 Season 7.
Gamemode Battle Royale, Arenas
Location Olympus

Velvet Oasis is a location found on Olympus. It was also used as a standalone map in Arenas in Season 10 Season 10.

Gameplay[ | ]

Velvet Oasis is a mid tier loot zone located on the northwestern edge of Olympus, south of the Arcadia Supercarrier and north of Autumn Estates. The area is characterized by two incredibly tall apartment buildings, in which only three floors are accessible. Beneath the apartments is the Velvet Oasis Cafe, a pair of small dining areas suspended on the underside of Olympus, which can be accessed via ziplines in the buildings' elevator shafts. There is also a third garage-like building to the west which leads to a balcony overlooking the cafe area. In the middle of all three buildings is a glass courtyard with a Respawn Beacon, which acts as a skylight for the cafe. Beside the south apartment is a Trident spawn location.

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