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Victor Maldera
Victor Maldera
Maldera in Fight Night
Real Name Victor Maldera
Gender Male
Homeworld Psamathe
Occupation Police lieutenant
Security guard (formerly)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Anthony Alabi

Victor Maldera is a detective for the Malta Police Department investigating the disappearances of Alexander Nox and Tae Joon Park.

Story[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Victor Maldera is a former lieutenant and detective for the Malta Police Department. He solved many cases; however, he could not solve the arson at Humbert Labs in 2723. It was deemed an accident and the case was closed a year later. Maldera was convinced that the culprit was Alexander Maxwell Nox and had an altercation with his superior officers, which resulted in him getting dishonorably discharged. Despite this, he remained obsessed with finding Nox and proving his theory right.

Fight Night[ | ]

In 2725, a disgraced Maldera worked security at a restaurant in Malta, Psamathe. During one late shift, an altercation occured between a gang member and a MRVN that worked at a restaurant, resulting in the death of the gangster. Rushing to the scene, Maldera apprehended the MRVN and probed his memory to find what he could about the attack. After probing through footage of the MRVN's many, many jobs, he eventually came across footage of the murders at Humbert Labs. While trying to view more, he additionally found footage of a scientist talking to the robot. Before he could learn more, the gang's leader approached him and attempted to seize the MRVN for himself. Maldera knocked out the man and fled with the MRVN.

Maldera and the MRVN seized the gang's transport and flew away. The mob pursued, sending a platoon of Spectres that wounded Maldera. The MRVN, taking the Spectre's grappling hook, fought them off and fled with Maldera, suffering heavy damage in the process.

The two landed in an alley, with Maldera attempting to further view the footage at Humbert Labs. However, he let the MRVN view the footage of the scientist in what seemed to be his dying moments. After the MRVN powered off, Maldera walked away, revitalized in his attempts to find Nox.

In 2734, Maldera was given a second chance by the Malta Police Department and was assigned to the case of Tae Joon Park.

Appearances[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Maldera is a boxer and has a picture of himself with Forge.

  • Maldera's voice actor, Anthony Alabi, has portrayed a variety of roles, including:
  • He additionally spent time as a professional football player in the NFL, playing for the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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