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Disambig.png This article is about the event. For the animated short that the event was based on, see Stories from the Outlands#Voidwalker. For other uses, see Voidwalker (disambiguation).
Voidwalker Badge

Voidwalker was a Themed Event for Season 2.svg Season 2 of Apex Legends which ran from September 03, 2019 to September 17, 2019.

The event featured certain challenges, a town takeover, new skins, and a limited time game mode, Armed and Dangerous.

Armed and Dangerous[]

Main article: Armed and Dangerous

In Armed and Dangerous players can only use Shotguns (including the Mozambique Shotgun) and Snipers. Loot is also rarer and Body Shields limited to Common rarity ones.

Town Takeover[]

Main article: Singh Labs
Singh Labs
Singhlabs 01.jpg
Located on Kings Canyon
Loot Tier Mid Tier
Respawn Beacons Yes

Singh Labs is a new location added to the game that replaces the buildings on the Nesting Grounds near Hydro Dam in Kings Canyon. The new location consists of two areas: the exterior Singh Labs and the bunker-like Singh Labs Interior.


Challenge Reward
Play an Armed and Dangerous match CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge: Badge Voidwalker.png Voidwalker
Win 5 Armed and Dangerous matches CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge: Badge Armed and Dangerous.png Armed and Dangerous
Get 30 Headshots Crafting Metals 30
Get 60 more Headshots Crafting Metals 30
Win once in any mode CosmeticIcon Loading Screen.png Loading Screen: Voidwalker
Win once as 3 different characters in any mode CosmeticIcon Music.png Music Pack: Wraith
Complete 7 daily challenges during the event G7 Scout Skin: Paint the Planet
Complete 14 more dailies G7 Scout Skin: Outside the Lines

Challenge Rewards[]

Weapon skins[]


Loading Screen[]

Music Pack[]

Store Cosmetics[]

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Legend Skins[]

Weapon Skins[]



  1. The skin was named "Ghostwraith" on release but was changed to its current name.