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Release date Sep 02, 2019
Production Platige Image
Length 8:16
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Disambig This article is about the animated short. For the event, see Voidwalker.

Voidwalker is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on September 02, 2019, during Season 2 Season 2.

Synopsis[ | ]

In an underground IMC facility, a woman in a full-body suit accesses a computer using a hacker's decryption key. She searches through files pertaining to something called 'Project Wraith', and is enraged to learn that the lead scientist, Amer Singh, is deceased. A Syndicate soldier enters the room and douses everything with gasoline, and she dispatches him and two others with ease. A fourth soldier throws a lighter into the room and locks the doors, but a forearm-mounted device allows her to escape into another reality. As the Voidwalker runs through the parallel world, she can see other versions of herself navigating and fighting off soldiers, but one of these alternate selves is different, as the IMC is still present there.

In an alternate dimension, Renee Blasey is being held in this facility, bound in a straightjacket and about to be injected with medicine by an abusive doctor. The Voidwalker tells her to attack him, and it's clear that Renee is the only one who can hear it. The Voidwalker then exits her portal into this reality, scares off the doctor, and offers to help Renee escape. When Renee panics at the idea of trying to escape, the Voidwalker removes her helmet to reveal that she, too, is Renee Blasey. As the two navigate the facility, the Voidwalker teaches Renee to trust the voices in her head. In a later altercation, this helps Renee to defend herself against the doctor who previously experimented on her.

The Voidwalker activates a new portal, but before they can exit, Amer Singh arrives, still alive in this dimension. The Voidwalker chooses to go for revenge, prompting the IMC soldiers to open fire on the two. Pinned behind cover, the Voidwalker gives Renee her portal device and tells her to flee. While inside the void, Renee saves the Voidwalker by warning her of incoming attacks, and it becomes clear to her that the voices in her head are her own.

Now inside the Voidwalker's home dimension, Renee steps out onto the surface and finds herself in Kings Canyon, where the Apex Games are being constructed.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • This short takes place in 2727, five years before Apex Legends' story begins.
  • The decryption key used by Voidwalker Wraith displays Crypto's logo when hacking the terminal. It was later revealed[1] that this key was initially given to Bangalore, then stolen by Voidwalker Wraith.

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