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'Voidwalker' Wraith
Transition Voidwalker
The Voidwalker Transition
Real Name Dr. Renee Hope Blasey
Alias Voidwalker
Gender Female
Age 32
Homeworld Typhon
Status Unknown
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Shantel VanSanten
Appearances Voidwalker

Dr. Renee Hope Blasey, also known as the Voidwalker, is the main dimension's original version of Wraith.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Dr. Renee Hope Blasey was born on Typhon on October 21, 2701. She eventually became a Senior Science Pilot in the employ of the ARES Division, where she worked with her partner, Amer Singh. The two eventually traveled to the island of Kings Canyon on Solace, where they established Singh Labs as a research hub. There, the cruel and antagonistic Blasey conducted a variety of inhumane experiments on many innocent subjects.[1]

Eventually, the two began to plan Project Wraith, an experiment to attempt to prove the existence of alternate dimensions. Finding no willing test subjects, Blasey was forced to enlist herself as a guinea pig. The experiments were successful, and Blasey found herself with the ability to travel between planes.

At some point after the IMC withdrew from the Outlands, Singh Labs was abandoned and Singh himself was killed.

Voidwalker[ | ]

In 2727, Blasey began attempting to hunt down Singh. Returning to Singh Labs, she accessed the computer systems shortly before a Mercenary Syndicate cleanup squad was set to destroy them. Through them, she found that this world's Singh was already dead. Frustrated, she took a flash drive containing videos from a former IMC Pilot[2] and traveled to another world.

Here, the IMC had won the Frontier War and was still active on Solace. In this version of Singh Labs, she found a frightened alternate version of herself. Blasey helped her to fight off the IMC guards and escape.

Eventually, the two came across the dimension's version of Amer Singh. Blasey, wishing to get the revenge she desperately wanted, gave her alternate self a kunai and her phase tech, telling her to leave. She then fought Singh alone. Her current status and whereabouts are unknown.[3]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Her employee number is 38-92FE-S91K.
  • Her residence address is 63-86 Ferril Square, Solace City, Solace

Appearances[ | ]

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