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Wattson's voice actor is Justine Huxley, speaking English and French.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "All it takes is a single spark."
  • "Charged and ready."
  • "Control the charge, control the arena."
  • "Even gunpowder needs a spark."
  • "Fence them in, fence them out."
  • "Fuses set and capacitors charged."
  • "High power weapons, low power? How about, no power?"
  • "I keep my squadmates insulated.
  • "I know these territories like the back of my hand."
  • "I'm ec-static to fight!" (laughs)
  • "Keep calm and don't blow a fuse."
  • "Let's break some circuits."
  • "Let's calm the storm."
  • "Let's get to work."
  • "My coil produces 1.2 million volts."
  • "My squad is my family."
  • "Time to cut the power."
  • "They call me the eye of the storm."
  • "They go where I tell them to go."
  • "This is more than a battlefield to me."
  • "Wherever we go, I'm at home in the ring."
  • "With great power comes... me."
  • " This force can light up the galaxy."

Intro[ | ]

  • "Try as you might,you can't Kilowatt...son"
  • "Be careful, I don't wear all this gear for nothing."
  • "I never say die; I fight until it hertz."
    • "I never say die; I fight until it hertz. (laughs) I like that one."
  • "I'm current-ly at the top of my game! Get it?"
  • "My adversaries are in for a shock."
  • "Papa would be proud of me."
  • Fight or Fright Icon "You can't be afraid of the dark when you know how to control the light."
  • "Didn't expect to see me up here, did you? They never do."
  • "Electricity I get, people? I don't... That's how I got here."
  • "Once a battle gets too noisy, I bring the silence."
  • "It's difficult to win when I conduct the power."
  • "I did it, Papa. I hope wherever you are, you're cheering for me."
  • "I may not look like a fighter, but strength isn't everything."
  • "My electric fences will herd you, like cattle."
  • "My light shines bright."
  • "Power is everything. You only think you have it."
  • "Studying past combatants has served me well."
  • "The best offense is a strong defense."
  • "This is the only life I know."
  • "To you, it's a gauntlet. To me, it's home, and I'll defend it to the end."
  • "Wattage up! I'm recharged and ready to go!"
  • "You may be stronger, but I'm smarter."
  • "You're playing in my backyard now."

Kills[ | ]

  • Fight or Fright Icon "Your energy will return to the atmosphere. Hey, maybe that's what ghosts are!"
  • Holo-Day Bash Icon "Don't feel bad. I'm pretty sure le Père Noël was leaving you coal anyway."
  • Holo-Day Bash Icon "Time to hibernate for the winter."
  • Season 4 Icon "Don't be afraid of the dark. Find comfort in the light."
  • Season 5 Icon "Is there any better gift for someone you love than joules? (laugh)"
  • Season 7 Icon "You might still live on, I’ve seen ghosts around here."
  • Season 9 "Engineering requires patience and ingenuity. Let's just say these skills cross-credit."
  • Season 10 Icon "Your efforts were electrocute, but I've evolved past that."
  • Season 17 "Papa always said, 'finish what you started.' I'm sorry you didn't. But I did."
  • Season 19 "Bon voyage."
  • "Sometimes, careful planning wins out over might."
  • "Consider your circuit broken. Get it?" (laughs)
  • "If there's one thing I know how to do, it's to cut the power."
  • "We're just on different sides of the fence. C’est la vie."
  • "Don't blame yourself. I knew where you would be."
  • "Don't blow a fuse. Get it?"
  • "Don't confuse my kindness for weakness."
  • "Electrons are the same, but repel each other; you and I are no different."
  • "Go towards the light."
  • "I didn't see you coming... but my fence did."
  • "You fought well, but I grew up in these territories."
  • "I guess I found your off switch."
  • "I've been watching combatants my whole life. I learned a few things."
  • "Some live for the chaos of battle, I prefer restoring order."
  • "I won Papa!"
  • "I'm the one with the stronger current."
  • "I'm tougher than I look."
  • "It's either you or me. Those are the rules."
  • "Death is just the halt of electrical impulses to the brain."
  • "Lights out."
  • "Look on the bright side, you got beat by a legend."
  • "Many legends fall. Time for you to join them."
  • "My suit is insulated, you're not."
  • "Think of this as a permanent blackout."
  • "Size and strength aren't everything."
  • "Somebody has to lose. That's just how this works."
  • "I'm sorry. Sometimes the power goes out, and never comes back on."
  • "That's the last time you charge anybody."
  • "This is the end of your electrical current."
  • "The legends taught me everything I know. You? Not so much."
  • "Shh, it's okay. The noise will stop now."
  • "There are some nodes a current cannot travel through. Sorry." / "There are some nodes a current cannot travel through. Pardon moi."
  • "This is how it has to be. I'm sorry."
  • "This never gets any easier, but it's how the games work."
  • "This went exactly how I planned it to."
  • "You burned bright, but you burned out."
  • "You can outrun me, but you can not outrun the current."
  • "This is what happens when you cross the wrong fence."
  • "You didn't expect this from me-- which is why you lost."
  • "You fought hard, but I've been studying this place my whole life."
  • "You get too close to a live wire, and you pay the price."
  • "You underestimated me."

Gameplay[ | ]

An enemy lands with you
  • "Ssh, an enemy landed near me."
  • "Écoutez. It's raining enemies. One landed near me."
I'm jumpmaster
  • "I'm the jumpmaster. I am honored."
  • "I'm the jumpmaster. I'll lead the way."
  • "I’m the jumpmaster. Don’t look so shocked."
Breaking an enemies shield
  • "Broke the enemy's shield."
  • "That enemy's shield is broken. Fini."
Here we go/Diving as jumpmaster
  • "Charge!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Let's go. Allons-y."
  • "You can't beat the view from up here!"
Skydiving Emote
  • "Woohoo!"
Taking damage
  • "I'm in trouble!"
  • "I've been hit."
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade
  • "Tossing a grenade."
  • "Throwing a grenade."
Incoming grenade
  • “Grenade coming in!”
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Engaging the enemy!"
  • "Firing."
Another squad attacking
  • "Those shots are from another squad."
  • "A second squad is attacking us!"
Hitting an enemy from far
  • "I scored a hit."
  • "I hit somebody!"
Downed an enemy
  • "I downed an adversary."
  • "I took an enemy down. Pretty good for an electrical engineer. Non?"
Another Enemy down
  • "And another one down."
Multiple enemies down
  • "Multiple enemies neutralized. All by myself."
  • "Wow. That was a lot of kills. I think Papa would be proud."
Killed an enemy
  • "I defeated an adversary! We are one step closer to winning."
  • "I took out an enemy. A necessary evil to win."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "I made a lot of mistakes out of the ring, but I never made any in it."
  • "Was it like someone jammed an electric lightbulb in your face and busted it? (laugh)"
Whole Squad down
  • "That was the last one! Bye-bye squad."
  • "The whole squad's been shut down."
  • "Last one down. Bien."
  • "Beau travail. That squad is all down!"
  • [Alone] "I think I just took out the whole Squad. "
  • [Alone] "Their whole Squad is eliminated. Not bad if I say so myself."
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "What a kill! C'est magnifique."
  • "Impressive kill. Haven't seen a lot of competitors like you."
Just the two of us left
  • "Just the two of us now. I'll try to keep us safe."
Healing/Recharging shields
  • "Healing my wounds."
  • "Taking a moment to heal up."
  • "Just topping off my shields."
  • "Recharging my shields."
I got you / Reviving squadmate
  • “Hold on, let me help you!”
  • "I'm helping. Cover me. That's what you're supposed to say, right?"
  • [to Crypto] "Got you, Tae J--- ohh, Joules and Watts are tied for my favorite units of measurement! And yours? [nervous laugh]"
  • [to Crypto] "Hold on Tae J--- Just take better care of yourself, ok?"
  • [to Crypto] "Just let you know - I haven't told anyone. And I won't. I promise."
  • [to Caustic] "I need to know... Were you the spy? Were you?"
  • [to Caustic] "One last time, Doctor... was it you who betrayed us to Revenant?"
  • [to Caustic] "This changes nothing. This is professional courtesy."
  • [to Caustic] "Your skills are needed, doctor."
  • "I feel... recharged!"
  • "Good to be back."
I'm down
  • "I'm bleeding out!"
Got our Squadmate's banner
  • "I have their banner. We can restore their circuits."
Pick up Vault Key Vault Key
  • "Got a Vault Key."
Entering Trident, driver
  • "Hurry - Get your butts in the vehicle."
  • "Papa taught me to drive. So, hold on tight. (laugh)"
  • "Like a capacitor - let's charge."
Exiting Trident
  • "Au revoir. This is my stop."
  • "VOLTing out of the Trident here… haha! That's a little voltage pun."
Dropping Holo-Spray
  • “Just adding a petite touch of Paquette here.”
  • “Adding a bit of… Je Ne Sais Quoi.”
  • "My work isn't done yet, Papa. Not yet."
  • "I stepped into the light... and the light sent me back."
Attached MRVN Arm
  • "I have returned the spark to this MRVN."
Opening Explosive Hold
  • "Faites attention. I'm about to blast open this hold."
  • "Blasting open the hold. Careful."
Collected Materials Materials at Arenas
  • "I've found some materials. Sharing is caring."
  • "Materials for all."

Abilities[ | ]

When deploying Perimeter Security Perimeter Security
  • "I'm fencing."
  • "Planting fences."
  • "Putting down a fence."
  • "Fence in position."
  • "Laying fences."
  • "Setting a fence."
  • "Playing with fences."
  • "Fence placed."


  • That's a nice fence.
  • That's a pretty fence.
  • That's a happy fence!
  • That's a grumpy fence.
  • That's an angry fence.
  • That's a funny fence!
  • That's a sad fence.
  • That's a silly fence!
  • That's a scary fence...
Upon finishing Perimeter Security Perimeter Security
  • The circuit is complete.
  • The fence is complete.
  • If the fence gets crossed, we'll know.
  • Anyone passes through here, we'll know.
  • Fence them in, fence them out.
When a Perimeter Security fence is breached

Close (100 meters or less)

  • "Fence crossed. We are not alone."
  • "Someone crossed a fence. Get ready."
  • "A circuit's been broken. We've got company."
  • "Circuit's broken! Someone else is here."

Far (101-199 meters away)

  • "A fence circuit's broken out there!"
  • "One of my far-off fences was crossed!
  • "One of my fence circuits out there was crossed!"
  • "My fence circuit was broken out there!"

Very far (200+ meters away)

  • "Someone crossed one of my distant fences."
  • "Someone crossed one of my far-off fences.
  • "One of my far fences was crossed."
Placing an Interception Pylon Interception Pylon
  • "Negating all incoming artillery. Sweet silence."
  • "Combat's too noisy. Shush now."
  • "Shush now. No more storms."
  • "Eye of the storm."
Found ring loaction via Ring Console
  • "Ring's next location is on your map. Have a look, s'il vous plaît."
Silence Silenced
  • "My abilities don't work. I've been short-circuited."
  • “My equipment shorted out. I’ve lost my abilities.”

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First Blood
  • [By Squad] "We took first blood. Our circuits work well together."
  • [By Squad] "First kill is ours. Off to a good start."
  • [By Enemy Squad] "That's the first of many lights to go out."
  • [By Enemy Squad] "First kill. On the bright side, it wasn't us."
New kill leader
  • "There's a new kill leader."
  • "New kill leader. I'll make sure they don't sneak up on us."
Appointed as Kill Leader
  • "I am the Kill Leader? Papa would be proud."
  • "I'm the new Kill Leader. I do know this arena like the back of my hand."
  • [Alone] "I made kill leader on my own. Guess I have learned a few things."
  • [Alone] "I'm the new Kill Leader. I learned from watching the best."
Squadmate appointed as Kill Leader
  • "You're the new Kill Leader. Très bien!"
Kill Leader Killed
  • "We beat the Kill Leader. I'm not shocked. Get it? (laugh)"
  • "Lights out for the Kill Leader."
  • [Alone] "I have cut the Kill Leader's power for good."
Champion eliminated
  • "Another eliminated champion. Bye-bye now."
  • "Someone eliminated the Champion."
  • [By Squad] "We beat the Champion. I wish Papa could see me now."
  • [By Squad] "We killed the Champion! All those years watching matches is paying off."
  • [Alone] "I can't believe it! I killed the Champion."
  • [Alone] "I killed the Champion! Incredible!"
Half the squads remaining
  • "Fifty percent of the squads have been eliminated."
  • [Alone] "Half the squads have fallen. My odds are getting better."
Two enemy Squads left
  • [Alone] "Just me. Alone against two enemy squads."
Only one more Squad left
  • "Only one other team left."
  • "Just us... and them."
  • [Alone] "It's the final squad... and me."
  • [Alone] "One squad remains. I must remain vigilant."
Care package
  • "Care package coming in."
  • "Supplies coming in."
Replicator incoming
  • "Look, it's raining Replicators!"
  • "They're sending down a Replicator down if you need one."
Fight or Fright Icon Dropping while Shadow Royale Mode
  • "There are two Revenants. I do not like this nightmare."

Pings[ | ]

Pinging location from dropship
  • "Trust me -- we want to land over here."
  • "I think we should land here."
  • "We should move here."
  • "Let's go here. Allons-y."
  • "Let's go that way."
  • "Come on. This way."
Going here
  • "I'm going over here."
  • "I'll be over there."
  • "I'm moving that way."
  • "I'm going this way."
  • "I'm going that way."
  • "I'm going there. Just letting you know."
Defending here
  • "I'm going to defend this area."
  • "I'll defend that section over there."
  • "Defending over there."
  • "I'll lock this area down."
  • "I'll defend here. I know this area well."
  • "I'll lock down that area."
  • "I'll defend this area."
  • "Got that spot defended."
Attacking here
  • "Attacking this area."
  • "I'm going to attack this spot."
  • "I'll fight the enemy over there."
  • "I'm going to strike there."
  • "I'm fighting that way!"
  • "Striking here!"
Location compromised/someone's been here
  • "Somebody's been here."
  • "Other squads have been there before us."
  • "Somebody has already been over there."
  • "This area's been traveled already."
  • "I think someone's already been there."
  • "Enemy very close."
  • "We are not alone. Look over here."
  • "I spotted an enemy."
  • "Adversary near me."
  • "Adversary over there."
  • "The enemy is here."
  • "Opponent over here."
  • "I see somebody."
  • "I see an enemy."
  • "Enemy over there."
Enemy being revived
  • "Adversary being revived here."
  • "Our foe is reviving their teammate."
Retracting ping
  • "Pardon. I take that back."
  • "Did not mean that!"
  • "Never mind."
  • "Ignore that."
Bleeding out / Need help
  • "Need assistance here."
  • "I need help."
  • "Help, please!"
Looting here
  • "There may be good loot around here."
  • "Might be loot over there. I'm going to find out."
  • "I'm going to see if there's any loot that way."
  • "Going over there to loot."
  • "I'm looting here."
  • "Oui."
  • "Yes."
  • "Pardon, no."
  • "I do not think so."
Ultimate [Interception Pylon Interception Pylon]
  • 0~84% charged
    • "My Ultimate's not ready yet."
    • "It's no good: my Ultimate isn't ready."
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate isn't ready!"
    • [In combat] "No! My Ultimate isn't ready."
  • 85~99% charged
    • "My Ultimate's almost charged."
    • "My Ultimate's almost ready."
      • "My Ultimate's almost ready. Can you feel the static in the air?"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate is almost ready!"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate's nearly ready!"
  • 100% ready
    • "My Ultimate is at full power!"
    • "My Ultimate is charged and good to go!"
    • "Voilà! My Ultimate's ready!"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate is ready!"

Extended Energy Mag
  • "There's an extended energy mag here. Sooo… like a capacitor. I get that. Level 1/2/3/4."
Heat Shield
  • "Heat Shield here. If they are going to cheat, I can cheat, too."
  • "Heat Shield here. It is not cheating if they cheated first."
  • "Heat Shield here. You're welcome."
Mobile Respawn Beacon
  • "Found a Mobile Respawn Beacon here."
Vault Key Vault Key
  • "Found a Vault Key. Now to find the lock."
Bridge Keycard
Treasure Pack Treasure Pack
  • "There's a pack here. Wonder what treasure it holds."
Smoke from Smoke Launcher Smoke Launcher / Gas from Nox Gas Grenade Nox Gas Grenade
Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Trap (Friendly)
  • [to Caustic] "Look, Dr. Caustic, it’s one of your gas traps."
Launch Pad Launch Pad
  • "There's a Jump Pad here."
Perimeter Security Perimeter Security
  • "There's a fence here."
  • [Enemy] "There's a fence here... and I didn't put it there."
Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone
Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique
  • "I found a Black Market here."
  • "I found someone else's Black Market here. Careful. It could be a trap."
Amped Cover Amped Cover / Barrier
  • "Somebody left a deployable barrier here."
  • [Enemy] "Our enemies deployed a barrier here."
Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "There's a heavy turret here."
Gravity Lift Gravity Lift
Black Hole Black Hole
Exhibit Exhibit
  • "Shhh... enemy Exhibit here."
  • "Careful. There's an enemy Exhibit over there."
  • "Enemy Exhibit here."
  • "Enemy Exhibit there."
  • "Exhibit here."
    • "Exhibit here. It's nice and quiet... until it isn't."
Phase Breach Phase Breach
  • "There's a Phase Tear here."
  • "I see a Phase Tear over there."
    • "I see a Phase Tear out there. It's... different from yours, Wraith. Somehow."
Mobile Shield Mobile Shield
  • "Enemy Mobile Shield right here."
  • "Careful. Enemy Mobile Shield there."
  • "Enemy Mobile Shield here."
  • "Enemy Mobile Shield there."
  • "There's a Mobile Shield here."
Castle Wall Castle Wall
  • "Enemy Castle Wall over here."
  • "Let's be careful. Enemy Castle Wall there."
  • "Enemy Castle Wall here."
  • "Enemy Castle Wall there."
  • "Enemy Castle Wall here. It's energized."
    • "Enemy Castle Wall here. It's energized. Listen to the current."
    • "Enemy Castle Wall there, and it's energized."
    • " Enemy Castle Wall there, energized."
  • "There's a Castle Wall here."
  • "There's a Castle Wall over there."
  • "Castle Wall there. Not my kind of de-fence. Haha."
  • "Castle Wall here."
    • "Castle Wall here, full of energy."
  • "Energized Castle Wall here, with just the right amount of spark."
  • "Look, Castle Wall over there, energized."
  • "Castle Wall here, energized."
  • "Energized Castle Wall there."
Echo Relocation Echo Relocation
  • "Look, bat here."
  • "There's a bat there."
  • "There's a bat there. What's up? You. Hehe."
Barricade Fortified Door
  • "It's fortified. We can charge it anyway. Hehe."
  • "It's fortified. I'm shocked."
Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes
  • "Look, Spike strip here."
  • "Spike strip there. That's one way to make a point."
Dark Veil Dark Veil
  • "Over here, it's a Ferro Barrier. It really sparks the imagination! Hehe."
  • "Ferro Barrier over there. This is impressive tech."
Squadmate Banner
  • "We can bring our teammate back, recharged!"

Extended Supply Bin

  • "I have an Extended Supply Bin here, but they left the extra drawer closed."
  • "Extended Supply Bin over there, but they left behind the extra presents."
  • "Extended Supply Bin here with the extra compartment closed."
  • "Extended Supply Bin there with an untouched extra compartment."
Charge Tower
  • "Mmmm… feel that? I love hanging out near Charge Towers."
  • "Look. There's a Flyer here."
Cargo Bot
  • "There's a Cargo Bot over there, if you need good loot."
Dropped Cargo
  • "Let's take that geyser. My gear is waterproof. Who do you think I am. Mirage? (laughs)"

Mural at Big Maude

  • "When Papa passed, I thought I'd spend the rest of my life alone. Haha, I was wrong."
Loot MRVNs or when pick up MRVN Arm then press the Quip button
  • "There's a Loot MRVN here. They were my best friends growing up."
  • [Looted] "This MRVN's been looted. Beware of combatants."
  • "There's a Marvin here. They were my best friends growing up."

Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's Statue

  • "Statue here. It seems there have been many Legends in my family."
  • "Statue there. Lest we forget."
Boxing Ring
  • [Far] "Boxing ring over there. Remember… be 'light' on your feet! (giggles)"
  • [Near] "Boxing ring here. Put them up! Put them up!"
Icarus's Bridge
Pathfinder's Statue
  • "Statue here. It seems there have been many Legends in my family."
Spider Eggs
  • "Spider eggs here."
  • [with Crypto Icon] "These Spider eggs are interesting. But... maybe keep your distance, Crypto."
  • [Hatched] "These Spider eggs hatched already."
  • "Careful. Those Spider eggs have hatched."
  • "These Spider eggs have hatched."
Prowler Den
  • "Careful. There's a Prowler Den here."
  • "There's a Prowler Den here... and it's occupied."
  • "There's a den of Prowlers out there."
  • [Empty] "Tout va bien. This Prowler Den is empty."
  • "Don't worry. That Prowler Den is empty."
  • "This Prowler Den is empty."
  • "That Prowler Den is empty."
IMC Armory
  • "There's an IMC Armory here."
  • "Look, IMC Armory here. It has quite the defense system."
  • "IMC Armory over there. I wonder what's inside."

Quip[ | ]

Nice / Celebration
  • We kick serious butt! I learned that from the last champion.
  • Bon boulot!
  • C'est genial. We work well together.
Thanks to Squadmate
  • "Merci."
  • [to Crypto] "Thank you Crypto. It's safe with me."
  • [to Crypto] "Thanks, Crypto. It'll be our secret."
  • [to Crypto] "Merci. And I'm still looking for the 'Briefcase-Cam parts.'"
  • [to Caustic] "I'll take what you left behind, Doctor."
  • [to Caustic] "Stop leaving me things to make up for spying on us for Revenant."
  • [to Caustic] "Merci, Dr. Caustic."
  • [to Ash] "Thank you. It's good thing we put you back together."
  • [to Ash] "Thank you. I hope your circuitry is firing well?"
You're welcome
  • "De rien."
  • "Happy to help."
  • [to Rampart] "Everyone laughs, but, your jokes are mean."
  • [to Rampart] "I don't understand your humor, I find it rude."
  • [to Revenant] "Then you're not welcome. And you owe me big time."
  • [to Revenant] "You're just a program with a scary voice modulator. And that's all you'll ever be."
  • [to Caustic] "Hmmph!"
  • [to Caustic] "I forgave Crypto, yes. You? I haven't decided yet."
  • [to Caustic] "Yes, I've forgiven Crypto. But, I don't know what to feel about you."
  • [to Caustic] "You're right. I'm not like the others. I actually fell for your lies."
Revived/Thanks for the first-aid
  • "My synapses are firing again! Thank you."
  • "My circuits are connecting again! Thank you."
  • [to Caustic] "All I wanted was the truth. He gave it to me. You didn't."
  • [to Crypto] "I owe you one, Crypto."
  • [to Wraith] “Having a best friend save my life, literally!”
  • [to Wraith] “Came for me again Wraith, thanks!”
You’re Welcome (after reviving)
  • [to Crypto] "I’ll get better at this. I promise."
  • [to Crypto] "I’ll get this right. You're going to beat them."
  • [to Crypto] "I won't let you down."
  • [to Wraith] "De rien Wraith. Girl power!"
  • "The pleasure is all mine."

Ring Status[ | ]

Inside the Ring
  • "Feel that charge in the air? We're inside the ring. We're safe."
  • "We are inside the ring. I'm positive."
  • [Alone] "I'm already in the Ring. What a relief."
Full Squad outside the next Ring
  • "None of us are in the Ring. It is annoyingly effective."
Full squad outside the Ring
  • "The ring is moving. Come on. I designed it to hurt anyone outside of it."
  • "We need to go. Ring's moving."
1 minute until the Ring closes
  • [Near] "A few more meters to the Ring and still a minute to go."
45 seconds until the Ring closes
  • [Far] "45 seconds to get to that Ring. We need to move."
  • [Near, Alone] "Ring's here and I still have 45 seconds. Not bad."

Lobby[ | ]

Map[ | ]

Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Back to Kings Canyon. Papa, we're coming home."
  • "We are going to Kings Canyon. I'm so excited to be back."
Switching to World's Edge
  • "We are off to World's Edge. I love the sight there."
  • "World's Edge, here we come!"
Switching to Olympus
  • "We are going to Olympus. My favorite city in the sky."
  • "Skipping off to Olympus. I hope you're ready."

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Series
  • Bonjour. A new Ranked season starts today. Bonne chance!
New Split
  • "Ooooooh... a new ranked split starts today."
Rank up
  • "My rank moved up."
  • "I ranked up. One baby step at a time. Just like Papa always said."
Rank down
  • "C'est dommage. My rank fell slightly."
  • "Slipped a little in rank. I'll do better next game."
Silver Silver
  • "Made it into Silver."
  • "Bonjour, Silver Rank."
Gold Gold
  • "Look at that. I ranked up to Gold!"
  • "I'm officially Gold!"
Platinum Platinum
  • "Platinum! I'm moving up the ranks."
  • "I made it to Platinum."
Diamond Diamond
  • "Diamond Rank. Incroyable!"
  • "Made Diamond. Not too shabby for an engineer."
Master Master
  • "Master Rank. Sensationnel."
  • "I made it to Master. Only one more rank up to the top."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "Can you believe it, Papa? I am an Apex Predator."
  • "I never dreamed this day would come. I'm an Apex Predator."

Lore[ | ]

The Icarus
  • "I want to lighten the mood, but these vines, they are creep-y. Oh! Creepy, creepers. Haha! Sorry, unintentional levity."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 prep
  • "Here we go! Papa is watching. Let's win!"
  • "Let's begin! My team is ready to win!"
Match point prep - Winning
  • "It is the match point. Let's earn this win!"
Match point prep - Losing
  • "They are close to winning, but we still have the flicker of hope."
Double Kill