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Real Name Natalie Paquette
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 24
Height 5'4" (163 cm)[1]
Relatives Dr. Amelie Paquette (grandmother, deceased)
Luc Paquette (father, deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Homeworld Solace (Eelhead Bay)
Occupation Electrical engineer
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Justine Huxley
Appearances A Father's Letter
The Broken Ghost
The Legacy Antigen
Trouble in Paradise

Natalie Paquette, better known as Wattson, is a Legend introduced in Season 2 Season 2 of Apex Legends. A humorous electrician, she joined the Apex Games after finding a new home and family with the other Legends.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Natalie Paquette was born in 2711 in Eelhead Bay, Solace to Luc Paquette, an electrical engineer hired by the Mercenary Syndicate. Her mother passed away before she reached the age of one. [2] As a child, Luc taught his daughter that the world could be a cold and harsh place, though he never introduced the concept of betrayal. [3] She also gained a strong curiosity for the mechanics of electricity during this time, voraciously reading her father’s books on the subject.

During her childhood, Paquette spent a vast amount of time exploring the nearby island of Kings Canyon, joining her father when he traveled there to work on the electrical systems behind the upcoming Apex Games. She often played hide and seek with the Nessie plushies made by her mother across the island.

Paquette wished to assist her father in his development of the Ring, but met opposition, as he wanted her to enjoy her time as a child. Despite this, she continued researching, and eventually discovered a 21st-century device known as the Active Denial System, used for crowd control. Applying this historical basis on her theory for the Ring, she hypothesized that a mechanism using two dome shields, with one surrounding the island and another progressively shrinking within, this task could be accomplished.

When Paquette proposed this idea to Luc, the two entered into an argument, partly fueled by his frustration at not being able to solve this himself. Paquette stormed off and entered Singh Labs searching for two dome shields. She eventually found them, but fled after a “ghost” threatened her within the underground facility, losing her rubber shoes in the process.

Arriving at what would become the Shattered Forest, she began her experiment despite a raging storm. While she initially met success, a lightning bolt struck her generator. Without rubber to resist the electrical charge, she was thrown against a tree by the blast and incapacitaed as the forest caught fire. Seemingly meeting her death, she was suddenly rescued by the “ghost” she encountered at Singh Labs, who carried her to her father’s cabin. Paquette survived, albeit with several broken bones, a concussion, and a Lichtenberg mark across her body.

Transition Inventive Spirit

Wattson and her father at work.

The next night, she showed Luc her success, bewildering him. He accepted the design and submitted it to the Mercenary Syndicate, taking full credit at the request of his daughter. In return, Paquette and her father gained a variety of benefits from the Syndicate, such as a new home in Eelhead Bay. [2]

However, on the day of the Ring’s reveal to the public, Luc passed away, leaving behind his heartbroken daughter. [4] At his funeral, she hid beneath a table in despair. However, she was soon found by Bangalore, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Caustic, who comforted her and assured her that she would have a family and home amongst the Legends. [5]

After the funeral, Paquette was invited to Syndicate Tower to meet Kuben Blisk. He told her that Luc had told him that she had truly created the Ring’s design, and promised that she would always have support and employment from the Syndicate. He additionally gave her a letter written by Luc the night she successfully created the Ring.

A few years later, Paquette requested to become a Legend. Blisk allowed her to enter the Apex Games without needing to enter a single qualifying match. [2]

The Broken Ghost[ | ]

After Loba joined the Apex Games, she solicited the assistance of the other Legends (sans Revenant) to hunt down pieces of an artifact on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension. Paquette and Crypto were enlisted to assemble the artifact’s pieces. [6]

During an early sortie in the Shadowfall dimension, Paquette is injured. She recovered in the back room of the Paradise Lounge, where Caustic gave an unlikely vigil. [7] Soon after, Revenant arrived to taunt the Legends and the unconscious Paquette. [8]

She soon regained consciousness, [9] and she and Crypto continued to assemble the artifact. However, Revenant soon returned in the guise of Crypto’s allegedly unhackable drone, terrorizing the injured Paquette and helping to frame Crypto as a mole within the group. [10] Crypto attempted to prove his innocence, but the damage was done. Paquette, not knowing who she could trust, was walked home by Wraith. [3]

Soon after, Gibraltar attempted to meet with several of the Legends and mend the rift between them. However, Paquette stopped him, stating that she simply needed time. [11]

Overtime[ | ]

One Saturday in 2733, Paquette completed an Apex Games match on Kings Canyon. After noticing Caustic holding a bloody bag, she and Rampart followed him to a hidden laboratory, where they found him experimenting on starving prowlers. After he discovers and threatens the two, the prowlers escape and begin rampaging through Solace City.

Paquette later arrived at a local hospital with the other Legends, only to be caught under debris from a landing dropship owned by Boss Willis of the Mercenary Syndicate. [12] She assisted in fending the Prowlers away from the wreckage. [13]

Season 7[ | ]

Some time after the incident, Crypto invited Paquette to a private meeting. In an attempt to make amends, he revealed his true identity. He additionally revealed his opposition to the Mercenary Syndicate and the target they placed on his back - bewildering Paquette, whose entire life up until that point had revolved around the Syndicate. Paquette gained a new trust in Crypto, and agreed to keep his secret, despite her occasionally slipping up. [14]

Pathfinder's Quest[ | ]

Pathfinder met with Paquette during his search for answers regarding his creator. They discussed her childhood on Kings Canyon and the development of the Ring. [2]

Wattson desk

Wattson asleep at her desk.

Season 8[ | ]

Despite wishing to not concern herself with Caustic, she relents after she recalls his constant coughing, greatly reminding her of her father shortly before his death. Arriving at Caustic Treatment on Kings Canyon, Paquette finds Caustic preparing to test a deadly new strain of his gases on the populace of Solace City. She attempts to stop him, but is seemingly incapacitated by the gas. Caustic, distressed at the sight, runs down to rescue her, but is shocked in retaliation by Paquette.

Paquette, knowing the punishments that would be in store for the scientist, refused to tell the Syndicate about the events, on the condition that Caustic works to become a better person. [15]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

During the Medusa outbreak, Paquette remained on Olympus to assist Horizon in mitigating the spread of the disease and the encroaching Medusa vines. She was assisting Horizon with research in an underground facility when they are approached by Ash, who demands a reallocation of resources toward securing Arenas sites and saves Horizon from falling debris. [16]

Afterward, she departs to meet with Mystik, who is a patient interred with an active case from the Legacy Antigen. Initially attempting to conceal her identity, she relents when Mystik is instantly able to tell who she truly is, as Crypto discusses her often in his messages. The two discuss her sons, as well as family life after losing loved ones. Towards the end of their conversation, Mystik begins to have breathing issues and quickly enters cardiac arrest. She is saved by the fortunate intervention of Paquette. [17]

After the epidemic is ended, Paquette and Crypto leave a Carthage spider at Caustic’s door in the hopes that he can use its agatoxin to cure his cancer. [18]

Trouble in Paradise[ | ]

During an Apex Games match on Storm Point, Paquette joins a team with Crypto and Horizon, with the former two searching for IMC-manufactured machine parts to repair a communications device. The squad is ambushed by Ash, who is searching for IMC facilities to find objects relating to her past. Paquette redirects the simulacrum to Wraith for information, as she is conducting a similar search. [19]

Ash attacks Wattson

Ash attacks Wattson.

Soon after, Paquette conducts an independent search at Storm Point’s lightning rod, stripping the final part she needs to complete the device. She is suddenly cornered by Ash, who seeks to hunt the young Legend down in the hope of exhausting the Paquette bloodline, therefore eliminating any need for her Leigh personality to take over. She then knocks Paquette into a ravine before departing, excited to toy with her prey for a while longer. [20]

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Paquette attended Bangalore's farewell party. She later assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point.[21]

Friends Like These[ | ]

While working on the communications device, Paquette was visited by Vantage, who was seeking to make friends. During their brief conversation, latter tried to pry secrets from Paquette. A defensive Paquette knocked a bowl of cereal onto the device. The milk within the bowl short-circuited the device, allowing it to activate and connect with Mila Alexander. Upon seeing her, Paquette concealed the device and shooed Vantage away.

Conversing with Mila, Paquette was told to not tell Crypto about their conversation, nor to tell him that the device was repaired. Mila revealed that she was working inside the Syndicate to discover who had framed her brother, and that him knowing this would put a target on his back. After disconnecting, a distressed Paquette closed the communications unit.[22]

Season 19[ | ]

In 2735, a violent storm ravaged Storm Point, destroying much of the energy infrastructure on the island that provided power to the city of Suotamo. Paquette quickly volunteered to assist with repairs, constructing the ZEUS and CETO power stations, as well as a central control structure known as The Pylon.[23]

At some point, Paquette began researching simulacra.[24]

Soon after Crypto left the fight against Torres Silva, she met with him for dinner. During this time, Crypto received an urgent call from Loba requesting an escape route from an encroaching army of Revenant shells. Paquette comforted an irate Crypto and encouraged him to do the right thing and send assistance to Loba.[25]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Videos & Trailers Online Media Publications
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 2 Icon Inventive Spirit
  • Season 6 Icon Aftermatch (mentioned)
  • Season 7 Icon Gossip Boy (mentioned)
  • Season 11 Paquette Repair Service
  • Season 13 Icon Out With the Old, In With the New (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • The subtle scar on Wattson's body is a Lichtenberg figure, a mark caused by high-voltage equipment or being struck by lightning.
  • It is speculated Wattson may have a form of Autism or ADHD, based on her biography and voice lines. This theory has been given subtle nods to by some of the writers and developers of Apex. Tom Casiello has confirmed that Wattson is on the spectrum.
  • Wattson is referred to as "The Eye of the Storm" both by herself and her comrades.
  • Wattson has a cat named "Nikola".[26]
  • The Nessie Easter eggs are said to have been done by Wattson, she did this when she was growing up and exploring the arena.
  • Wattson and Wraith are same height (5' 4") and they are the shortest Legends in the game.[27]
  • Wattson considers Wraith to be her best friend.
  • Wattson enjoys quick meals.[22] She also occasionally enjoys experimenting with recipes.[28]

  • Wattson's Lightning Spirit skin is based on Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series.
  • Wattson's System Shock skin has the Marauder Corps logo on it.
  • Wattson's Kupo Power skin is based on the Moogles from the JRPG series Final Fantasy.
  • Wattson's Stingin' in the Rain banner pose is based on the 1952 musical film Singin' in the Rain.
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