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"Eat. Sleep. Compete. Repeat. Legends rarely get a day off, but when they do, they make the most of it. Prank calls. Fake caves. Orphans with weapons. It's just another weekend in the Outlands."
Weekend Warriors
Weekend Warriors
Weekend Warriors tab overview.
Season Season 16 Season 16
Treasure packs 45
Style Text
Number of parts 3
Previous quest "Reflections of the Moon"
Next quest "What's Past Is Prologue"

Weekend Warriors is a quest in Season 16 Season 16.

Treasure Pack Rewards[ | ]

Players can find Treasure Pack Treasure Packs in-game, once per day (players can also purchase all the available Treasure Packs for Apex Coins 25).

Treasure Pack rewards vary, and include Charm Weapon Charms, Challenge Stars 2, Crafting Metals 15 and Apex Pack Apex Packs.

All of the rewards need a total of 45 Treasure Packs to unlock.

After all the Treasure Packs are collected, the player gets three rewards: the The Dazzler L-Star EMG Skin, an Apex Pack Apex Pack, and Challenge Stars 10.

As is the case with Season 15's treasure packs, the treasure packs collection for Season 16 do not feature weapon charms.

Story Progress[ | ]

-There are 3 chapters.

"Search and Not-A-Rescue"[ | ]

The narrator is Gibraltar.

"We Fought a Zoo"[ | ]

The narrator is Vantage.

"Remnants of Affection"[ | ]

The narrator is Ash.

Quest Rewards[ | ]

Weapon Skins[ | ]

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