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Winter Express is a limited-time game mode available during the Holo-Day Bash events. In this mode, three squads fight to capture the Train over the course of several rounds.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Takes place in the northeast region of World's Edge, with Mirage as the announcer.
    • The train is smaller in this game mode, being made up of only three cars. The window on the front of the train is open.
    • The train stops at five different stations. The first is the Capital City Station, the next is Fool's Gulch northeast of Capital City, the third is the Refinery Station, then Derailment, a new area west of refinery just before the tunnel, and last, the area just after the tunnel.
    • While the train is in motion, several skydive launchers are activated on the track, which launches players into the air so they can skydive into the next area.
  • No loot naturally spawns on the map. Players begin with preset weapons, gear, health kits, and grenades, depending on which legend they are.
    • Each legend's loadout rotates every day.
    • Health kits are infinite in this game mode and are used 50% faster.
    • Killing enemies will drop ammo. There is no downed state in this game mode, nor are there death boxes.
  • Each round, two squads skydive into the area around the train and must capture the train, either by being the only squad standing on it or by being the only squad alive. The first squad to three captures wins. The squad that won the previous round will respawn on the train instead of the air ships.
    • After the first round, the losing squads must wait 30 seconds for the train to reach the next station to respawn. During this time, they spectate their teammates or from a locked view point.
  • Standing on the train builds progress towards capturing it. If enemies are on the train with you, the progress is frozen.
    • Uncontested, the train takes 10 seconds to capture.
    • After 60 seconds, Overtime begins, during which only the middle train car can be used to contest or capture it.
  • Each round lasts 90 seconds and begins when the train stops at a station. If no squad has captured the train or killed everyone else, no team gets any points and the train moves to the next station like normal.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • If a player gets pushed into the back corners of the train cars, the wall will kill them.
  • When switching legends immediately before the player respawns, they will have the abilities of the original legend but the model of the new legend.
  • The player can get stuck inside the box on the center car of the train. While inside the box, they cannot be hit, but they also cannot leave the box without disconnecting from the game. The exact cause is unknown, but one cause is when the player climbs on top of it while the train is moving down a slope.
  • It is possible to make it so the player can use their weapons and abilities from the supply ship.
  • If you put a gas can on a skydive launcher it will send it into the sky, the falling back down