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The subject of this article appears in Apex Legends. The subject of this article appears in Apex Legends Mobile.

▶️ "I know all the roads. They all lead to the same place."

Interdimensional Skirmisher
Real Name Renee Hope Blasey[1]
Gender Female
Age 32
Homeworld Typhon[2]
Height 5’4" (163 cm)
Legend Type Offensive.svg Offensive
Tactical Ability Into the Void.svg Into the Void
Passive Ability Voices from the Void.svg Voices from the Void
Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Shantel VanSanten

Wraith is an Offensive.svg Offensive Legend. In Apex Legends, she is unlocked by default. In Apex Legends Mobile, she is unlocked by leveling up to level 15.

A versatile Legend, Wraith can reposition and flank enemies with her abilities. Wraith's tactical ability Into the Void.svg Into the Void allows her to reposition or take cover while being invincible for 4 seconds. Wraith's ultimate ability Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift places an entrance and exit portal that allows her squad to be safely transported over long distances. Her passive abilityVoices from the Void.svg Voices from the Void gives her and her teammates audible warnings about enemies aiming at them.


Into the Void[]

Into the Void.svg Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Into the Void
Description Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage.
Cooldown 25 seconds

  • Wraith plays two animations when activating this ability, which takes 1.25 seconds in total. In the first second, she plays a "focusing" animation. In the last 0.25 seconds Wraith "activates" the ability.
  • There is a brief delay when entering and exiting the void during which Wraith is unable to perform any other action. Movement is also slowed by 20% unless Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift is also active.
  • Upon activation, Wraith enters the void for 4 seconds. While in the void, the screen will turn greyscale, the player become invulnerable and will gain a 30% speed boost. The player will still be able to see enemies.
  • Other players can see a wispy blue trail showing where the player is going while in the void.
  • While in the void, Wraith is unable to interact with some objects in the world, including doors and objects placed by abilities, but can use ziplines.

  • The player can use this ability while using Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift.
  • While in the void, Wraith leaves no clues for Bloodhound's Tracker.svg Tracker. There are, however, unique clues for entering and exiting phase.
  • The ability will not activate if Wraith is hit by Revenant’s Silence.svg Silence (before it activates). Wraith will be able to use it again once the silence runs out.
  • While in the void, weapons will still automatically reload if they have a level 4 Extended Mag equipped.
  • Entering a portal immediately before it starts will stop the ability from activating.
  • Climbing a wall will stop the ability from activating.

  • This ability takes 1.25 seconds to activate, so be careful how much health is left when using it as an escape tool; try using it when health is about halfway damaged.
  • Be sure to reach safety when exiting the void since there is a delay before anything else can be done.

  • If the player activates their ultimate ability button when it’s not charged before Into the Void activates, it will not activate.
  • In rare cases, Wraith can still take damage while using the ability.

  • Voices from the Void[]

    Voices from the Void.svg Passive
    Voices from the Void
    Description A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it's on your side.
    Cooldown ?

    • The player hears a spectral voice audibly warn the player if:
      • An enemy is taking aim
      • An enemy with a sniper rifle is taking aim
      • There are traps nearby
      • There are many enemies nearby
      • Many people have died nearby
    • The player can share the information with their squadmates when the voice warns of danger.

  • The 'traps nearby' warning is triggered by Caustic's Nox Gas Trap.svg Nox Gas Traps and Wattson's Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security.
  • Can activate if they are aiming at the player through a window.

  • As Voices from the Void warns the player when someone is taking aim, the player can easily go out into the open with decreased danger, provided there is nearby cover to retreat to. When combined with the Into the Void.svg Into the Void ability, this passive makes avoiding ambushes very easy.

  • Sometimes the voices do not activate.

  • Dimensional Rift[]

    Dimensional Rift.svg Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
    Dimensional Rift
    Description Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing anyone to use them.
    Charge time 3.5 minutes

    • Wraith places one end of a portal where she activates the ability, then runs to another location and places the other end. Players can then pass through the portal to take that same path through the void at 5x the speed they would otherwise. It can be used in either direction.
    • Wraith can run roughly 75 meters before placing the other end of the portal. The Rift Energy is shown on top of the H.U.D. upon activation and does not drain while standing still.
    • If Wraith uses less than 4.72% of the Rift Energy, then places the other end of a portal, it will be canceled, allowing her to keep her ultimate charge at 100%.
    • While running to place the other end, Wraith cannot use any weapons, items, or map features, but she does receive a 25% speed bonus and can skip the Into the Void 'Focusing' animation.
    • Wraith cannot use another Dimension Rift while placing hers, that is she only simply goes past the rift without entering it.
    • Players taking the portal are invulnerable and leave a faint blue trail, much like Wraith while using Into the Void.
    • Portals will disappear after four ticks (4.5 to 6 seconds) if both ends are outside The Ring.

  • The speed bonus while placing the portals does not stack with Into the Void.svg Into the Void's speed bonus.
  • Players are the only things able to pass through portals. No projectiles, objects, Crypto drones, or Mirage decoys can use them.
  • Wattson's Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security fences can be built intersecting the portal since it is intangible.
  • Players cannot use a portal for two seconds after being recalled by Revenant’s Death Totem.svg Death Totem.
  • Can be destroyed by Horizon’s Black Hole.svg Black Hole.

  • This ability is best used to help a squad escape when backed into a corner.
  • The portal can be used to help downed teammates to quickly travel or to bait enemies if done correctly.
  • The player can use their abilities while placing a portal.
  • The portal rift follows the player, and is placed in the direction the player is facing.
  • Multiple players can take the portal at the same time instead of waiting for one to exit.
  • Placing the exit of the portal at the edge of a map and baiting any enemies to take the portal can cause them to fall to their deaths or into a map feature that does environmental damage. Be careful when doing this as the player's teammates can fall victim to this method.
  • If the portal is placed while Into the Void.svg Into the Void is being used, the phase will be canceled and the portal will be placed. This can be used to regain the ability to perform normal actions before the ability would be over if need be.
  • The ability can also be used to "kidnap" an enemy from their squad by placing the portal on top of them, temporarily separating them from their team, allowing the player and/or the team to take them down easier.

  • Sometimes players cannot enter the portal.
  • Sometimes players may travel through the portal slower than intended.
  • Activating the portal, then activating Into the Void.svg Into the Void, and then closing the portal as soon as the player enters the void allows them to shoot while downed.
  • Creating a portal in Death Protection at more than 75 meters away from the Death Totem.svg Death Totem, then being recalled to the totem, can cause the portal to go further than 75 meters.
  • Entering a portal immediately before or after using Into the Void.svg Into the Void removes the cooldown.
  • Using a portal and opening an explosive hold at the same time will cause the game to crash.

  • Lore[]

    Wraith is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality — but those abilities came at a price. Years ago, she woke up in an IMC detention facility with no memory of who she was. Senior Science Pilot Renee Blasey, who volunteered as guinea pig for her own experiments... whose partner betrayed her and locked her away… no longer existed. All that was left was a timid girl, frightened by a cacophony of voices in her head, until another version of herself appeared and taught her to listen to the voices. Following her lead, Wraith found the strength to break free from her prison and escape into a different reality - this reality.

    Finally free, but still robbed of her memories, Wraith continues her quest to learn more about who she was before the experiments. With so many of the Apex Games held on old IMC bases, Wraith now competes so she can access the mysterious facilities and learn more about who she was. She remains a fixture of the Apex Games, and with every match she gets closer to the truth...


    Renee Hope “Wraith” Blasey was born in 2701 on Typhon, the planet infamous for housing the IMC’s Fold Weapon. She served in the ARES Division as a Senior Science Pilot. Working with her colleague, Amer Singh, on what was codenamed Project: Wraith, Blasey tested phase shift technology in order to prove the existence of other dimensions. [3] In her original dimension, the IMC defeated the Frontier Militia and emerged victorious from the Frontier War. [4]

    The two scientists were unable to find a willing human volunteer for their experiments, so Blasey volunteered herself, becoming designated as Subject 61137. The experiment went awry, resulting in Blasey losing her memory and falling into what was believed to be insanity, hearing voices tell her what to do. Rather than help his partner, Singh took advantage of the situation to continue their experiments on an unwilling and unaware Blasey. She describes her first memory after the incident as being gagged and bound to a gurney.[4] Blasey had officially been taken to Solace for termination.[5]


    One day in 2727,[4] an interdimensional portal opened in Singh Labs and Blasey was visited by a warrior in white armor and a purple helmet, who sought vengeance against Singh. Revealing herself to be a version of Blasey from an alternate universe, known as the Voidwalker Wraith, she helped to free Blasey, giving her the technology required for phase shifting and interdimensional travel, as well as a kunai. Telling her to leave, the Voidwalker stayed behind to fight Singh and his contingent of IMC soldiers.

    Entering the portal, Blasey found that the voices she had been hearing were more alternate versions of herself, all communicating through a place between realities. Leaving this in-between space, she found herself in the Voidwalker’s dimension, where Singh Labs were decrepit and abandoned. Exiting to the surface and taking a cloth as a scarf, she found her surroundings to be under construction for something called the Apex Games. [6]

    Blasey began to explore as much of Kings Canyon as she could, finding bewilderment at its differences from her home dimension. She initially believes that she is the only one alive on the island.

    On her fifth day after emerging, Blasey hears a man on the island calling for someone named Natalie. She erroneously takes this as a hint to her identity, believing that she is Natalie. Upon further investigation, she then believes that her name is Natalie Paquette, and that she is married to this man.

    On her eighth day, Blasey finds a young girl who entered Singh Labs in an attempt to take two bubble shields. Not knowing this to be a young Wattson attempting an experiment to produce the Ring for the Apex Games, she considers her an assassin sent to kill her “husband” and orders her to leave. Later, when Wattson’s experiment goes wrong and sets fire to the area that would become the Shattered Forest, Blasey saves her life and takes her to the Paquette family’s cabin. Here she learns that she herself is not Natalie, but rather it is the name of the girl in her arms.

    Blasey, humiliated, retreats to Singh Labs, where Luc Paquette offers her passage off of the island as thanks for saving his daughter’s life. She takes a boat across the river to Solace City, where she swears to herself that she will somehow return to Kings Canyon and Singh Labs to find any clue about her past. Singh Labs is buried the next day, and Wattson refers to the person who saved her as “her ghost” from that day onwards.

    Blasey spent the next several years training and entering into placement matches for the Apex Games, eventually being accepted as a Legend. [4]

    Season 2[]

    After the destruction of the Repulsor Tower on Kings Canyon, Singh Labs is unearthed. Blasey returned to the structure, where she discovered her name and the purpose of her experiments. [3]

    The Broken Ghost[]

    After Loba joined the Apex Games, she solicited the assistance of the other Legends (sans Revenant) to hunt down pieces of an artifact on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension. Blasey was unwillingly enlisted as the group’s way in and out of the dimension due to her portals. [7] She monitors Octane’s “date” with Yoko Zepnewski, the assistant of Hammond legal head Cheryl Amacci, as they attempt to gain information on what the artifact is and what Loba wants with it, but Blasey pulls him out through a portal upon being informed of Wattson’s injury. [8] She later walks Wattson home after Crypto is framed as a mole within the group. [9]

    The First Ship[]

    Blasey helps Rampart secure a new location for her workshop by setting her up in a room off of the Paradise Lounge - much to Mirage’s chagrin. [10] This benefits both of them - Rampart had been searching for a new location after the attack on her shop on Gaea, [11] and Mirage desperately needed the money Rampart would provide as rent, as he had spent much of his own on party boats. [12] Mirage later attempts to tell Blasey about Pathfinder’s “girlfriend,” but she ignores him. [13]

    After he gets all of Rampart’s belongings placed on the Mercenary Syndicate’s rocket on World’s Edge, Mirage enlists Blasey’s help to make it up to her. Mirage suggests buying Rampart flowers (which she later reveals to despise). After absentmindedly describing her as a “brainwreck” due to her memory loss, Blasey snaps at Mirage, having grown tired of his antics and his lack of respect for his friends. In an attempt to better himself and make amends for the situation, he spends a night reading through paperwork saved by his mother from her work with the IMC. He eventually comes across files regarding Blasey, which include her birthday, and gives them to her. [14]


    One Saturday in 2733, Blasey completed an Apex Games match. Wandering around Solace City afterward, she encountered Mirage, who had escaped from an engagement with Revenant holding a metal briefcase. The two opened the case to find an encrypted communications unit, with Mirage enlisting Blasey in fighting back against the case’s owner, Boss Willis.

    Once Willis’s vessel reached a high altitude, Blasey emerged from the portal and fought against him and his henchmen alongside Mirage and Crypto. As a result of the skirmish, the ship crashed into a local hospital, leveling it. Blasey then assisted in the recovery of the hospital’s patients. [15]

    Pathfinder's Quest[]

    Blasey met with Pathfinder when the latter sought answers regarding his creator. They discussed the various dimensions in the universe and Blasey’s arrival in the present one. [4]

    The Legacy Antigen[]

    During the Medusa outbreak on Olympus, Blasey is able to identify that the Icarus fleet does not ostensibly belong to the IMC [16], and that a cure may be found within a large arachnid. [17]

    Later, in a hospital filled with Medusa patients, Blasey attempts to stop an agitated Bangalore from leaving. A fight breaks out between the two, where Bangalore reveals that she blames Blasey for her inability to find her brother Jackson.

    Explaining her reasoning for this thinking, Bangalore reveals that she had traveled to Singh Labs on Kings Canyon one day in 2727, the same day Blasey swapped dimensions with the Voidwalker Wraith. Inserting a flash drive obtained from an informant into a computer, she found a video message recorded by Jackson, proving that he is alive. However, she is interrupted by the Voidwalker entering the room and taking the drive before the message can be completed.

    After hearing this, Blasey, ecstatic that she has the answers for once, forms a pact with Bangalore, with the two helping each other find the missing links to their past. [18]

    Season 11[]

    During an expedition, Bangalore tells Blasey the story of how she obtained the data knife. [19] She later approaches Bangalore claiming to have found a contact in Solace City. [20]

    The Williams Sendoff[]

    One day, Blasey arrived at Bangalore's door with news. Having located a morgue on Solace, she had found Jackson's dog tags, as well as five-year-old records of a body whose age, height, weight, and dog tags matched Jackson's. Bangalore demanded to see the body, but the morgue buries its corpses after two weeks if they are not identified. Additionally, the records of the site of burial had been lost in a fire. A distraught Bangalore wept in despair.[21]

    Season 13 Launch Trailer[]

    Blasey helped to prepare for Bangalore's retirement party.[22] She later assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point.[23]

    Family Secrets[]

    After winning a match on Storm Point, Blasey was about to enter the dropship to leave the island when she overheard an argument between Bangalore and Newcastle. She and Mirage hid, preparing for a potential confrontation. After Bangalore's departure, Blasey overhears a phone call between Newcastle and an unknown party, discussing the transferring of his winnings. She and Mirage then left for the Paradise Lounge to gather information.[24]

    At the bar, Mirage conversed with a mercenary who revealed himself to be a member of the Forgotten Families, the gang that blackmailed Newcastle. The man eventually revealed that the Forgotten Families specializes in torturing and killing IMC deserters, prompting Wraith to attack. The two then left the bar, believing that Newcastle, and by extension Bangalore, could be in danger.[25]

    Cosmetic items[]


    There are a total of 82 Legend skins for Wraith; 30 Legendary, 11 Epic, 25 Rare and 16 Common.

    Story of Wraith:

    1. The Liberator: Once a senior science Pilot, Dr. Renee Blasey was driven to unlock the secrets of Phase tech and volunteered for experimental trials. The tests went wrong and stripped her of her memories - but ARES wasn’t willing to let her go so easily.
    2. Voidwalker: Wraith spent years as an ARES Division test subject, exposed to increasingly dangerous experiments. She had lost hope of ever escaping until she met an unlikely ally: herself, from another dimension.


    1. The skin was named "Ghostwraith" on release, but was changed to its current name.
    2. Void Specialist was needed on May 6, 2021.
    3. Included in the Wicked Wraith Bundle.
    4. Included in the Sanguine Bundle.

    1. Original name was Roughneck.
    2. Included in the Quick Draw Wraith Bundle.
    3. This is tied to a promotion with the Monster Energy energy drinks whose rewards can be redeemed starting on September 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022.


    Main article: Finisher

    Heirloom Set[]

    Main article: Heirloom

    Wraith's Heirloom Set

    The set contains:

    • A Melee Weapon Skin: Kunai
    • A Banner Pose: Fearless
    • An Intro Quip: Come find me



    Main article: Emote
    • Acrobat - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Can't Touch This - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Possessed - Crafting Metals 400
    • Cut Throat - Default

    Skydive Emotes[]

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    Main article: Holo-Spray
    • Season 13 All The Tales Are True - Level 18

    Music Packs[]

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    Voice lines[]



    • Wraith's abilities are derived from Titanfall 2's Phase Shift tactical ability.
    • An audio log found in-game inside the research labs reveals Wraith was a Research Science Pilot. She, Ash, and Newcastle are the only confirmed Pilots to join the Apex Games.
    • When using Into the Void.svg Into the Void, the player can see silhouettes of other Wraith players using the ability at the same time as them.
    • Wraith's top three friends among the Legends, in no order other than alphabetical, are Mirage, Pathfinder, and Wattson.[26]
    • Wraith's sprint animation used to be what is infamously dubbed the "Naruto run", where she tucks her head forward and runs with her hands behind her back. This was removed because it made her too difficult to hit compared to other Legends, even ones with the same hitbox as her such as Lifeline and Wattson. This animation is still present when Wraith is in the phase status thanks to Into the Void.svg Into the Void, however, this is irrilevant as Wraith is invulnerable while using the ability anyway.[27] Her running animation while holding a grenade still resembles the old animation, with the exception of her throwing arm.
    • As Wraith learns more and more about herself before she lost her memories, she is actively trying to avoid becoming the person she was. Renee was described as short-tempered, lacking empathy, and a danger to her colleagues.
    • Wraith used to have a "small" hitbox (like Lifeline and Wattson),[28][29] but it was made slightly bigger in Season 8.svg Season 8 to lower her incredibly high win rate. As a result, she now has a slightly bigger hitbox than Lifeline and Wattson.[30][31]
    • Wraith received her callsign from two main sources: Project Wraith, the experiment she was involved with at Singh Labs; and Luc Paquette, the father of Wattson, who calls her "some kind of apparition or wraith" after she arrives at Kings Canyon.[32]
    • Wraith's beverage of choice is an appletini.[33]
    • Wraith hears the voices of her alternate selves at all times. However, she has trained herself to sometimes tune them out. [34]
    • Wraith's home dimension, in addition to remaining under the control of the IMC, has several differences from the main dimension. For example, Kings Canyon is a peninsula there instead of an island. [35]
    • Wraith has her nose pierced. The piercing is present in every skin except her Legendaries.




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