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Xenia Contreras
Xenia Contreras
Real Name Xenia Contreras
Alias Prisoner T-0323
Gender Female
Age Mid-40's
Relatives Xiomara Contreras (daughter)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Krizia Bajos[1]

Xenia Contreras is Vantage's mother.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Xenia Contreras, designated Prisoner T-0323, is Vantage's mother. She was wrongfully imprisoned for treason in the Outlands Civil War[2] while pregnant[3] and given a life sentence aboard the Gaean detention ship GDS Vantage before it crashed onto the surface of Págos in 2716. There, she gave birth to and raised her daughter, Xiomara, as a hunter and survivalist, teaching her to not worry about the outside world. She gave her daughter an A13-Sentry, a sniper rifle taken from the Vantage, as a birthday gift, claiming it to be a family heirloom.[4]

In 2734, after Mara was injured in the wreckage of the Vantage, Xenia activated her distress beacon, leading Gaean authorities to her location in an attempt to save her daughter.[5]

Season 14 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Eventually, Gaean authorities would answer the distress call and arrested both Xenia and her daughter, Xiomara

In prison, Xiomara asked her mother if the crimes that people say she did were true, though Xenia denied those allegations. Xiomara attempted to free her mother using a concealed blade, but Xenia would not allow her to. Taking the blade from her, Xenia told the guards to escort her daughter away. Xiomara would then enter the Apex Games in an attempt to raise awareness of her mother's case and eventually free her from prison.

From her cell, Xenia watched her daughter win her first match, commending her efforts.[6]

Shortly after, Xenia got into an altercation with a woman named Miranda, stabbing her in self defense using Xiomara's knife.[7]

Appearances[ | ]

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  • Season 14 Happy Birthday, Mara
  • Season 14 Reenactment Revolution (mentioned)
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  • Season 14 Only a Mum (mentioned)
Quest side stories

Trivia[ | ]

  • Aboard the GDS Vantage, many wished to revoke Xenia's custody of her unborn daughter.[8]

  • Xenia's voice actress, Krizia Bajos, has portrayed a variety of roles, including:
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