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地圖:World's Edge MU4 Locations in bold are marked on the map screen. Non-bold locations' names can only be seen in the top-left corner of the HUD when entering these areas.

Name Loot Tier Description Supply Bins
蕾帕特的大莫德倉庫 高級戰利品 是一個 英雄小鎮檔案:Evolution.svg Evolution event located near Lava City. There are a few Vend-It machines that allow players to buy special Rampart-modded fully kitted weapons with the 檔案:Splatter Rounds.svg Splatter Rounds hop-up, giving them faster reloads.
尋血犬的試煉 高級戰利品 是一個小鎮入侵檔案:昔日之道.svg 昔日之道 活動中加入。 Formerly known as "Sniper's Ridge", Bloodhound's Trials are located in the North West of the map, overlooking Skyhook. There are a few supply bins on top of the hill but there's also a small arena within that mountain. There you can take on prowlers in increasing difficulties that reward loot when beaten. There are two doors to access it and an open hole at the top of the hill to enter. 6
氣候儀 高級戰利品 (Replacing Refinery in Season 10 Emergence,) Climatizer is located on the northeast side of the map; NNW of Overlook, East of Survey Camp, and NE of Epicenter. Adjacent to the, Fissure Crossing, which is a bisecting dam of the fissure to the SSW. It features 2 ridable Gondolas that connect 2 large research buildings, that have 5 cloud-seeding towers (very noisy) semi-circling both. Also, 2 larger Cloud-Seeding Towers sit atop of circular, (2-level) structures over the fissure, that connect via an "H" set of crosswalks. Outside of the complex's walls (along the North & East,) you will find container storage sites & a few smaller buildings. ?
Countdown High Tier Once known as "Drill Site", Countdown is located southwest of Skyhook. It features multiple pits of lava, an opening floor in the very center the player can get high-tier loot out of, as well as three Blast Walls to help fortify a squad’s position. 21
Fissure Crossing 模板:Common Fissure Crossing is a large dam that is located directly south next to Climatizer and north of Epicenter. There are many ziplines and stairways to get to the top of the dam. ?
Fragment East 模板:Rare Fragment East is one of the remnants of Capitol City after the devastation brought about by the arrival of the Planet Harvester. It contains the rest of the still-standing Capitol City buildings and a couple of destroyed ones. The train station for Capitol City is also in this area. 17
Harvester High Tier Formally the "Planet Harvester", the Harvester is a huge multi-story structure on the center of the map with lots of entrances and exit points on multiple levels along with long corridors. The beam that used to pillar into the sky is now deactivated due to over-mining, now letting players access the pathway of the beam. 24
Hill Valley 模板:Common Hill Valley is a crossroad for players coming from Fragment West, Landslide, Skyhook, and Countdown. There is a terraforming drill located on its northern side that acts as a watchtower of sorts, giving you a great vantage point. Otherwise, the area is just hills with loot bins scattered around (most on the tunnel going to Skyhook.) 6
Landslide 模板:Rare Landslide is located where Train Yard used to be, being southeast of Countdown and north of Staging. Landslide is an open area that houses a few train cars, and a large crane that snipers can perch on. ?
Launch Site High Tier Launch Site is located in the far south part of the map, west of The Dome and south of Sorting Factory. It featured a huge rocket created by Hammond Robotics above the normal playing area that has the word “Hammond” vertically on it, however, as of Season 7, the rocket has disappeared. It also has one Blast Wall to fortify a squad’s position.
Lava Fissure High Tier Lava Fissure is located on the west side of the map, near Countdown. It consists of platforms anchored to the rocks suspended above a lava pit, there are three buildings on the platforms and a fourth to the west next to the train line. The Respawn Beacon is in an interesting place, right in the middle of the platforms in a small cylinder with a rotating door that can trap people inside. 23
Lava Siphon High Tier Lava Siphon is located southeast of Harvester and west of Geyser. It is a large area that contains three gondola stations, and a research facility that goes into the mountain range. The facility is expansive on the inside, with a couple of small rooms near the entrance, and a big room near the back. ?
Mirage Voyage High Tier A Town Takeover added in the 檔案:Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg Holo-Day Bash event. It features a Supply Ship with a lot of loot and a lot of Mirage decoys. At the bar section, the disco ball is a cargo pod, you can spawn two more cargo pods by starting the party on the upper deck of the ship. The original was moved to Kings Canyon in 檔案:Season 7.svg Season 7 before becoming part of Party Crasher. An identical replacement, named "Mirage a III", was returned to World's Edge in 檔案:Season 16.svg Season 16, as well as being present on Broken Moon.
Overlook High Tier Overlook is located on the far eastern side of the map. It has buildings similar to Survey Camp dotted on the landscape. The main part is the overhanging walkways, buildings, and platforms on the very edge of the map giving Overlook its name. Be careful when using characters with movement abilities as it's very easy to fall into the abyss. 19
Staging High Tier Replacing "Hot Springs", Staging is located between Harvester, Thermal Station, and The Train Yard. It features two Blast Walls and cranes which are supposedly used for deconstructing The Train. 8
Skyhook High Tier Based on the Space Elevator from Titanfall, Skyhook is comprised of a large city on the northeast side of the map. There are various skyscrapers around with the famous Space Elevator Tower in the center. There's also a train station where the train used to stop when at Skyhook. 26
Spring's End 模板:Rare North of Thermal Station, the old Mirage Voyage and its sucessor parked here. ?
Storage Room High Tier A small area inside The Rain Tunnel with scattered static train cars and a redeploy balloon in the center. ?
Survey Camp High Tier Survey Camp is located in the north of the map, next to Skyhook and north of Fragment West. There are a few buildings and one sniper tower located here. It also contains Weapon Racks for easy loot at the start of a game. The Respawn Beacon is very open however and is not worth using mid-fight. 10
Thermal Station High Tier Thermal Station is a large area on the southwest of the map that is essentially divided into four zones: the central drill area, the small group of houses on its western edge, the larger village on its southern edge and the Thermal Station Train Station to its eastern edge. It is located west of The Tree and south of Staging and Harvester. 58
The Bridge 模板:Common The Bridge is a Railway Bridge located between Train Depot, Lava Fissure, and Harvester. It overlooks and Countdown. 0
The Dome High Tier The Dome is a large shattered sphere located in the far southeast of the map, just south of Lava City. It has various platforms anchored to the sides of the Dome with a few buildings on each side of the platforms. As the name suggests, lava is a "noticeable" hazard here and is very likely to fall into it. 30
The Epicenter High Tier The Epicenter is a large drill tower that was the source of the "Meltdown" accident that lead to the abandonment of World's Edge. Its frozen central tower can easily be seen as far as Hill Valley. 24
The Geyser High Tier The Geyser is a small facility to the east of the map with its namesake Geyser, which can be used like a Jump Tower, located in the middle. It is located south of Underpass, east of The Ridge and Sorting Factory, and north of Lava City. 17
The Mining Pass 模板:Common Mining Pass is a small tunnel going to and from Train Yard, Harvester, and Staging. It also contains a 模板:Heirloom 8
The Rain Tunnel 模板:Common The Rain Tunnel is a T-Shaped train tunnel located in the north of the map. Its western entrance goes to Skyhook, while its eastern and southern entrances go to Survey Camp and West Fragment respectively. 9
The Tree High Tier The Tree is located in the southwest of the map, near Thermal Station. The main attraction of this location is the strange-looking plant in the center which has the appearance of a large leaf. There are a few geysers around for flying away as well and it's located next to the tracks for the train. 11

Former Locations[]

Name Loot Tier Description Current Location
Capitol City 模板:Rare The Capitol City was one of the cities in World's Edge, located on the center of the map. The city had ice and snow covering it due to the Meltdown. In Season 4, devastation was brought to the city, and what remained of it became Fragment East and Fragment West. Monument
Drill Site 模板:Rare Drill Site is a small settlement located west of Hill Valley, south of Skyhook and Uncharted Territories, and east of Lava Fissure. The buildings in this area are laid out in a circle with a terraforming drill tower in the middle. Countdown
Fragment West 模板:Rare Fragment West is one of the remnants of Capitol City after the devastation brought about by the arrival of the Planet Harvester. It contains most of the former Capitol City including one of the large Parking lots and eight of its buildings. Monument
Fuel Depot 模板:Rare Harvester
The High Ground 模板:Rare Harvester
Lava City High Tier Lava City features heavily burnt buildings which are similar to those in Fragments East and West. It also has a smaller version of The Dome in it as well. It is located in the southeast portion of the map. It also has a destroyed train which has some loot onboard. Stacks
Refinery High Tier Refinery is located on the northeast side of the map, north of Epicenter and east of Survey Camp. It has one large building in the center, two large circular buildings in the back, and various small buildings on the east side. Climatizer
Sniper's Ridge High Tier This area overlooks Uncharted Territories and Skyhook. A couple of bins in this area are guaranteed to spawn snipers or sniper attachments. Bloodhound's Trials
Hot Springs 模板:Rare Hot Springs is a small area located between Mining Pass, Harvester, Mirage Voyage, and Thermal Station. It is three buildings laid out in a circular shape with a Respawn Beacon in the center. Staging
Sorting Factory High Tier Sorting Factory is located near the center of the map. It's made up of a few large buildings with a few smaller ones dotted around. The biggest building is one that curves around the side of the Mountain and contains a vast quantity of loot. Lava Siphon
The Train High Tier The Train runs along the tracks around World's Edge and have a high chance of spawning high-tier loot, including at least two 檔案:Body Shield.svg Epic Body Shields and a Fully kitted weapon. It was stopped, dismantled, and scattered around World’s Edge in 檔案:Season 6.svg Season 6. None
The Train Yard High Tier The Train Yard is located near the center of the map west of Fragments East and West. As the name suggests this area has many train carriages to duck into and collect loot from. They also have a few carriages suspended in the air for sniping. Landslide