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檔案:Ash Icon.svg Ash is an 檔案:Assault.svg Assault Legend. She was introduced in 檔案:Season 11.svg Season 11 and is locked from the base game. She can be unlocked using digital currency: either 模板:Tokens or 模板:Coins.

A high-precision Legend, Ash’s tactical ability, 檔案:Arc Snare.svg Arc Snare, throws a device that deals damage and temporarily snares enemies. Her passive ability, 檔案:Marked for Death.svg Marked for Death, allows her to locate the squad that killed a player by interacting with their 死亡箱. Her ultimate ability, 檔案:Phase Breach.svg Phase Breach, opens a linear one-way portal between two locations.


Arc Snare[]

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  • Throws a slow-moving projectile. Upon landing, creates a spherical snare trap with a radius of 10 meters.
  • The first enemy to enter the radius takes 10 damage and is snared for 3 seconds.
    • Deals double damage to shields.
  • Lasts up to ~5 seconds if no target is snared.

  • A snared enemy still has a lot of room to dodge and weave within the radius. Since their movement will only be impaired if they try to escape, try to snare someone after they've taken some damage so you can finish them off.
  • Pair the snare with AoE attacks like grenades, Caustic's 檔案:Nox Gas Trap.svg Nox Gas Traps, Fuse's 檔案:Knuckle Cluster.svg Knuckle Cluster, etc.
  • Since it's a very slow-moving and obvious projectile, it's hard to hit at long range. Expect to use it more for area denial than actually trapping enemies from a distance.
  • Throw an arc snare at a doorway or corridor to block it for a few seconds, giving you a short time to heal.
  • Throw the snare at an enemy Horizon's 檔案:Gravity Lift.svg Gravity Lift or an Octane's 檔案:Launch Pad.svg Launch Pad. It'll effectively disable them for a few seconds (for one enemy, at least).

Marked for Death[]

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  • Ash's map screen displays a marker over every Death Box that is less than 3 minutes old.
    • She can use these markers to ping them from any distance, by clicking on them in map view.
  • Ash can interact with the Death Box of any player (including your own squadmates) killed by another squad to find that squad's current location. If the attackers are dead, it will return "No Living Attackers".
    • You can use this ability on your own squadmates' death boxes to find their attackers.
    • The location of the attackers are marked on the map with the 檔案:Ping Enemy Here.png Enemy Here ping for ~8 seconds.
    • For ~4 seconds, Ash is told the number of marked enemies. Those enemies are notified "POSITION REVEALED BY ASH" on their HUD.

  • Upon a teammate's elimination, the killer's location gets marked.

  • When combined with kill feed, the map-ping function can help to find fights, or to avoid places where fights occur.
  • You can help your teammate find loot by using the map-ping function to mark deathbox; this is especially helpful when the area is known to have intense firefights or in the last few rings.
  • Be cautious when marking death box: Some enemies are good at tracing their previous location, and as such marking deathbox may ended up exposing your own position instead.

Phase Breach[]

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  • Ash immediately enters the phase tear upon activation.
  • Maximum range is 63 meters.
  • Lasts ~15 seconds.

  • Any player who uses the portal will face in a predetermined direction.
    • Use this to your advantage by immediately walking backwards after exiting your phase to take any enemies who follow you by surprise.
  • This ability can be used through open windows. Use this to escape a building, or to surprise enemies.
  • Most "Can't Place Here" errors can be resolved by jumping while creating the portal.

Legend Upgrades[]


Legend Upgrades are special perks introduced in Season 20 to all Battle Royale modes. These add upgrades to a Legend's abilities as you level up your Evo Armor. Only one option may be chosen per level-up for a maximum of two perks total.

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Born in the unforgiving Frontier, Dr. Ashleigh Reid - still very much a human - learned early that the only person who was going to look out for her was herself. A humble lab assistant by day, she spent her nights in underground fighting rings, drug dens, and in the company of mercenaries. Over time, she learned the joys of psychological warfare: if she could break an opponent mentally, the battle was won before she even lifted a finger.

One day, she was hired by a mercenary group for a delicate job: steal an experimental fuel source being researched in the Outlands city of Olympus. It was the perfect job for Reid, who infiltrated and psychologically manipulated the researchers for years. She almost got what she wanted, but at the last moment, the researchers sacrificed themselves to destroy the lab. When it collapsed, Reid died with it... and didn't.

Her brain was put in a simulacrum shell, but in the process, she lost years of memories, and the trauma of her "death" caused her personality to fracture. Ash is the embodiment of the cold, perfectionistic, power-hungry side of Dr. Reid. After an encounter with Horizon overrides Ash's simulacrum programming, the framework that kept the vulnerable - yet intelligent - Leigh personality dormant has begun to crack. Ash joins the Games to prove she has transcended all humanity. Leigh's determined to prove her wrong.

Cosmetic items[]


There are a total of 64 Legend skins for Ash: 19 模板:Legendary, 12 史詩, 17 模板:Rare and 16 模板:Common.


  1. This skin changes Ash's Legend select animation.
  2. Ash would betray her grandma for a payday. But Ash isn't the only mind living inside her memory banks... A reckoning is coming, it's just a matter of time.

  1. Only available in Escape Pack



Heirloom Set[]

模板:Main The set contains:

  • Banner Pose: 模板:Heirloom
  • Melee weapon skin: 模板:Heirloom
  • Intro Quip: 模板:Heirloom





  • 模板:Legendary - 模板:CraftingMetals
  • 模板:Legendary - 模板:CraftingMetals
  • 模板:Symbol 模板:Legendary
  • 檔案:Sale Icon.svg 模板:Legendary
  • 模板:Cosmetic
  • Living on the Edge - 模板:CraftingMetals
  • 模板:Symbol Sharper Image
  • 模板:Cosmetic - Level 43
  • 模板:Rare - Default

Skydive Emotes[]






  1. Only Available in Ash Launch Bundle

Music Packs[]




Voice lines[]



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While Ash was introduced to the game in 檔案:Season 5.svg Season 5 as a non-player character cameo originally from Titanfall 2, it was not until the teasers for 檔案:Season 7.svg Season 7 appear that Ash's human identity started to be teased, before the reveal -- as well as her being playable -- in 檔案:Season 11.svg Season 11.

  • At the end of "The Broken Ghost" quest, Ash says several inexplicable things, seemingly pulled randomly from her memories, that turns out to be words Ashleigh would have experienced as a human, as shown in Pathfinder's Quest and other out-of-game media:
    • Just a wee bit of betrayal before breakfast, eh, dearie? (imitating Horizon's Scottish dialect, and also directly spoken by her in an audio transmission)
    • X equals the temperature of the negative space, NOT the specimen itself. (also said by Dr. Lillian Peck in a letter to Somers inviting her and Reid to Olympus to help solve the energy crisis)
    • Duardo! Darion! (refers to Eduardo Silva and Darion Che, who would play rambunctiously in Peck Labs as children)
    • Fail-safe, fail-safe... who's got the fail-safe? (spoken by Dr. Anastasia Oliveira as a taunt to Reid, who failed to shut down the fail-safe implemented in Pathfinder, which foiled her plan of deactivating the Phase Runner)
    • All roads lead to Branthium. (spoken by Dr. Milly Delgado, one of the members of the Group)
    • Who doesn't like ice cream? Every kid likes ice cream. (the first words spoken by Pathfinder, which was created by her along the rest of the Group; the line was likely influenced by Dr. Armen Fletcher who loved ice cream)
    • "Six. Eight. Two. Four. One." "Oh. Eight. Six. Nine. Two." "Four. Four. Two. Oh. Eight." "One. One. Oh. Nine. Five." "Two. Seven. Eight. One. One." (68241-08692-44208-11095-27811 is the code sequence that, when spoken in such order by someone else, allows Ash to fully awaken her true self.[1])
  • In "The First Ship" quest, Blisk tells Ash that "an old friend of hers is back", with Horizon resurfacing at almost the same time. Season 11's quest confirms that Blisk was indeed referring to Horizon.
  • In both the videos "Promise" and "The Truth", Ashleigh's voice was not credited.
  • Ashleigh was skilled with a sword similarly to Ash, as she quickly drew out one from a nearby mercenary and sliced off Dr. Amélie Paquette's right hand, catching it before it fell.
  • Ashleigh was working for the Apex Predators as a commander during her betrayal.
  • During Decrypt the Passcode, if the player is playing as Horizon, Ash will say "Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, [glitch] dearie?" instead of "Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, Legend?"
  • While checking up on Horizon's Progress to resolve the Medusa Vines, Ash brought up the topic of her son Newton, despite Horizon not having said his name to her previously. Wattson proposed though that Ash may have learned it through the inscription on Pathfinder's statue.[2]. At the end of of the Medusa Vine crisis, Ash reminisces about Lillian Peck with Horizon before walking away.
  • On October 11, 2021, the "Finding a Path" comic was released[3]. It was shown that originally only Lillian Peck had the Olympus Access Code, yet Ash somehow also has it. Furthermore, both she and Lillian reiterated the phase "You're never alone".
  • On October 13, 2021, the "How to Wake Up" comic was released[4].
  • On October 15, 2021, the "You're Not alone" comic was released[5]. It was here Horizon spoke the 25-digit code that was first mentioned in "The Broken Ghost" quest, which allows Ash to fully awaken her true self.
  • On October 18, 2021, the video Stories from the Outlands - “Ashes to Ash” was released, officially establishing Ash as Ashleigh Reid as well as being the next Legend for 檔案:Season 11.svg Season 11.


  • Ash's abilities are derived from Stryder-class titan abilities from Titanfall 2; the Arc Snare is based on Northstar's Tether Trap, and Phase Breach is based on Ronin's Phase Dash. The sword she wields is also very similar to Ronin's sword.
    • The logo of Lastimosa Armory and the label "PHASE BREACH" is printed on both sides of the hilt.
    • The actual blade of "PHASE BREACH" appears to be etched like Damascus steel.
  • Ash's mask is based off porcelain "death masks", taken as a cast of the deceased's face in some cultures around the world. As artist Joel Emslie describes, "We were thinking she wears a death mask from her past human self on her current robot body."[6]
  • Ash is currently the only legend with unique melee animations despite not having an Heirloom or being visible in first person.
  • While Ash doesn't like anyone specifically in the games, she does comment on some abilities. For instance, she finds Loba's Black Market "Remarkable," and Mirage's decoys "Pitiful."
  • Ash did not receive any changes until 512 days after her release, far more time than any other Legend.


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